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Introductions / Re: New to the game!
2018 Mar 16, 13:26:38
Hey!!I'm kinda new can anypony help me learn about this game and more likely to how to play?
Hello fellow people!!I just joined in this site today and it's amazing!!I come into the section and I see that nobody's in this section. I started thinking that I should writr a story since well.. somebody must be here if there reading this.. anyways, continue on about the subject. So like  was saying I'm going to start writing a story but I have at least one thing to say: PLEASE DO NOT COMPLIN!

I've alway's wanted to be a writed and I'm trying my best to make that dream comes true!So please no negative comments about my very first story! Like I say: If you have nothing good to say, Don't say anything.

Thank you for understanding fellow Ponies!! :P <3
I have just got this today and I come to this section. My mind is like: IT'S AMAZING!!
Introductions / Re: Hello, i'm new!
2018 Mar 16, 12:54:12
Quote from: Northenaa on 2018 Feb 04, 05:56:02Hello I'm new and I do not know very well the operation of the game: to control the pony I have a little trouble but it passes and to attack the wolves in the forest cursed (I do not know his name).  :3

Thanks you!  <3

  <3  <3  <3
hoi!!I'm new o this thing too!!I was wondering if you could tell me how to play this game! Since you are good at this game. I can tell you are.. so could you help me..? X3