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Music Archive / Post your songs for your OC
2014 Aug 20, 16:37:47
What is this? Well, on a lot of pony forums with RP, there is often a thread asking for your OC's theme song. This is similar, but different... it's kind of like, just post some songs that represents a certain aspect of your OC, or your OC as a whole. For example, maybe an OC is usually happy, and so a nice peaceful song is played for that aspect, however when the OC does get angry, maybe it's like 10 nuclear bombs going off, and they become an unstoppable force of rage and anger, so a more angry sounding song is used. It can be any aspect of your OC that you think a song represents perfectly.

My OC is an Android Unicorn, and so her emotions and personality are interesting. Here are some:

Angry and sad:



Most forums video games section have a nostalgia thread, basically, just tell us about a game you played a lot as a kid, maybe when friends came over or something, etc. So, well one game I remember I played most as a kid, was Sly Cooper and halo 2, mmmn those games. Sly Cooper is like... Assassins creed, accept cartooney and featuring anthro'd animals as characters, it was nice and fun and the story was simple and nice. Also, the final boss, from the first one, was clock work, a giant steampunk-esque bird thing. It was BRILLIANT and great!
((So this is basically an OC break in thread, just trying to get a feel for the RPers here. I'm only allowing two because I feel less RPers are easier to handle, especially for a new OC like mine. I don't want to get overwhelmed and such. Anyway, if you want a good description of her, or want to know about her backstory, you can find my OC thread here this will tell you what you need to know about her.))
An odd looking mare was trotting down the park path, looking around as if she had never seen anything like this before. She seemed to be taking a mental note of everything, social interactions, the ponies, the nature, etc. Just everything about her seemed off... her eyes, a glowing blue, her hair a dark grey with yellow high lights, her coat a begish grey. She stuck out from the normal ponies...
Original Characters / OC: Stormy Skies
2014 Aug 12, 12:22:07
Name: Stormy Skies (Or Stormy_Skies A16-EQ-UNI-ECO)

Age: 26

Race: Unicorn/Aperture Android

CM: Stormy Cloud

Description: A greyish beige coat with grey eyes and light blue glowing pupils, her mane has two points on it and curls slightly in the back, similar to AJ's mane, except it is a dark grey with 3 different shades of yellow highlights, this color scheme also applies to her tail, which is curved and flat looking, similar to Twilight's.

Background: Stormy has a very interesting background, and to understand it, you have to understand how and why she was created. It all started in a different universe, a universe that harbored humans rather then ponies, who possessed no magic powers, but only science. In this universe, existed a "abandoned" underground laboratory complex, named Aperture labs. In these labs, existed a super ai, who simply existed to test, and to perform experiments on the world and to find out more about it.

Her name was Glados... and she was mostly sane. Mostly. Anyway, one of the projects it was working on was alternate universe travel, or traveling to other universes similar to the one she existed in... so she could find out the similarities and differences... most of the universes she found were bland and boring, only slight variations of the one she was in, for example a certain leaf on a tree fell that didn't in hers, and that would be the only difference.

Finding nothing notable... she decided to delve deeper. She skipped about a billion universe variations and picked a random one from that group. The one she picked was a universe that harbored ponies and magic and mystical creatures... things that shouldn't be scientifically possible. To study this, she sent some androids there, and they gained as much information they could while sending it back to Glados... but they could not find out much more because of their looks... no pony really trusted them. Seeing this, Glados began to hatch a new plan... she ordered them to bring her back some books on pony anatomy, and just things pony related in general, such as culture... and after she got all the information she needed out of them, she then ordered them to find a unicorn mare of average body build, render her unconscious, and bring the mare back to her.

They did this... bringing her back a unicorn mare of average build, who was knocked out. After this, Glados strapped the mare down to a table... and took a syringe of nanobots. She injected it into her, with the intention of making the pony into a full blown android. What it was doing was essentially using the pony as a framework, a base, and converted everything in it to android. And after it was all done.. she looked like a completely different pony, and her mind was scrambled of it's previous life. She then programed a basic ai into it's mind, and named her Stormy_Skies A16-EQ-UNI-ECO (AndroidID16-Equine-Unicorn-ExperimentalConvertedOrganic) Or Stormy Skies for short, or Stormy for even shorter.

She sent her off to Equestria, with one mission: Learn and send back information about pony society, magic, and anything else that seems important.

This is where her story begins.
Introductions Archive / Hi o3o
2014 Aug 12, 02:25:46
Hello! My name is Stormy Skies, and I'm kind of new here I guess... heh. I've been through a lot of brony communties, like... well... a lot. I wont list them for obviosu reasons, but I've been going back and forth between communities for several years now, near since this fandom started, so I've been in this for a long time. My interests include video games, biking, walking, swimming, messing around with friends, and just... ponies I guess. My favorite pony is Pinkie, because she is just... well... she is adorable and random and I love it, I also love most of the episodes she is the main in o3o, or even the side. Except filli vanilli, I like to think that writer had no clue how to write Pinkie.

Anyway, that's me I guess... another boring brony who has been around for a long time I guess, bleh. Oh yeah, I also RP a lot... so that's a thing.