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Twas a great open server weekend! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I really enjoyed being able to give away free Sempai Dresses this time around. I managed to give away over 50 of them!   o.O
(I was that Olivine Ellva pony)

Bugs left me unable to complete a few quests, but I managed to complete almost all of them this time around.

The closing party was CRAZY  ovO

Looking forward to when the servers open up for the limited access release. Hopefully I'll be able to participate.

Here's a screenshot, so you can see that I was the Sempai Dress giveway pone!
Okay... So I just found a solution for the problem I was having thanks to Dark Silvergun's comment on the fact that the February build still works.

I found that the problem might be that all of the March builds were having a hard time loading the Sweet Apple Acres map. After reading Silvergun's comment, I ran it with the February build and was in fact able to log in. I left the map back to ponydale and closed out of the Februrary client to see if I could now login on the other clients, now that I exited that map.

And well... Yeah, leaving the map fixed the problem it would seem. I'm now connected on an up to date build.
I'm now confused. I was running LoE just fine before, but whenever I try to connect now (specifically when trying to connect to an actual map) it crashes while loading the map.

I've not only downloaded the updated 64 bit client and tried that, but I've also tried seeing if there was a problem with the LoE data that was saved to my computer by deleting LoE's local save data (from the registry) and it's cache in the local user folder. But nothing thus far has fixed the problem and it's still crashing when I try connecting, while I'm loading up a map.
Quote from: Mizuki on 2015 Apr 10, 03:03:45
Sorry but this thread is for team members' streams

Sorry about that.

Ah... I was curious how in the world I was able to be able to link a live stream of a previous LoE Open Server Event before without messing up and yet this time I some how did to spite having done it right before.

A large part of it was because I didn't think to look back to my old posts to check where I had posted the link before. And I did find my mistake was at least some what justified. The old thread for live streams that I posted in before is in the archive, meaning it hadn't been posted in for a long time and kind of got swept away.

So that leaves me with the question of whether or not there is another thread for people to put there LoE Livestreams. I didn't see any.
Guild Archive / Re: [Herd] Mint Kingdom
2015 Apr 10, 02:26:16
OC name: Olivine Ellva
Race: Pegasus
Talent: Making of fragrances, such as perfumes and colognes. Also having special ability to extract scents from clouds.
Wanted title: Mint Kingdom Resident
Quote from: Lync Volan on 2015 Jan 27, 10:37:38
before i played this game i thought Fluffle puff was a NPC that randomly popped up in the game walking around in multiple maps which seemed possible cause of other NPC's i have seen in other MMO's but now i know its a costume lol

I actually found the 4chan thread where the guy talked about finding out how to get the Fluffle Puff costume and the lantern in stuff. The exploit was done a lot like the exploit found in Runescape way back in the Runescape classic days (2002 or something) where you could do client sided hacks to modify the value of a trade slot to have what ever item you wanted, and the trade would think you legitimately were trading that item. So my bet is it was done with Cheat Engine or something similar.
Quote from: Bluefire_the_lost_prince on 2015 Jan 24, 14:56:31
so i just let it sit there?

Honestly, I'm not sure. I swear in the Open Server Weekends before this, if it failed to properly switch map for long enough time (I believe about a minute), it would kick you back out to login screen automatically. This time it seems that isn't the case as I have let it sit for several minutes and it never kicks me out to login screen like it used to.
The "Standby camera glitch" would be the better way of naming the problem. I figure the name standby camera is more appropriate here as I am a programmer myself, working on my own online 3D project. And the camera you are seeing through while you wait to join map is the default standby camera of the map.

Truth is, I unintentionally incorporated a really similar system of loading maps in my project where when you toggle a new map to load. It will first disconnect you from the server to unload you and every other player currently connected to the map from your client, then it unloads the map and all related elements, then it loads in the new map and all it's elements, putting you in the perspective of that map's standby camera, and then finally it reconnects you, loading in yours and every other player instance connected to the map you are in.

I'm not sure if this is exactly the system that Legends of Equestria uses, but it is the system I use for my project. And visually, the process of switching maps in my project looks quite similar to that of LoE.
Legends of Disconnectria
Quote from: Lyuba1211 on 2015 Jan 24, 05:03:00
Aw,it's full already :с

It's not much better on the inside, trust me. *Currently stuck trying to load map upon login*
hmmmm server is now full?  I've actually been wondering why there is only one server open this time around.
"No character selection room is running at this time."

I'm not even sure what that message is supposed to mean.
But dude... Your health! My mom was telling me yesterday about a guy who died after playing video games non-stop for 3 days.
I can login now, but I am assuming the server is still not up yet as the server display shows a ping of n/a. Which means either that my connection to the server is so horrible that I can't even identify it, or the server just isn't open.
Has this been going on since pretty much the very beginning? I managed to get in within the first few minutes after the servers opened. But then I disconnected and haven't been able to log back in since.
So... I just sent in my application for the programming team. Hoping I'm not too late.
play this as you wait for download to finish
((Actually, I don't think I'm going to partake in the RP tonight. Too tired atm... Ugh! Why have I been feeling so out of energy lately?!))
((I'm a little confused. Some people seemed to be in the diner and some seemed to be out on the beach, but now I'm not sure where anypony is anymore since everypony seems to be interacting with each other.))
Noticing the lights of the diner were on, Olivine figured that she might as well give it a chance. She walked up to the door and let herself inside.