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I will enjoy myself, enjoying the style of game so far, just gotta get rolling on editing some stuff xD O:
Hey everyone My youtube partners an I are all going to be diving into the wonderful world of equestria with you all. As always I (fbifatguy) will be making youtube video related content with this game, I love gaming, and im excited for the release of LoE, Always looking for more ponies interested in being in our videos, and events, hope to meet new friends, and have fun with old friends.
if you're one of our many tens of thousands of viewers, you know what to expect, and we won't let you down looking forward to another great year of MLP, Gaming and other fun stuff!
if you're interested in being in any videos or livestream events contact me on twitter by following[glow=red,2,300] @BigPonyOfficial[/glow] or my Admin [glow=red,2,300]@Real_marblepie[/glow] ^_^ See you on in Equestria!! DANG THAT'S FUN TO FINALLY SAY!! Equestria...HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  :I
our little collab made it onto equestria daily ^_^ Cute song, and pretty good vocals, Im more of a metal guy, and so is marble (cept shes a girl haha) but this is a pretty good song, went well with the show  :] :] :] <3