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Video Games Archive / Chrono Trigger
2015 Apr 13, 11:42:12
I'm not the only Chrono Trigger fan here right?
Introductions Archive / Hi!
2015 Apr 07, 21:10:07
Well, i've been here for a while but i haven't really made a formal introduction yet, so i might as well now! I'm marimase, and i love video games more than anything. I hope to be better acquainted with everyone on the forums. See you guys at the next OSW!
Video Games Archive / Minecraft Ponyville
2015 Jan 30, 14:06:18
The other day, i decided to build some pony stuff in minecraft. It was for an adventure map I'm making called My little pixels. I started with Twilight's castle, and now i'm working on the entire of ponyville! I decided to show off the complete castle here on the forums. I might record a tour of ponyville when I finish it, but for now, enjoy these pictures of twilight's castle!

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