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Well this is brill news. I was expecting much later, say October, so pleasantly surprised by another opener much sooner.

Look forward to seeing what's new, and expect to forget to eat, wash, and do all the other important things in life while in the process of playing. lol

All aboard the August Hype Train!
News Archive / Re: One Week Away!
2014 Apr 13, 12:17:24
Gotta buy a decent new keyboard, and now have the perfect excuse to myself.

Won't be able to enjoy the game to its fullest without it, and running out of time fast! Must make my way to the shops...
Thanks a lot for that very helpful info.

Certainly be nice to jump straight in and not have to adjust the various colours to my picky specifications all over again. ^-^

Thank you for making another person in this world just that bit more informed!
I didn't feel this question warranted its own thread, so hope here is an okay place to ask.

Just wished to know if the export codes in the current Pony Creator would be able to be imported into the upcoming version of the game for the server weekend.

It would be great to save time this way and jump into the game sooner.
But if this would in fact not work, then certainly no big deal, and apologies for this waste of a post. :)
News Archive / Re: Good news, everyone!
2014 Apr 02, 01:53:47
I guess this means no open server weekend this month now for the original game.

It would have been nice to play through and experience the beautifully created world one last time, before being converted into carrot fields.

I don't know, I just, yeah...

Either way, I wish you developer guys all the best with this new direction.

Just one question though, will the carrots have fully customizable manes, tails etc ?
Quote from: Mizuki on 2014 Mar 16, 22:12:34
Quote from: FanofRainbowDash on 2014 Mar 16, 20:50:20
Are there going to be any new towns (like Appleoosa, maybe?) or new manes and tails?

You'll just have to download and play on open server weekend to find out! :D

After having a very crummy last few days, you were most successful just then in putting the biggest grin on my face. ^-^
Actually, now I look at it, I would compare myself to the very happy looking dog in your sig pig (not that I mean I look like a dog, my expression of course).