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Video Games / Re: Your favorite video game?
2021 Nov 10, 10:59:28
Difficult to rank my favourites, but I'll try:

1) TES V Skyrim (After playing it something around 3k hours, I still didn't get an arrow in the knee ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
2) Legends of Equestria
3) Minecraft
4) Hearts of Iron IV
5) Battlefield IV

Other games I like:

- Europa Universalis IV
- TES IV Oblivion
- World of Tanks
- Cities Skylines
- Homefront
I personally would advise you to report this to the LoE team, because I'm playing on the PC version and I don´t know much about the android version. Maybe it´s because your Chromebook is not designed to play games? Here´s how to report a bug:
And also, hello in the LoE world  :D   :3