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Hopefully I can be of assistance in this, but if not, then good luck to all who applied  ^-^ Your efforts in helping this game be the best it can be is greatly appreciated.
Almost time. I can't wait to get back on  :3
7 Days until the OSW  X3; this time i've got another friend getting on for the first time so, this is really exciting.

Can't help but wonder what's changed since last time  o_O
Cool, I can't wait  :D This is going to be my 2nd OSW. (Ugh, a month and a half can't go by quick enough... ono)
Shelly notices the griffon's odd behavior, and checked to make sure her stun gun was still bound to her holster. "Hello, and no thank you" she replied to them both. Shelly constructed the fire in no time at all and looked to them "So what's the plan?"
Shelly nodded, taking a breath. "Yeah, I was able to outrun it. Fortunately it looks like our plan worked. I didn't come across any hostiles on the way here..." Shelly said, scraping the mud off her hooves. "Nice job by the way" She added, gathering some material and making a campfire.
Shelly slowly got up and looked around. The sickness still lingered, but a portion of her strength had returned. The forest around her had been decimated by the mage's tsunami. She took that, optimistically, as an indication that their plan worked. Now she had to find him and the others she had seen before on the beach.

She trotted over the fallen, uprooted trees, cringing as her hoof landed in a large mud puddle. Just ahead she swore she could hear something; it sounded like footsteps. Upon further inspection it was a grey-feathered griffon. Shelly hesitated for a moment, but made an approach. "Hello?" she said.
My guess is the fanbase would still continue to exist, just like the fanbases of other popular yet discontinued shows still exist. Just look at shows like The Powerpuff Girls and The 4400.
Shelly looked around frantically, her vision blurred and legs weak from exhaustion. Where had that voice come from? Was she hearing things?

Whatever sickness she was experiencing was working her over. Sitting down under the shade of a nearby tree, she wiped the sweat from her forehead and allowed the cool breeze to rejuvenate her. "Is that you, mage?" she called out.
Updates Archive / Re: Servers Now Closed
2014 Apr 21, 02:15:05
This was my first open server and I enjoyed every second of it! Thank you so much LoE team  :D it was awesome!
Introductions Archive / Re: Hey there!
2014 Apr 21, 02:00:22
Hey! welcome to the forums  :] Yeah the Changelings episodes were awesome.
Shelly watched as the ice boulders flew overhead and darted through the jungle towards the beach. "No signs of trouble yet...I wonder where that pegasus from before is?" she wondered as she listened to the deep groans of the lava golem ahead.

Shelly kept a constant tab on Lunar as he finished off the beast, but felt the same violent illness she had experienced a couple hours ago start to return. She was hungry, exhausted, and all this running hadn't done her any good. Her sprint turned into a slow trod as she fought back the urge to pass out. "Got to ... stay awake ..." she said to herself.
"I was too busy running from the first tsunami to pay much attention to the Golem, mage" Shelly said and pulled out her stun gun.
"I'll cover you from the ground in case more hostiles decide to come around. Just focus on bringing that thing down."
Shelly perked up. "A lava golem?" she repeated and thought about this for a brief moment. "I think I have an idea. Lava, through cooling and solidification, can be turned to igneous rock. All we need is a LOT of cold water" she said and looked to Lunar.

"Are you strong enough to conjure up another tsunami?"

((My science may be off here, but I think i have the general idea? lol))
The two reach an uncommonly tall tree and Shelly skids to a halt. She plops down, exhausted from all the running and looks to Lunar, noticing his recovery. "Stop...with...the weather..." Shelly said, trying to catch her breath.
Taking a moment to collect herself, she listened as the Rock Golem roared in the distance. "There are monsters swarming the beach. Its only a matter of time before they overpower us. We need a plan."

Shelly watched her target fire a sustained current of energy at a nearby hilltop just above the clearing. Rock and debris fell all around them; boulders the size of cars rolled downhill at rapidly increasing speeds. "Run!" Shelly yelled to SunDance and took off back towards the beach.

As she ran she noticed her opponent spiraling towards the ground. "...ugh. I shouldn't be doing this. I shouldn't be doing this." she said out loud to herself. Galloping at full speed, she leaped several feet into the air and caught Lunar. With the Rock Golem lingering closeby, she quickly threw Dusk over her back and retreated to a minimum safe distance further inland.
Shelly sees the lightning bolt a second too late and it strikes the floor of the clearing with ground splitting force. Flying backwards onto her back she groans painfully. "Interesting? Try intentional" she yelled, noticing a figure far away in the distance.

She pulled out her stun gun and hiked the power level to maximum output; sighting down, she fired at Lunar Dusk.
Shelly came upon the perimeter of a small clearing, keeping to the shadows as she studied the pony whom she had followed. It didn't appear to be one of the ponies from the beach. "I guess I should try and be polite..."

Shelly walked out into the clearing. "Hello up there! Are you okay?" she asked the pony in the hammock, keeping her stun gun within reach.
Pressing her ear against the boulder that she had placed in front of the entrance, Shelly waited until it felt as if the wave had run its course. She moved the boulder aside with a levitation spell and looked to the young Changeling whom she had pulled off the beach, motioning for it to stay put.

Shelly wandered out into the jungle towards the beach when suddenly she saw somepony fly overhead. It looked as if she was having trouble staying in the air. "It may be one of the ponies from the beach. I need to go investigate..." she said to herself. Shelly trotted in the direction SunDance had flown.