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Aw thanks. I spent so much time on it for no reason. o_o Here's a non-colored one.


And your pixel art is adoorable!
Quote from: MrEmu on 2014 Feb 12, 22:53:24all in all, I want to see a sequel! that'd be awesome...

The ending was super funny, it would be an interesting way to have a sequel if they went from what happened at the end of the movie.
Usually sequels aren't as good as the original. (Kind of like how Ron Burgundy 2 wasn't that great, but the original was fantastic.)

I've always been wanting an Incredibles 2, but the creator (or someone who worked on the Incredibles, I can't remember) mentioned how they wouldn't do a sequel unless there was a really good story/reason for it. And I'd agree with that.

Soooooooo a sequel would totally be cool (moar Uni-Kitty!) if they create a good story for it. :D
Off-Topic Archive / Who saw da Lego Movie?
2014 Feb 12, 16:14:28
Uni-Kitty is teh cutest. :3 <3

We might have reached the 100 emails a day limit, or if your email provider is,, or, you might have emails from Legends of Equestria blocked.

Please try again. If for a second time it does not work, please PM me directly and I can help manually reset your password. ^-^
The chatbox is not for roleplay. It is for chatting. Roleplay in the forums.
I know, I miss them too. We had removed them a few days ago.  :c

When the website and forums went down a few days ago, we looked through the error logs, and it seemed there was over 1,000 errors with the awards system.

Valuing the health of the site and forums more than the awards, we had decided to uninstall the awards system.

Sadly, if awards were to come back, I am unsure of whether or not previous awards would have been saved.

Edit: Just checked, a few glitches with the awards, but it seems to have saved all the data for who has what awards. ^-^ So if we ever plan to bring it back, all your awards should be saved.
Quote from: Sea Foam on 2013 Dec 11, 17:16:48
Looks positively
Spoiler: show

Quote from: StaticBoom on 2013 Dec 11, 05:17:50
Ahhhh <3 Gosh that looks amazing, bet it tasted good!

Personally, I'm a pomegranate man, yet I do love all 'sweet' fruit. Fankly I can't pick many favorites though, I just really love fruit!

Citrus makes my mouth hurt though. :x

It was beyond delicious. :nod:

Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2013 Dec 11, 05:59:47
I've never had pomegranate before. My favorite fruit is strawberry, and I really like oranges, as well.

Nooo you're missing out on a world of fruity adventure! Strawberries are awesome too, though.
Wow, that's a really big tree! Very pretty! *-*
Off-Topic Archive / Look at this beauty.
2013 Dec 11, 05:06:54

It was delicious.  <3

Anyone else love pomegranates? What's everypony's favorite fruit?

Uh, hey everypony, this is your Captain speaking.

We're uuuh.. experiencing some forum and website issues with our server.

You can expect some uuhh.. delays.

Please do not remove uhh.. your seatbelts at any time and refrain from pulling out your hairs.

Thank you and uhhh.. have a nice forum browsing.

Please enjoy the complimentary uhh.. peanuts.

Thank you for flying Legends of Equestria Air.

Webhosts have been successfully switched! Thanks everyone. <3
Okay, the chatbox should be loading properly now. ^-^
We can send a mass email for events. I'll be sure to ask if we'd like to send mass emails in the future.
If you click on another webpage and then navigate to the forum index, the chatbox should load.
I'm not quite sure why the chatbox isn't loading when you first load the forums. I'll try reinstalling the chatbox sometime soon, maybe.
Resolved Issues / Re: Suggestion
2013 Nov 14, 06:15:10
No problem. =P
Okay, since the majority of the problems seem to be coming to a dwindling halt, I think that'll be enough bindles for now. Thanks everyone. ^-^

Please be sure to report any strange happenings that are going on in the Site Suggestions and Bugs board!
Quote from: Popey on 2013 Nov 12, 22:33:44
I would like the stick ball too.

It's a BINDLE!
Have a bindle, dear child!