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Quote from: Galapagois on 2015 Jan 24, 21:59:44
Hard to tell; it depends on how popular the area you're trying to get into is! if you've been waiting that long, though, it might be best to try logging out and go for a different server, or try a different area (each pony race starts off in their own city, so if you can't get online as a unicorn in Cantermore, maybe try going as a pegasus in Cloudopolis, at least until things calm down!)

thanks for the info
how long does this last have been waiting for over an hour to get into the game with no avail. still on the arial view n would really like to get some time into today. ovO
hey i would like help,finding a good generator, or if someone could even make me one with an idea i give them i would greatly appreciate it. thanks everyone, have enjoyed the show for a while and am fairly new to the fandom.
this wait is taking a while, i just hope i get more time on than last open server weekend where i only was able to get on for a few hours because of work.