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As everyone may have noticed, the few times i write around here mostly are because i get overhyped... or because i've discovered something about LoE or MLP.
This time, indeed, I am overhyped! after reading a little leak buried in the Toy Fair presentation.

So... now it's official, in May we'll have the first episode of My little pony on air. But i am not sure about the day or hour..  so... i couldn't help myself and made a countdown to 1 May.

Now is time to get hyped!
Just awsome!  O:

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I have been doing calcs...

They said mlp s5 starts this spring.. so...

Spring starts 21 of march... from today we need to wait 51 days (2 days of jan, 28 of feb, 21 of march) to the beggining of spring.

The spring last 93 days (92,9) so...

We will have the new season between 51 days to 144 days (or between 1 month and 21 days to 4 months and 24 days) not more and not less.

Introductions Archive / Hail to the Herd!
2015 Jan 27, 06:47:32
Nice to meet u all.. Finally, another hather (me) have been converted into the herd. never expected to love so much ponies.  :3

So sad today they closed the open alpha  o.O... hope it come back soon (i was inside the game a fluffy pinkie pie) lol