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Off-Topic Archive / Who saw da Lego Movie?
2014 Feb 12, 16:14:28
Uni-Kitty is teh cutest. :3 <3

Off-Topic Archive / Look at this beauty.
2013 Dec 11, 05:06:54

It was delicious.  <3

Anyone else love pomegranates? What's everypony's favorite fruit?

Uh, hey everypony, this is your Captain speaking.

We're uuuh.. experiencing some forum and website issues with our server.

You can expect some uuhh.. delays.

Please do not remove uhh.. your seatbelts at any time and refrain from pulling out your hairs.

Thank you and uhhh.. have a nice forum browsing.

Please enjoy the complimentary uhh.. peanuts.

Thank you for flying Legends of Equestria Air.

Get this shiny new Bindle badge by posting here or being online during the Great Web Host Migration of 2013!

Fancy huh? :]
We will be switching web hosts some time this week.

The forums and website will be down for a few hours while this happens, and probably be in maintenance mode a few hours before the switch.

This is to help upgrade our servers, meaning that the forums should run smoother with fewer errors in addition to making logging into the game easier.

Thank you for your understanding. ^-^ <3
Hey, guys. (This isn't related to anything regarding the forums or site.)

When you're browsing a website, do you like it when they continue loading content - resulting in endless scrolling, or do you prefer clicking on pages?

I personally prefer pages. I like using the scrollbar when scrolling sometimes; endless scrolling messes up my scrollbar size and then I accidentally hover over the "Show Desktop" button. Eugh.

So how about you?  0:)
Hey, everyone! I'm sure you noticed the new chatbox.

The chatbox is only accessible on the forum index for now and only forum members can see it.

  • Do you think it should be on any other forum pages?

  • Do you think the chatbox should have its own page in the forums?

  • Should smileys be enabled in the chatbox?

Any other comments, feedback, or suggestions welcome!
Hey everyone.

If you're registering on the forums in order to play the game, you might notice that you'll never get your activation email. GMail limits us to 100 emails per day, after that no more activation emails can be sent.

We are manually activating all accounts every few hours. Thank you for understanding.
AT&T and their associated email providers do not accept our emails, so if you're planning on registering, please use any email address that is not from them. Thank you!
The Legends of Equestria IRC is no longer an official part of Legends of Equestria, so we are not responsible for any content in the IRC.

Thank you.
The Retirement Home / Do you like sit?
2013 May 28, 00:33:44
Do you want a sugarcube? :3

Sugarcube testing period is over. From now on, you can get sugarcubes by being a good forum member.  :3
News Archive / Public Apology
2013 May 21, 18:41:04

I am AnyaSmash. As most of you may know me, I manage the Concept Art department as well as work on the forums. In light of recent events, I felt the need to apologize for what has been happening.

I'm sure many of you have noticed the screenshot of a forum user's immaturely "modified" post roaming around Tumblr, Facebook, deviantART, Skype chats, and the forums.

I would like to mention that all of the forum user's ideas were not wasted, we have a copy of all their suggestions, and we are already taking them into consideration. We normally do not censor any user's valid suggestions, and the posts were only censored due to the fact they were being spammed multiple times.

I will admit that I am the one who worked on word-filtering their post in order to say such ridiculous things. However, please note this post was not modified permanently, as word-filtered posts are returned to their original state once the word filter gets removed.

The word filter was put in place to prevent multiple temporary accounts from spamming the forum with the post, which had happened three times before I began working on the word-filter. The immature phrases were a joke I did while testing the word filter before they were replaced with the phrase "I will not spread drama."

The post in question was not visible to the public, and was only visible to team leaders. One of the other team leaders thought it would be a good idea to jeopardize their position for a screenshot of a  temporary filter not visible to anyone but a small group of seven people.

I know this does not excuse my actions. I take full responsibility as far as modifying the word filters.

I apologize for any tarnished reputation that the Legends of Equestria team may now have. I am hoping that we'll be able to move on past this small bump together and look forward to a summer full of fun events from Legends of Equestria.

I will be answering questions and comments as honestly as possible in this thread. 
Hey everypony!

I'm sure you may have noticed that we now have advertisements on the website and forums.
(If not then I hope you're enjoying your AdBlock, ehehehe. :/)

This is to keep up with our hosting costs. All money that is received from the ads is put directly back into keeping the game and website up and running.

Thank you for understanding and please post any comments or concerns you may have.  ^-^

Also, if you see an inappropriate ad, please take a screenshot and PM me so we can get it taken care of.
As many of you are aware, video game projects within the My Little Pony fan community are prone to appear and disappear at the drop of a hat, and almost none of them seem to finish. Recently, Fighting is Magic, the most anticipated and publicized project within the community, has decided to go in a bold new direction by stepping away from the My Little Pony label, and creating a game using completely original characters, which may or may not feature tussling llamas and Peruvian alpacas. And quite frankly, we all agree that this was a fantastic idea on their part. It's quite obvious that eventually, the hype surrounding the My Little Pony community is going to die down, and this is the perfect way to ensure a lasting legacy in the history of gaming itself, rather than that of one specific subculture. Yes, the visionaries behind Fighting is Magic realized that alpacas are the future, and we're all quite sure they're going to make several million dollars from their idea. And with that epiphany, we held a conference to determine what would be the next step in gaming innovation, once the novelty of this camelid sensation has worn off. Our answer? None other than the majestic North American moose!

We're absolutely thrilled to take you with us into the future of interactive media, and we will all keep doing our best to make this Legends of Equestria the best game it can possibly be. Keep posted for more exciting updates, and stay classy, everymoose!
Any outgoing links will now have a warning redirection page.

This is to increase forum safety.

Thank you for your understanding. <3

If you're a talented artist seeking an outlet for your creative potential, you'll be pleased to know that Legends of Equestria, the single largest and most comprehensive project for artists within the brony community, is currently looking for individuals just like you to help make the world of Legends of Equestria even bigger and better than ever! Right now, we're taking applications for all of the following departments: Concept Artists, 3D Modelers, 3D Animators, 2D Artists, and Public Relations.
All applicants must be at least 16 years of age. Here's what you'll need to apply!

Concept Artists.
Applicants must be comfortable drawing characters, creatures, and architecture in the style of the show, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. In order to apply for a concept artist  position, please email [email protected] with a link to your online portfolio. This portfolio should include something other than My Little Pony fan art. The email should also contain your Skype username, the amount of time you're able to devote to Legends of Equestria, your reason for wanting to join the project, and any strengths and weaknesses which are relevant to the position.

3D Modelers and Animators.
Applicants must have working knowledge of 3D modeling and/or animating and a reasonable amount of time available to devote to Legends of Equestria, as well as a willingness to follow directions from their team leaders. It is preferred that applicants have a specialty in architectural modeling, organic modeling, 3D animation/rigging/skinning, or any combination thereof. In order to apply for a 3D modeling or animating position, please email [email protected] with links to examples of your previous work. Please list the programs you use within the email.

2D Artists.
Applicants must be able to produce textures and graphics in the style of the show, have experience with color and design theory, an adequate amount of time they are willing to devote to Legends of Equestria, and a willingness to follow directions from their team leaders. In order to apply for a 2D artist position, please email [email protected] or [email protected] with examples of your work, and a description of your skills and experience in digital art. Please also list the programs you use within the email, as well as the reason you are interested in joining Legends of Equestria.

Notice from Kit: It's NOT all about ponies! We paint buildings, trees, other animals, props, clothing and so on. It is to your advantage to show artwork that focus on these things. Think castles, mountainous landscapes, detailed illustrations of machines and such. Showing textured UV maps is also very important. And while nearly everything we do is vectored and so you must show this skill, we love to see other styles and mediums. I'm adding this notice on the 11th of March so if you already submitted an application, you may update it with additional artwork and resend it.

Public Relations.
Applicants must be able to provide evidence that they are qualified to fill a position on the Legends of Equestria public relations team, speak in fluent and grammatically correct English, and have an adequate amount of time they are willing to devote to the project. In order to apply for a public relations position, please email [email protected] with a list of your qualifications and experience, as well as the reason you are interested in joining.

Should you be accepted, you will receive access to a large network of individuals from around the world with various talents who are willing to work toward the common goal of creating a large-scale project, plenty of practice and feedback within your specific area of interest, and work experience which could prove invaluable to any future employers. If you're interested in game development, passionate about ponies, or simply need a hobby which will put your talents to use, please do not let this opportunity pass by! Apply at Legends of Equestria today!

Legends of Equestria is not affiliated with Hasbro or DHX Media. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
Reporting forum posts is an important part of the forums, you're helping the moderators quite a bit by doing so!
Our forums have over 13,000 members, 4,000 topics, and 360,000 posts. We get about 1,000 posts a day.

Some of these posts break rules, and having our moderation team sift through 1,000 posts everyday is a nearly impossible task.

When you see a post breaking a rule do not quote it. This makes your post just as inappropriate as the original.
Report any inappropriate posts by clicking the "Report to moderator" link at the bottom of the post. Enter a comment with the reason as to why the post is inappropriate.

Reporting posts is anonymous, the original poster does not know who reported their post, and they never will. You are, however, helping our community and our moderation team a whole bunch by doing so!

Last but not least, read the forum rules! There is no excuse for not reading them if you're going to be posting on our forums.

+ I will make different color themes.
+ I might add ponies from the game's storyline to the sides of the forum.

Hey, everypony!
As usual, I make a forum theme, use it for a few months, and then get tired of it and make a new one.

But right now, I'm all out of ideas of how the new theme should look.
So, I'm leaving it up to you guys.

Not really completely up to you guys, but I'll be sure to take in any of your suggestions and ideas.

Let's do this.

Cha cha cha.  :nod:
Resolved Issues / HEY YOU GUYS GUYS LOOK!
2013 Feb 02, 01:28:24
The front page news isn't so ugly anymore.  :] Thanks, The Great and Powerful Cerebrate!  :3
1.) The Off-Topic was cleared of any thread with the last response being older than 120 days old.
Most of these threads were simply deleted. About one page of threads were moved to the Retirement Home. Off-Topic doesn't/shouldn't have any important topics, thus most were deleted in order to clear room for our resources.

2.) The Roleplay Category has had an organizational lift.
Many old threads have been deleted, I have created a "Sign-Up Threads" board for all your RP sign-ups.
The deleted threads are again, to open up resource space.

3.) Deleting your account is disabled.
People have been doing this because they dislike their account names or so.
Since your forum account is your login account for the game, the ability for someone to delete your whole account would be devastating in a result of a hack, so we feel it's best to disable this to save a few headaches in the future.

Thanks for reading, and please PM me with any complaints or concerns.
Okay, all the sign-up threads should be moved to their proper place.
If your thread was an OOC and Sign-Up thread, it was still moved here.

There's nothing here yet because I'm still moving and organizing everything around.  ^-^
no spam. unless it's in here.  :nod: and even then. only a little bit of spam. 'cause i love you guys.
The Canterlot Archives is a board where you cannot post in any of the roleplays.

The roleplays should be considered done when they are moved here.

In order to get your roleplay thread into the Canterlot Archives, it needs to have at least 100 replies.
Why is there this rule? I'm trying to keep the forums clean and declutter this section in specific.

Roleplays with sign-up threads get their sign-up threads merged once in the Canterlot Archives.

This is not for threads for Original Characters or RP ideas. I have either deleted these threads from here or moved them to their proper locations.
Whenever one of the Legends of Equestria team members feels like streaming, they'll respond in this thread! If they remember to.  :/ Silly fillies.

Legends of Equestria Livestream!
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Pop.
2013 Jan 10, 20:18:55

Yay for Lord of Madness for doing the impossible! Now go to sleep.

Quote from: Vector on 2013 Jan 07, 23:43:54
We don't have any plans to have any more contests to "win" alpha testing, but there will be more positions open for alpha testing later. This was just for fun.

Play this game and win!

You need to post a video of you winning the Japanese version. You don't have to film the whole game, just the last level.
In the end of the video, after you win, open up a Notepad window and type in "Legends of Equestria - <your forum user name>" to prove it's you.

Only one person can win the prize! First person who wins will be the first Alpha tester for our game when we enter Alpha.

You must reply in this thread with your entry, do not PM me or any other staff members.

Legends of Equestria staff members are not eligible for this prize - get back to work.
Legends of Equestria is not affiliated with Winnie the Pooh or Yahoo! or Disney.
News Archive / Happy Holidays!
2012 Dec 24, 19:41:51
Everyone at Legends of Equestria wishes you a happy holiday season! <3

Can you name all the ponies in our fabulous Winter 2012 picture?  ;)
Original Characters / king darksoul
2012 Oct 23, 04:39:42
[move=6] DD: ^-^ :I o.O ovO O: >.< >:O :P :P :P (not smilie spam)[/move]
[move=9] :l :o ovO O: :s :/ >:/ ^-^ ^-^ (not smilie spam)[/move]
[move=12] ono 0:) 8D <3 8) :') B) =P -.- (: (not smilie spam)[/move]

ocname; king darksoul
gender; girl
speces; alicorn
abilities; everything sunlesta & moona cn do + anything else thy cant do & aslo she can sing reely gud.
age: unknown imortel
element: soul
spirit animul; humen
colours; black becus its like her soul and it reprezent her torchered past and woah thats deep and red becus it looks toatully cool and kawaii ;3

it was a ordinary day in poney vill. then accidentely a big clowd came and destroed evreythings forever oh no? :( :( :( D:  (not smilie spam) but then prinses sunlestia and prinses moona came and sed "im the princesss so dont anybody thats dumb what actually happend was it went like this. king darksoul is the best princest in the united stats and she came and make the univers not have any thong else that not wat she wants to have in it you kno what im sayeing? :D :D :3 /)o3o(\ so when cellerestia and shinning armer  X3 <3 came and wanted her 2 give them her powers to help b gud she sad no cuz they stole her boyfriend and shes a orphan when she was a kid becus her house bernd down and she lost here memorie but celestea was the une who burned her hose down and her hous was a casle becaus she was a princes to! so now she is an wanted criminul who has to hied from them or else theyl get her!!!!!!!! D: :(  DD: o.O (not smilie spam) o no!!!!!!!!! but they r jus pertending to b the gud guys there actuly not good their bad! end so they tried to take away her pwers of teleportashun and mind controle but she sed no & then that made evreywoj cry and she felt bad bcus they cryed. so then she sed how abut insted we go and get becon but they sed no we want yeor powors and she sed u gus cant have them and then and than the fite was the most epicist fight and evryone was like woah oh man but then she won! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D -.- (not smilie spam) and so now she still had to run and shes invincivble now and shiny armor wanted to marrey her but insted he married moona in that one episoed becuse he wasnt very gud with wemon. THE END and also shes stronger than the plantet! Can end the world in one thought , and is actually controlling everyones movements , and thought because he created the univers!!!!!!!!!!!!

[move=6] DD: ^-^ :I o.O ovO O: >.< >:O :P :P :P (not smilie spam)[/move]
[move=9] :l :o ovO O: :s :/ >:/ ^-^ ^-^ (not smilie spam)[/move]
[move=12] ono 0:) 8D <3 8) :') B) =P -.- (: (not smilie spam)[/move]
As per a suggestion, I've been moving any and all topics that either request art or do art requests in the Art Requests sub-board of Arts.
While I'm still in the process of doing this, topics may be a bit here and there.
If you feel your topic was wrongfully moved, please PM me.

Also, I'm very very sorry to say that I accidentally removed one pony's topic instead of moved it. Those buttons are so close.
I couldn't remember whose thread it was, but to that pony - I am very very sorry.  :c If you'd like, I'd totally draw you some stuff for compensation.
Artist Showcases / What is this?
2012 Oct 05, 23:54:43
I'm glad you asked!
Starting November, we'll be having monthly showcases of work done on the project from our fantastic artists.
Stay tuned! ;)
Hey, everyone! Hope you're enjoying the new theme!
We're still fixing various things about it, so hold on tight. I'll address some known issues right meow.  :P

It's too bright compared to the old one.
[*]This will take some adjustment on your end. Several have stated that the forum is just fine. It is supposed to be bright.

Tiny "New" Posts button.
[*]Made it a bigger star.

Can't we change forum themes? Can't you make a darker one?
[*]Sorry, but we're going to keep this theme in the general style, that won't be changing. We will make modifications to better suit you all, but keep in mind that when the forums and integrated with the (new) website, it will look very much the same.

Move the navigation bar to the center.
[*]I had already done this, and the problem is that it will mess up the buttons depending on each person's specific screen resolution. In addition, whenever you get a new message and it says "My Messages [1]," the layout will most likely shift all weirdly!

Unread/Reply buttons are too small.
[*]I'll look into that.

We want our avatars back.
[*]I'll see what I can do, and where I could position them.

Post/Preview buttons too small.
[*]Made a bit bigger.

Spoiler: BADABOOM! • show
Please do not post any links to the leaked version of Fighting Is Magic, or leaked screenshots/videos of gameplay.
Thank you and please report any sightings of this on our forums.
To read more about the issue, please go here.
July 2012 Notable Pony Nominations!

Congratulations, Chishio Kunrin! :D
Thank you for being a kind and respectful pony on the Legends of Equestria Forums!
For this, you deserve a fancy badge along with a title every pony dreams of!
We hope you enjoy! ^-^

Hey there, Equestrian enthusiasts!
The time has come once again to hand out our fabulous "Notable User" award!
This month, everyone's second-favorite programmer, Tekner, has been working on some magical scientific algorithmic witchcraft that will allow us to tally the votes using the power of internet robots! How exciting! Now all that's left is for you, our adoring fans, to vote for who you think should be the recipient of this fabulous and hallowed award!
That's right, folks. You read correctly. One lucky fan will have their name elevated to the pantheon of the notable, and you will personally get to help choose who it'll be!
Here's how: Just leave a comment in this thread stating "I nominate <name> because <reason>."
Remember, this is being judged by super-advanced and super-finicky robots from the future, and everyone in the future talks like Bloomberg. So in order for your nomination to count, you have to make sure you've spelled their name correctly. You also cannot quote other's nominations, or it will not count.
The names are also case-sensitive, which means that "I nominate AnyaSmash because she is the best pony, and I really like her mane," and "I nominate Anyasmash because I'm afraid of what she'll do to me if I don't," will be read as two separate votes for two separate beautiful geniuses, so please make sure you capitalize those capital letters, folks!
You can't actually vote for me, of course, or any other member of the development team, because we already know we're the greatest. You can't vote for yourself either, because I like making lots of rules.
Lastly, as always, you can only vote once, so make yours count! Now, without further ado, let the voting begin, and may the best user win!
Signatures can have a maximum of 300 characters, with a total of 5 lines. The maximum font size allowed is 16 pixels, and you can have a maximum of five smilies in your signature. Youtube videos have been disabled. You many now only have one image, maximum width 475; maximum height 200.
Downsizing extremely large images with BBCode is not allowed, as it still causes lag for some ponies and will result in taking away signature privileges.
For any questions or concerns, please post in Site Suggestions & Bugs.

Aw yeah, new profile comments.
At the moment these do not give you any sort of notification if someone adds a comment to your profile, sorry!
And unlike the last ones, you need to have a subject title or else the message won't send. ^-^
If it looks messed up or odd at first, please Ctrl + F5 to refresh your cache.
For any questions or concerns, please post in Site Suggestions & Bugs.
Congratulations, Travius Trott! :D

Thank you for being a kind and respectful pony on the Legends of Equestria Forums!
For this, you deserve a fancy badge along with a title every pony dreams of!

We hope you enjoy! ^-^

Hello, everypony!
Are you having a good start off to your summer?
Well since the "Good Samaritan" badge idea got so many likes, we're going to implement it! yay!
One lucky user will be getting an *extra-special* badge for their notable contributions of friendship.
How is this going to work? I've set up a discussion on Google Moderator where you can view here:
You don't need to add your location, and you may write your name as anonymous if you wish. Do this once and you shouldn't have to do it again for future nominations.
Simply go to the category marked "Nominations - June 2012" and write who you think deserves the badge and why. You cannot vote for yourself, sorry! ;)
Hope everyone has fun voting for their favorite pony!
P.S. You cannot nominate any staff members.
This contest is for the users, you guys deserve something. :P

Also let me point out that we do take into consideration more than just vote counts, so having a high vote count doesn't count as much as the reasons behind the nomination. ^-^

How to Vote
» Click on this in the left sidebar:

» Then this:

» Then do this:

» Submit.
Team Bio Archive / AnyaSmash
2012 Jun 11, 15:24:34
I am the best of the best of the best. Not really. But yeah. I am.

All you need to know about me.

Spoiler: Need I say more? • show
Hey, what's up? I'm Anya(Smash) the head of Concept Artists. I'm the laziest of the laziest of the laziest and the trolliest of the trolliest of the trolliest. I really do love tea, it's pretty much the only thing I drink. I'm working towards my associate's in Visual Communications, despite being so lazy that I really should be working on my English final rather than typing this. Eheheh. I'm quite nice, feel free to send me a PM. I also sometimes pop in the IRC, say hello, and keep quiet until somepony pings my name. I'm the one working on the forum theme at the moment, and no, I'm sorry, but we're not having Mane 6 themes. I also tend to break the forums a bit too much... cough cough. Rarity is best pony.  ;)
Resolved Issues / "Good Samaritan" badge.
2012 Jun 02, 18:26:00
Someone asked me to make this a poll/thread.

Since the removal of post counts and post counts, it's been suggested that we have a "badge" for forum users who have been noted for excellent and helpful behavior.

It's totally up to the community if you'd like this implemented; I'm staying neutral now. Any suggestions, thoughts or concerns can go here. Have a friendly debate about this.

Any other suggestions like "likes" or "thank you" buttons do not belong here.

Also just in case: the badge will not grant you any moderator power - you will still be a regular user, it will just show you're trusted by the community with a little fancy badge. ;)
Due to the fact all the e-mails that accumulate in our inbox take up too much space.

The Retirement Home / Introducing Karma!
2012 Apr 06, 00:06:41
Hello everyone!
A recent discussion has lead us to getting rid of badges and titles for your post count. We feel that it should be quality not quantity.
In replacement of post counts giving you titles we now have a karma system!

We're still testing this feature, so please voice your thoughts and concerns in this thread.

In order to see what karma you've received, try going to your profile » Profile Info » "View Reputation"

If you cannot see this please inform us, as we're testing this feature and want to make sure it works properly.

If everything goes well, we will be removing post count badges.

Sending reputation:

To send reputation, click on the little (magic wand) under a person's avatar. Then you have to option to "Agree" and give them positive karma, or "Disagree" and give them negative karma. You don't necessarily have to agree with what they're saying to give somepony positive karma, as long as you like their post or think it's a good post, giving them positive karma will increase their reputation and in turn help them give others fair reputations!

Existing members all got 50 karma.
New forum members will get 25 karma.

Karma goes up or down by five points for every post. Each time you give someone karma, you must give three other people karma before giving that same person karma again.

Reputation Powers are given for every 100 reputation points you earn. It's just another symbol of your karma. The higher your reputation power, the more effect you have when you give another pony karma points.
You will gain another star for every 1,000 karma points you earn after you earn 2,000 karma points.
Hover over each your stars to see your special "title."

Hope you enjoy and post here if you find any issues with the system! ;)

Statement from the ex-development team of Equestria Online

Okay, we've gotten this request. We've read the comments and heard the demand to know what happened on the other side of the story. At first, it was our intention to keep this matter private, since it had nothing to do with the production of the game and we wanted to stay professional about the matter. But since the outpouring of sentiments about the current status and future of the project, we feel we owe you an explanation.

First, just let us explain: none of us wished for the outcome that happened, but this statement will hopefully make you realise that there was no other option.

While RainDrop was away in school our team leader for PR and Business (SweBow) took over somewhat as team leader. He started to build up a democratic way to control the project that allowed everyone to have a say (3D team, Audio Team, 2D team, etc.), by allowing their team leaders to be able to bring up their questions to the rest of the team leaders at weekly meetings on Fridays. We then started to develop a Code of Conduct/NDA. This paper not only said that the project was allowed to use your files if you left, but it also protected you as the creator of the work. It stated you still owned your work, and you were protected so that no team leader could single-handedly kick you off for no good reason, but in fact needed the majority vote of the Team Leaders to get removed. The team member who might be getting a kick had all rights to appeal a decision like this. It never happened, no team leader ever had to implement a kick after the Code of Conduct was proclaimed.

Now, lets go on with the explanation now that you've got a bit of the background story.

What caused the split of the development team was actually about the Code of Conduct. RainDrop wanted absolute power since he founded the project. We wanted to continue with the democratic way of handling things as we had done the last six months while RainDrop was gone - something that had worked out in our favor for the project as whole.

But what do you mean by absolute power? To explain it simply, everything created, developed, coded or whatnot would become his. We, as the development team, wouldn't get any say about our assets. RainDrop refused to agree with the Code of Conduct even though we asked for his input during the development process. So he was aware of the Code of Conduct and what it meant long before last week.

Some have pointed out that since he started the project, it is his to do with as he pleases.
We agree. That's why we now have parted ways. He is left with the project as it was before September. Anything that was created by team members now affiliated with LoE is no longer part of EO.

99% of the team has left to continue a new 3D Pony MMO. We did so with great reluctance.
None of us wished this would happen, none of us wanted this to end like it did. We tried to compromise, we tried to find an agreement (several times, in fact) but there was none to be found. Therefore, the Team Leaders acted as any good leader would. We acted to protect our team members' assets and time they put into the creation of the game. We gave all of our members the full story and notified them of our intent to form a new project. None were forced. They all left of their own free will, for the same reasons we did.

As a final note, we'd like to ask everyone to please not spread rumors, speculation or lies about what happened. We have no ill will toward EO or RainDrop. We do not wish either party to have to deal with any negativity as a result of this.

Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you at
News Archive / Welcome to LoE!
2012 Mar 19, 03:52:03
Hey, everyone. I'm sure you remember me, and tons of the other leaders from the former project we worked on.
As more of you are finding this site, I'm sure you would like to know what happened.

Some have already stated that RainDrop's side of the story, as posted on the Equestria Online homepage, is quite biased.

While you guys get used to the new forums (still under construction, and we may have a few problems with the host at the moment), be rest assured that SweBow or perhaps all of us will give you our side of the story.

We wish no ill-will to what happens over at Equestria Online, but almost all the team leaders (with the exclusion of RainDrop) and many - if not all - the project's dedicated and talented staff, are at home with Legends of Equestria as a new project.

I hope you understand that a majority of what changed was simply the name of the project and a teeny-tiny bit of leadership.

Also, new smilies coming soon, these are awful huh? :P

If any teamleaders have a problem with this post, feel free to remove or edit it.