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So does anypony actually want to talk about rocks? Because I kinda want to talk about rocks  :D

One of the classes I've been taking this year is all about landscapes and geological processes and that kind of thing. And yes, it covered rocks. Do you have any idea how many lectures I've had to sit through about rocks? It's a lot. Rocks, rocks, rocks.

Anyway, our class covered 3 kinds of rocks:
Igneous rocks
Sedimentary rocks
And metamorphic rocks

Igneous rocks-
Igneous rocks are formed when magma or lava cools down and solidifies. An intrusive igneous rock is what forms when magma cools slowly below the surface of the Earth. Examples include things like diorite and granite. Extrusive igneous rocks form when lava cools quickly above the Earth's surface. Examples would be stuff like basalt and obsidian.

Sedimentary rocks-
Sedimentary rocks are formed when layers of sediment...become a rock? I know, I'm bad at explaining. Sorry ^^;  Okay, so over time, other rocks get broken up into sand and stones and mud and stuff like that. That stuff forms layers on the surface of the Earth. Over time, more layers come and form over the top of the old layers. Eventually, the layers form a rock. Examples would be things like sandstone, or limestone.

Metamorphic rocks-
Metamorphic rocks form when pre-existing rocks are changed by high temperatures and pressure. Basically, the heat and pressure eventually alters the rock so much that it becomes a new rock. Examples include things like marble and slate.

If I had to choose a favourite rock, I would probably go with either diorite, or obsidian. I like the black and white pattern diorite has. And I like the sort of glassy look obsidian gets.

So, does anypony have anything about rocks that they'd like to say? Do you have a favourite rock? Maybe a pet rock? Do you like to throw rocks at stuff? Or do you just like to rock and roll? I'd love to hear about it  ^-^
Introductions Archive / Hi ^^;
2017 Sep 25, 14:41:34
Hello, everypony!

I've only just joined up today, so I wanted to just quickly introduce myself. I'm Silverbeat. Or just Silver, if it's easier. I haven't really played the game too much yet, since I've only just started. I'm still trying to work out how to do stuff. So if any of you saw a little blue filly earlier, running around like her mane was on fire...that was probably me trying to work out the controls ^^;

Anyway, this is the first time I've ever joined any pony-related forums, so I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!