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Hm. I like it. Cant wait for the BIOS to be finished.
((Farsight isnt the only one with a loving heart. x3.))
Quote from: Weremetalwolf on 2013 Jul 07, 13:24:37
((I thought that Zeekar liked Cloud.... Anyway, anypony is willing to rp even with these errors?))

((He does like cloud.Alot :3.))
"Bye." Zeekar said, and trotted away.

Zeekars' cheeks brightened after she kissed and hugged him, but he smiled anyways, and returned the favor with a kiss and hug as well. "I'm glad to know that ^-^..."
Zeekar chuckled. "Oh, before I go, Nightly, I would like to apologize for a long time ago when I said I didnt care about you... It was a lie, I swear."
"Looks like I wont have to ruin you...." Zeekar said with a chuckle. "I should get going. Wouldnt want to interrupt Pierces torture..."
"You do that and I will ruin you." Zeekar said with a evil, yet joking smile.

Zeekar looked at the clothing, and chuckled. "You really thing you can get me that easily?" He said,and teleported to the other side of Nightly,letting the clothing fall to the floor. He stuck his tongue out at Pierce with a grin.
Zeekar wiped the tears from his eyes, and let go of Nightly. He sat down, and slowly started to stop laughing. "Y'all right there Pierce?"
Zeekar just kept laughing, he wasnt even able to talk at this point, it was to funny for him to even try.
"D'aaaaaw. Hes so fabulous." Zeekar said, then burst out laughing. He hugged Nightly, trying to to fall on the floor from laughing to hard. "My lungs, they are ganna exploooode!!"

((I'm going to die from laughing xD.))
"That poor poor pony..." Zeekar said, wiping a tear from his eye, still chuckling a little. "So,are you ok Nightly? I was worried about you there for a moment..."
Zeekar burst out laughing. "He has a mother like this!?" Zeekar asked Nightly while laughing. He coughed a few times from laughing to hard. He even teared up a bit.
Zeekar smiled, nearly almost laughed. How embarrassing, someones mother interrupting a fight. He could only imagine the embarrassment Pierce would be feeling right now.
Zeekar sat down, and watched the fight. Like always, he doesn't interrupt other ponys battles unless he needed to. "I'm glad you're alright at least Nightly, I hope." Zeekar said, not looking away from the fight.
Zeekar watched, and thought to himself. "What strange magic... I'll have to tend to Pierce later to see if he was injured..."
Zeekar nodded to Pierce in thanks, but still said nothing to him. He watched to see what would happen now.
Zeekar followed,and only glanced at Peirce. "We dont have time for this." Zeekar said to Nightly. "We need to get you to that body."
"Then we should find that body immediately." Zeekar said, standing up.