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About a week ago I encountered a bunch of strange ponies dancing in unison in SCC. They initially wouldn't say anything, but after some effort, they all said hi.
Two days ago I encounter them again. This time they don't say anything at all. One of them gives me a level 5 energy regen harmony at random.
(I will add more footage of these ponies)
Then yesterday I initiate a trade with one and get a full set of perfected harmonious armor. These ponies are on accounts named horseyX000. There are 12 going from horsey1000 to horsey12000. They stay around for about 2 hours. They stand in a half-circle or line doing whatever they do. They can use the faint command and can appear in any safe area. They follow simple commands given to them, including telling them to jump on you or make pony towers. They can also do the move-while-fainted glitch.
Whoever plays them must have some program that copies commands in one instance across all instances to make them synced up as often as they are, but can easily toggle it on and off to move inidividual ponies instead of all of them.
Video / A couple videoes
2020 Aug 07, 19:05:05