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Off-Topic Archive / Peace Keeper
2017 Feb 28, 02:37:10

If only we had Peace Keeper's backstory ovO

(Sorry, I just had to) lol
Resolved Issues / Archived topics/thread
2016 Jan 11, 13:52:08
I'm not really sure why this topic has been archived: -[LoE] Screenshots
Granted, it hasn't been used in a few months, but that is only because the servers haven't been open recently, every time there has been an event, this topic receives a lot of replies, and with an event coming up soon, it will surely be a popular topic for people to use again.

Could this topic taken out from the archive?

There are a few other anomalies I've noticed as well, but they are very minor.

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I'm sure you are very tempted to archive this topic  ovO
Resolved Issues / Birthday notifications
2015 Dec 27, 12:10:10
Would it be possible to add the option to receive notifications about when it is the birthday of a friend/buddy?

I have missed yet another birthday of a friend, and I like to wish a happy birthday to all of those who I consider to be my friends

I suppose I could ask when everyponies birthday is individually, but this would be a nice feature in my personal opinion

Off-Topic Archive / Shout-out thread
2015 Sep 17, 18:18:19
So there's quite a lot of ponies out there which I would like to thank, congratulate or support, but I haven't seen a thread here for such a purpose, so I decided to start one ^-^

Anypony can post here of course, but make sure it obeys the forum rules and the person whom your shout-out is based on will be OK with it. Make sure you do not include the real name of a person, a nickname is fine as long as it isn't a shortened version of a real name.

You don't necessarily need to ask for their permission, but you'll want to avoid anything personal that they might not be happy for you to share on the forums

It can be about anypony, even those who are not on the forums,
As Ryo said though, when shouting out to a forum user, you may also wish to use @ before a name with a link to their profile. Other ponies may wish to join in with your shout-out, which would would work well on events such as birthdays :D

Give it a try, you might just make their day!
(Expect a big post from me later with a lot of ponies in it) lol

To start though, I would like to show my support for Invultrois, whose finals will be coming up in a couple of weeks

I wish you (even more) luck!
We are here if you need to talk to us! ^-^
Off-Topic Archive / Leaving the herd?
2015 May 09, 12:16:00
I have been in this fandom for a long time now, and have discovered there's a less... appropriate side to it,
I have been limiting how much I explore the fandom to avoid what is out there...

But unfortunately this side of the fandom is more significant than I originally thought...
I thought I had finally found a group to which I belong, but this view is waning as the days go by

I have enjoyed talking and playing with each of you and will continue to be active here

I will always be a fan of MLP, and whether or not you consider me a brony still is up to you,

LoE is my favourite part of the fandom, and there is a lot of good music, art and fanfics out there that I enjoy still

What finally got to me was the same discussions occurring in clan chats that I obviously won't share here, however the final message in chat was 'Don't we all in this clan?"

I am interested in what you may have to say in all this
I thought I'd start this topic so that we could share the stupidity that goes on around us
It may be humourous, or it may be so illogical its just plain irritating...

The idea came after I discovered this road sign, can anyone guess what it means by choosing the correct description?

Here's the sign:
(This is a real sign btw)

Spoiler:  You are now in the middle of a minefield... have fun getting out! • show
Not quite... good guess though!

Spoiler:  I don't particularly like my job, so I created this sign to pass the time • show
Luckily the designer isn't that bored of their job

Spoiler:  No vehicles carrying explosives allowed here • show
Huzzah!, how many points do I receive? Yes, this sign does indeed mean that, does that mean you are allowed to cart explosives everywhere else then? I doubt it, but then, why does the sign exist?...and why isn't it everywhere? lol

Spoiler:  Vehicles reported to explode at random around this area • show
er... no the sign doesn't mean that

Spoiler:  Nuclear warhead testing zone... Drive quickly • show
There isn't a sign for that... hopefully

Spoiler:  PvP zone ahead, tanks recommended • show
No... and if that were a serious guess I fear for the future of mankind

Spoiler:  A high proportion of people exhibiting road rage drive down here, (take the scenic route?) • show
Thankfully road rage isn't a huge problem...

Spoiler:  Intense sunlight may cause damage to your vehicle if exposed for too long • show
I just noticed how all my other descriptions were silly, so I tried creating a serious one... You're forgiven for choosing this one

Spoiler:  Tired of your vehicle breaking down? Blow it up here. • show
Nope... But I'm sure a car compactor is just as satisfying

Spoiler:  I have a good sense of humour • show
Indeed you do!

Spoiler:  Leviaville 'welcomes' safe drivers • show
Well that was uncalled for... You have deeply offended me today x)
The aim of this game is too make the pony above you say appear to say something stupid

But you will not use magic, you will use quotes to do it

For example if you were to quote me now, you would get this:

Quote from: LeviathanTS on 2015 Feb 24, 17:57:59
The aim of this game is too make the pony above you say appear to say something stupid

But you will not use magic, you will use quotes to do it

For example if you were to quote me now, you would get this:

You would then delete everything between the quote to get this:

Quote from: LeviathanTS on 2015 Feb 24, 17:57:59

Now you can add something silly between the quote, like this:
Quote from: LeviathanTS on 2015 Feb 24, 17:57:59
My car broke down today, I had to take my pimped out tricycle to work

And it will appear that they said that, not you  lol
If you like you can finish off by adding a comment on what they appear to have said like this:

Quote from: LeviathanTS on 2015 Feb 24, 17:57:59
My car broke down today, I had to take my pimped out tricycle to work

OK, just be careful, speed kills!

Looks like I'll be the first victim, though to be honest, I don't need to look like a fool...
I noticed a lot of guests registering for an account at around 11:20 UK time (GMT)

This doesn't usually happen,

Approximately 68 guests were on at this time
Canterlot Archives / Aboard the hype train!
2015 Feb 17, 18:04:03
So another OSW starting on the 20th of February!

Get a ticket and board the hype train!
But hurry the train departs soon...

I suspect the journey won't be normal... anything could happen
(Remember forum rules)

If you missed the departure... you ought to start galloping, you may still catch the train...

(Open RP) *I may join in later, for now I get my ticket and board the train* (oh wait I've joined in already ovO)

The conductor announces that the train will depart soon, and encourages all the ponies who want board do so now...

I don't know if anypony noticed, but if you go to what used to be the Everfree Network site, the background is a picture of a forest fire.
To me, that thought is rather negative and might be a final message from the owners of that site,
I find it interesting that they would do that...

They also mentioned "thanks for 3 years" which doesn't include 2014...
Any comments on that thought? (I tend to over think things)

Off-Topic Archive / Happy New Year!
2014 Dec 31, 19:01:25
Happy New Year everypony!

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*I forgot timezones  :P
Well its 2015 here in England so I guess
Its a little late or a little early for some though