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Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Mar 12, 10:31:48
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2016 Mar 10, 05:59:34
Discover Bank is working my nerves with nanny-like security. I'm so sick of having to input a texted security code every few days. News flash: If I'm logging into my account from the same computer then I am the SAME PERSON. I wish I could disable this nonsense, nobody is going to take the risk of jail time hacking some random dude's bank account with like 2 grand in it.

Uh, neither computers nor people work that way. There is numerous ways for other people to mess around with your computer (from you clicking an email full of computer crud, to someone just stealing your computer and seeing where it does auto-logins before wiping and fencing it). People are also quite willing to risk going to jail for far, far less than a couple grand.

So yeah. I'd be a bit worried about it your bank not having anything verifying your really you for every single login.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Jan 10, 23:59:50
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2016 Jan 09, 05:29:55
Man, when you really think about it, America is extremely young.

It kind of annoys me when people talk about history like "Ugh, that was, like, 60 years ago. It was so long ago. Get over it already!"
You don't seem to understand.

In terms of history, 50 or 60 years is not long ago at all. It's extremely recent. You know why? Because in 50 or 60 years, the absolute majority of us here will still be alive (barring any unfortunate incidents happening to any of us). We will still be alive, and we will still remember what happened in 2015 and what will happen in 2016.

50, 60, 80, or 100 years is actually very recent history. It may have been quite a while before our time, but it is recent, considering there are still people here today who were alive when that stuff happened, and there are people here today whose parents were alive during that time.

You have to think of history in terms of the people, not the individual years. One lifetime is actually an incredibly short frame of history, even though it's a long time for one of us.

I'm sure there are still some people alive today who were kids during The Great Depression. They'd be in their 70s or 80s now, depending on if they were born in the 20s or 30s.
"That was 80 years ago. It was sooo long ago. Get over it." doesn't change the fact that what they lived through was terrible.

The 1954-1968 American Civil Rights Movement? There are people from both sides of that who are still alive today! You bet they are!

History is a string of human lifetimes, and every lifetime is a very short frame of time in which a lot of things can happen and each human can do and change a lot of things. The repercussions of what happens in that human lifetime will be felt in the generations that follow. Just because it was during your parents' or grandparents' times does not mean it's irrelevant now. Its effects can still be felt today because it has affected what the generations at the time have done, which has led to where we are today. Each event in history is like throwing a rock into a pond - the waves reach out into the future generations through history.


The more you learn of history, the more you realize how absolute its influence is in making today's nations, cultures and societies. Even events that happened thousands of years ago still have repercussions today.

Would be good if more people realized this rather than pass history off as boring and irrelevant to anything.
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2015 Dec 13, 17:02:10
Mmm, I smell a mention, well this made me smile I suppose!

Quote from: LeviathanTS on 2015 Dec 10, 06:10:53
Playing Darkest Dungeon, something happened that amused me...

I had named a character after Slate Grey an OC by @Nuserame

Anyway, I attempted to use an item on him

He wouldn't accept it, and in response to me trying to use the item on him he said "I said I wanted a pony!"

Amusing coincidence lol

(Another reason for me to like that game)
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2015 Nov 09, 11:18:00
Quote from: Chibalt on 2015 Nov 09, 09:39:35
Hmmm, might wanna send them a complaint about it then, because what you have sounds like either the product itself is horribly made or you have a defective product, wouldn't really know myself, swapped to logitech a while back.

This has been a common pattern with Razer. They sell marketing and design, not build quality.

I absolutely hate that. Its purely cost saving and artificial obsolescence, there is absolutely no way they are not doing this consciously.

The keyboard I'm typing on right now is 22 years old. IBM could make stuff last that long more than 20 years ago and I would easily pay double for this kind of quality, except its impossible to tell up front whether or not a manufacturer skimped on the quality of the cable, replaced metal parts with shoddy plastic ones or has shoddy quality control.

Somewhat consistently decent manufacturers I know of are Logitech, Corsair and some smaller keyboard manufacturers like Ducky and Cherry.

Also I don't like 'gamer design'.  :P
Quote from: MarshyMellow on 2015 Nov 06, 09:36:22
Why do people think that puking is funny?  :x

Schadenfreude ^^

And have you ever wondered, why isn't there an English word for Schadenfreude?
Canterlot Archives / Re: OASIS [sign up]
2015 Oct 20, 20:59:28
"Right! Let's see... These here look interesting, they are uh, stunning?! I don't understand why these ponies would make eye coverings that stun."

"How about these. 'Fit for a star'. Fit for a star?" Looked up the sky questioningly, which he knew would be filled with these star things at night. "How would that even... Ok next."

"These uh... 'the coolest pair of shades this summer'. Ok that sounds good! This place is could certainly do with some shades and coolness!" FreeFlow quickly rose from his spot, quickly fell over and quickly rose again. "Right, I will procure this pair of cool shades! But I was not raised in a sea trench, nothing goes for nothing." FreeFlow went over to the hoard of treasures, and picked out a number of excellent pieces. A dented, empty oil can, a leaky beach ball and a broken umbrella which he stowed in a somewhat moldy and very sandy saddlebag.

"This I could trade for some shady cools, perhaps even a pair for myself!"
Canterlot Archives / Re: OASIS [sign up]
2015 Oct 20, 20:14:32
FreeFlow had followed Peninsula along with the net full of rubbi- er, treasures, trusting her to know what to do but also not really being bothered to think about it too much himself.

Dunes were a bit of a struggle with the cargo. The sand behaved in a really weird way out in air, it just sunk away as FreeFlow tried to climb the slopes, causing him to leave a messy trail of dug away sand and bits of rubbish.

The way back down into the tiny dune-valley Peninsula had found was a lot easier as FreeFlow just lived up to his name and let himself slide down, totally not looking very silly in the process.

"Oooh nice spot, could use a pond for sure, but good enough for now. Also, another nice thing I discovered about this sand is if you dig away some of it, the sand below is nice and cool!"

FreeFlow went on to drop his cargo, pick out an old magazine and and dug himself into the sand enough to stay nice and cool.

"Learning to read was a good idea! We could learn so many things about this above-land just by reading these!"
"Let's see... 'Manehattan's Mid-summer Fashion Mix-up', 'Dubious Divas Divided'... 'An exclusive look inside the crystal palace royal chambers'..... Ok this did not answer many questions but apparently your eye-protectors are 'all the rage', which sounds kinda bad."
Canterlot Archives / Re: OASIS [sign up]
2015 Oct 14, 17:40:32
"Hmmm I don't know... the rubbish that covered my last job sure wasn't particularly useful. Maybe we should just find a nice lake to- Ooh, what's this?"
FreeFlow had found an old, orange and ragged fishing net. It was partly buried in the sand and had likely washed up after being discarded at sea somewhere. "Heheh, I had a cousin who got stuck in one of these. Took us forever to get him out. It made for a really nice way to carry stuff around after that though!"

FreeFlow tried to pull the net out, obviously he slipped and fell instantly. "I'll just try this from the ground..." He sat down on his haunches and slowly but steadily pulled the net free from the sand. It looked like it had been there for years but most of it was in tact if not a bit funky looking.

"Hah, score! Ok maybe you were right boss, there is some neat stuff here." Shaking the net and himself free of most of the sand, he threw the net over his back before getting back up, nearly slipping again and got back to following Peninsula again.
Canterlot Archives / Re: OASIS [sign up]
2015 Oct 14, 16:00:01
"Quite inspiring, boss! I can only hope to meet your standards, but I also hope this base doesn't get built from this smelly rubbish your collecting."

FreeFlow gratefully put on the new and improved hoof coverings, picked himself back up and shambled in the general direction of his supervisor. He gave some questioning looks to the sea pony... ish fellow who came along with him and who has clearly been here before, given that he just strolled up onto the beach without issue and went to laze about under an unattended parasol."Not very helpful that one, but maybe he's just having a bad day?" FreeFlow muttered with a questioning look. "Well no need to judge him too harshly, who knows how he ended up being volunteered."
Canterlot Archives / Re: OASIS [sign up]
2015 Oct 13, 19:51:33
"Legs, I think they are called." FreeFlow responded with no hint of sarcasm. "At least they wont know its our race, we probably just look like a pair of goofs who hit their head on something. Not that unusual for me." He put the flip-flops on his front hooves, unsteadily got back up and opted to just carefully shuffle out of the shallow water.

"So are these hoof-coverings some sort of local atti- AGH!" FreeFlow stepped on the dry and very hot sand with a rear leg and promptly went back to ground level again.

"Ok, now I know what these are for. Would be nice to have another pair, I don't think I will manage walking on just two legs."
Canterlot Archives / Re: OASIS [sign up]
2015 Oct 13, 19:00:53
FreeFlow was a fairly long sea pony, and made for a fairly tall but lanky stallion. Which really did not help with his first attempts at walking at all. Standing up was not so hard, four legs do make for a nice and stable standing experience, it was that walking that kept turning the unfortunate pony into a mess of flailing limbs.

"This is... harder than I thought." FreeFlow said, taking to sitting down for a bit to catch his breathe and get used to having twice the number of legs.
Canterlot Archives / Re: OASIS [sign up]
2015 Oct 13, 18:26:20
"Oook reached the coast at last! That was quite the swim. Now to find a nice spot to embark on this land-walking thing."

A dark green sea pony muttered to himself with his head sticking out above the water, hoping to hide his long, finned tail below the surface of the water. He found his landing spot in a small jetty with a rowing boat and fairly few ponies around, in contrary to the long strip of beach which was positively littered with ponies and well... litter. The land ponies mostly just seemed to be laying there or playing around in the sand, only few bothered with the actual water.

Freeflow is the sea pony's name and he quickly and nimbly made his way to shallow water, where he quickly turned into a four-legged pony with only a tiny tail with long, light yellow hair on it to match his mane. Not much use for swimming, that.

He made his first few steps considerably less nimbly and got himself his first mouth-full of land-sand. "Uuegh, tastes just as bad!" The next few minutes Freeflow spent trying to figure out how to walk, at least remembering to keep his mouth closed the next few face-plants.
Canterlot Archives / Re: Oasis! Sign Up
2015 Oct 13, 13:24:29
Sea Pony or Equestria Pony: Sea Pony
Name: Freeflow
Age: mid-20s
Gender: Male
Superpower: Invisibility
Personality: Carefree, cheerful and calm.
Bio: Freeflow lived most of his moving around various towns, doing seasonal farm work. Particularly kelp harvesting is well paid work if your really good at it, and Freeflow was good enough that he did not have to work all that many hours to get by. This did earn him a reputation of being a bit of a layabout, which is not entirely unfair given that he does spend most of his free time just laying around, reading books, looking at the stars from shallow waters and just pondering life.
His last job had ended rather abruptly as the kelp farm he was working at was quite suddenly covered by a large volume of surface pony refuse, which also lost him his place to stay since he was lodging with the farmers.
But he did not mind all much. He didn't really need the money and the farmer was being stingy about the pay to the point of it being annoying. Sadly for him, he had also gotten on Goddess Estuary bad side by visibly not caring much as she was surveying the damage and was quickly involuntarily volunteered for the role of going up to the surface in disguise to scrutinize the litterbug surface ponies.
Appearance: His coat is a dark, grey-ish green. His eyes are yellow and his mane consists of thin, light yellow kelp-like strands. He is somewhat tall (or long?) and lanky.
"It would be nice to get the sun down though, if only for things to be less... weird. But its really not much of a priority." Slate commented to nobody in particular.

He proceeded to sit down in front of the oven, staring at the flames.

Flames are pretty things indeed. Dancing, glowing, warming. Endless fascination! The prospect of the first freshly cooked meal in weeks also helps.
"Oooh couldn't pass up something like that. I can see why they would keep this sort of magic under wraps but no harm in it now!" Slate rather liked trying out experimental magical, alchemical and whatever else looked interesting. A hobby that had gotten him in trouble occasionally, but what fun is there in never taking some risks?

Just then Slate noticed the yet-to-be-named mare that teleported onto his train without explaining anything before.

"Hi again, we are doing some cooking and transmutation. A... meal, for lack of a better word given the lack of day-night cycle, will be served in a bit if your hungry."
Slate Grey dragged the pot onto the old fashioned but pretty good to have right now wood stove, after quickly dismissing the golem before it would try anything like cooking broken things.

"There, this will take some time to reach a boil... What ever made you turn yourself all crystal-like anyway?"
"Hugh... ugh... I present thee... water." Slate stumbled into the kitchen unsteadily and crankily, followed by the golem which had started following him again as he had come up the stairs.

The golem had ignored all of Slates attempts to command it to life the pot for him, eventually opting instead to smash a nearby crystal vase and carry some of the smashed bits. Noting the golems preference for smashed things, Slate decided to carry the pot himself after all. He didn't want to report back with smashed bits of waterless pot.

Slate dragged the pot onto the kitchen counter. "There, water. Next time we cook on ground flo-" he halted as the golem placed its smashed bits next to the pot, looking mighty satisfied with itself somehow.

"Aaagh, out! Out with you before you smash anything else you deranged tin can!"
"Stairs! Staaaaairs!"

The crystal castle is known for its copious use of stairs. Stairs can be annoying, but become an outright nuisance when carrying a large pot full of water which gets way heavier when full than you might think. Especially if you are a quadruped who carries heavy things on his back, which is impossible to keep level when going up stairs.

"Nearly... There..."

Slate had gotten the bright idea of going up sideways. It sort of worked, in an incredibly awkward and slow manner. His stories are not quite as spectacular as others but at least they are believable, after all who would lie about doing something like that.
Slate Grey followed Virulent to the kitchen in silence, figuring this was not the best time for small talk.

The only cooking he ever does consists of heating up food by a camp fire and adding seasoning, so boiling a pan of water was right in his skill range! He levitated a large, cast iron pot from a shelf, placed it under the tap and.... found out the tap stopped working, as it only produced a tiny trickle of water for a few moment.

"Well. Rats. I suppose this kind of thing is going to be happening more and more too. Ugh! I'll go see there is any working taps in the city below."

Slate levitated the pot onto his back and sauntered out the door, murmuring something about botched maintenance.
"From what I can tell... Yeah you did. I'm sure its nothing dinner and a heartfelt apology can't cure though?"

Slate followed after Virulent to help out with the cooking, just grabbing random books from the library likely wouldn't have been very useful anyway.