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Hello, everypony. I've 3 in-game suggestions:

1) First is to add more emotes to the game. 7 are not enough, we need more then that. For example add hug, laugh and so on.

2) I think, that mailbox system should be implemented. I see on forums, that ponies have problem with quests. To be more specific, when you're doing quest and you're out of bag space, item wont be added and is lost forever. You have to make a new pony just to do x quest, because you were out of bag space to get the x item. With mailbox system, the item could be mailed to you instead of being lost. This is how it works in World of Warcraft for example. If you dont have bag space, the items are not lost, they are mailed to you.

3) More bag space, please... Quest items and other stuff take most of the bag space, it would be really nice to have more space. I don't feel like deleting stuff just to get more bag space xD

What do you think, everypony? I think it's worth to at least consider adding these features to the game.  ^-^
Hey there. It's a bit late to introduce myself, because i already posted in a few subjects and even made 2 myself. But i'll do it anyway ^^ So, I am DarkDawn, but ingame my ponies are using different names. In case of my unicorn it's Blue Starlight, i'm lvl 40 atm on Europonia realm. I'll also level up the other 2 races once i hit 50 on unicorn. I'm 24 years old male from Poland, untill i discovered this game by accident by the way ^^ I had no idea what MLP is all about, I've decided to give episodes a try and it wasn't so bad xD I also tried this game after i learned it exist :D And it's cool. I really love games, especially single player ones, i'm not really into playing multiplayer. But for MMOS i'm making exception and i dont regret that to be honest. Because thanks to WoW i learned lots of english, but it's far from perfect mind you ^^ That's all, sorry for wall of text xDDD
Hey there everypony :) Could you implement hide helmet option? So that anypony who don't feel like showing helmet can do it. I'd be honest with ya, non hidden helmets are looking bad on mare's head, it's even bugging hair styles out sometimes :( And taking off helmet just because you dont like the look of it results in loss of bonuses, which helmet provides sadly. At least consider it, pretty please :D