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Now I don't want to seem ungrateful but I just don't see why for the time being it can't be a singleplayer. We've got the client, and I know it's unfinished but it'd be great as without connecting to a server and other players means less lag. Though I can see why devs wouldn't want players to be able to just blow through every quest. Eh, guess I'm just disapointed by how little I was on. Still it was fun while it lasted.   ^-^
Loved it though the battle system should really be  turn based. The quest book needs to be implemented as my (and I'm sure everypony else)'s memory is either bad or like to multi task like me. Chatting with NPC's is broken too. After receiving General something's speech I tried to give it to Lietenant Snipe just to be frozen in space and the same thing happen if I tried again. And after I messed up Guizhufe's request for a cherry pie with an apple pie, he refused to take an apple pie so I couldn't complete the quest. Other than that this was the best MLP game I've ever played. Can't wait for more to be made. Also are we getting a release date on the next time it'll be open?