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Introductions Archive / I'm Back!!
2017 Aug 26, 17:49:51
Yes!  I'm Back!! lol

Hi everyone!!

After all this time. The only problem is that it's in the August 19th! :I

That's two days away from the Great North America Solar Eclipse of 2017. I'll  be traveling, & I don't trust hotels WiFis.

Why couldn't you guys do it a week later or earlier! D:

By the way, getting an connection is not secure from my browser. Should check that out.
Quote from: AllensBill on 2016 Aug 01, 02:39:40
That was great! I loved playing. I recorded, saw new things, and loved it! I'm currently putting all my footage together as I'm writing. Hoping to post it to YouTube. I even advertised the game on YouTube because I want to see it succeed. I want to be with it every step of the way, too. :D

The servers didn't close until we logged out...

Any idea how long it remained open after the official closing of the servers? I made the mistake of getting to close to the portal to Ponydale & got kicked out. I was there for one hour & 25 minutes.
Quote from: Mogeko on 2016 Jan 16, 13:59:17
1.Get on norton
2.go to settings fire wall
4.turn everything off apply then 5 hour or so

I solved it at my end without having to turn the firewall off, tedious but solved it. And I added to Norton's Insight, hopefully an improved reputation will keep it from quarantine key files from other people.
My problem is my Norton deletes the LOE - Launcher.exe file because of the simple reason of "reputation". It's a new file & there is no info from the Norton community, so it automatically removes it. :I

Trying to fiddle with it to keep it from doing that, plus informing the Norton that this is a trusted file, so maybe others wont have this issue. Tried the other 32 bit to play, it was block again because of reputation but solved that one. Now I'm simply hovering over the city. Probably this server is loaded. :l

Anyways, there is the possibility that anti-malware & anti-virus programs are either quarantining or deleting key files, hence why many have problem getting into the game.

One quirk was when your character had a helmet on, & it bobbed it's head, the hemet would remain fixed and the character's head would move through it, or you had your character sit or lay down. You would have said helmet floating in the air. It was weird & funny.

But glad it got fixed, hopefully it having parts of the character's body poking through the armor fixed.

And I love the experience levels. Cannot wait!
Quote from: Morphius on 2015 Jul 10, 05:32:58

iI found Zocara's home on the previous open weekend server, even picked a fight with the Dryads fawns. But the last open weekend server in April, I couldn't find it. I'll try to find it again this upcoming games.
Downloaded it, extracted it, gave it a test run. My antivirus software always blocks it the 1st time, but got it fixed & got it to launch. Even reported it to the anti-virus insight to trust it for other users that it as a trusted file.

Now to wait for tomorrow...
Hah!  I see my little guy Night Star on the 4 bottom pics! :D

Hah! And I can see my wonder dog Douge hiding below me. :D :D

Can't wait for the next Open Server Weekend!
Quote from: Particlemane on 2015 Apr 10, 00:03:06
Client acquired! And now, we wait with steepled fingers and an angry, pensive look...

Lower the screen resolution, running with full resolution which is 1600X900, I get the same problem. I changed it to 1366x768 & resolves the issue.
Quote from: Night Breeze on 2015 Jan 27, 01:43:52
Neither of those items where intended to be part of the content for normal players.
FlufflePuff costume was originally created as promotion gag between Fluffymixer and the LoE team. Somehow it and the Latern made their way to normal players and then spread wild due to the trade multiplication bug.

I wonder who discovered it? I don't care much about the FluffePuff costume, but I did love the lantern. Unfortunately, when someone attempted to trade one to me. It glitched my character. I would slip to areal view where I was then return, & the player that tried to transfer a lantern to me would lose that lantern but still nothing was traded to me. I hope the LOE team decide to add the lantern as part of the repertoire of items that can be sold & traded. I found it cool.
I found a weird glitch, spawning out of the map after being knocked out by a Dryad. This happened when I was in Zecora's home in Ever shade Forest & visit the Poison Jokes.

Decided to bug the Dryads nearby, & next thing I'm knocked out & respawn outside the map & drop.

It was free falling the way it tucked its legs in. Then it became weirder, my character began to disassemble.

Wind pressure breaking apart my character? Anyways, this was a simple solution by typing "/stuck" in the dialog box. Had to do it a couple of time but eventually I got out. My character was saved.
Quote from: Stuff on 2015 Jan 26, 23:09:27
So, the servers got DDoS'd, Cantermore just got completely demolished out of overcrowded servers, some f*yay*ing hacker gave Fluffle Puff coats to everypony. That was fine t'ill everypony started faking being Fluffle Puff [dem changelings tho] so all the legit screenshots just got thrown out the window, and the real Fluffle Puff just ragequitted.


But hey, at least I got to fly around.
And dance.
And the awesome music..
and... that's always better than a kick in the face isn't it?  :P
At least I still have my screenshot of me and Fluffle from the last OSW.

What with all those Fluffy Puffs, & the lanterns.  o.O Was that really a hack by someone? Or part of the game?
I wonder if one of the main reason is that many people are using the patch & not the full download 32 & 64 versions. I've been using both when one doesn't work. Even tweaked the setting to lower the video quality to ease playing the game. I immediately realized the patch version wasn't working & it is still because the DDOS attack, which I think is still ongoing. Sometimes the forum  is down or I get redirected by the firewall.

One thing I'm afraid is that this person who initiated the attack will win because it had achieved of turning away many fans of LOE game by frustrating them from denying them access to the game.

Alghough this has been the worse OSW, many things were learned for the LOE.
I had my fun, it has been sporadic, & I had to log in numerous times to enter the game. And obviously the server & webpage & forums are still under DDOS attacks because they keep going down.  Hence the few servers operation, when they work, are overloaded with players. I've had my avatars stuck in one part of the game or another when I'm stuck in waiting mode, either in Cantermore (my main character Night Star is stuck there) or Cloudopolis, & sometimes The Heartlands (which seems to be the case right now with my second character Pegasi Cookie Crumb  ovO).

Despite that, I patiently make numerous log in attempts & have bee successful to play the game. Have visited the Crystal Kingdom, explored Ponydale new layout (it grew as it seems), & completed one quest, and what do know... I'm finally in Cantermore again, playing with my main character Night Star. :]  The key is patience.

The staff of LOE are doing their best despite the attacks on their site & servers. Just try & try again & you will be rewarded. :D
Quote from: Perry The Pony on 2015 Jan 24, 18:39:07
We are currently working on a resolution to all of the issues.  The team is well aware and working hard to correct all the issues we have had so far.  Please take a deep breath as we work all of the issues out.

Posting here with comments that are mean or hurtful to others and the LoE staff do not help the situation.

For me, I congratulate you guys. :D

After going through a serious DDOS attack & working hard to bring it back up, shows you care. I've been experiencing all these issues everyone else are experiencing but I understand why because of that attack. Still you were able to bring at least one server back on line & the forum. It shows dedication!

So they have the Crystal Castle? o.O

Where or how do I get there?
Quote from: LostSanity on 2015 Jan 24, 18:32:14


This is slowly becoming a FAILED OSW.

Everyone should be allowed to play this game. End of story.

This is ridiculous. I'm sorry, but, it really is.


It's unavoidable, you can thank the individuals that initiated that DDOS attack. Server Equus is the only one that works, even that it is sporadic.
Yeah first server open!  Only Equus but hope more will be open later. :D
Quote from: H0tK3y on 2015 Jan 23, 09:32:24
This is still beta software. There's bound to be plenty of bugs. All versions are likely to have problems of some sort but that's the point of the test this weekend.

Oh there were some nifty bugs, like floating timber wolves or diamond dogs. They were easy to snipe from below & retreive chests of easy bits! lol