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Quote from: SparkleChord on 2018 Jul 12, 11:31:19y'all still alive? ^^;

Lots of thinks happened and got lazy. Well, guess who's back?

Spoiler: Summary of Jun/July  • show
-Exam was close, gotta work on my memory.
-Exam time for 3 days.
-Register for Car Exam things.
-Car Rules Exam time and passed.
-An accident happened and I am part of the witnesses.
-"Aller la France"!
-"La France gagne son deuxième étoile!" (15/07)
Okay I am still busy but... What did I miss?
Of course, someone need to ruin this. (My post) ... Or not.
We need to designate ponies who can work night time or being night guards when the others goes to sleep. Seriously, I don't even remember the ponies ever going to sleep since a long time. Mimic can patrole areas the night and do the guard.
Hmm... Celestia is the villain all along? I wonder how much Mimic would say what all these actions she has made is wrong. And the cause of the problem is Luna kicking her own sister out!

I'll wait a little and see the other's opinions and may add another idea. The similarities in FakeSmile and Onyx' story are the kingdoms arguing and hating each others.
Out of Character / Re: Eternal Winter OOC
2018 May 23, 01:30:08
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2018 May 22, 14:09:32Is/was the barn occupied(like someone already in there or recently in) or abandoned?
Well, it was occupied by Apples. But nopony is there because of the storm. Instead, you'll find a trail of snow instead, which lead to a winter wolf.
And @Maplewood mentioned the wrong user again.
By the way, what has happened during the attack? What was this war on Equestria? How come the Princesses are taking different path? Is Twilight's friendship message a lie or lack of confidence because she failed Celestia? (She might want to apologize to her for this probable quarrel, but this alien attack made it impossible.(or almost if Celestia is still around?))
Quote from: Nightshade Star on 2018 May 19, 16:10:23I dare you to shapeshift Mimic into rainbow eyes Orange Chord.
I thought that's what she actually is right now.
Quote from: FakeSmile on 2018 May 19, 14:59:16Okay, rainbow eyes Orange Chord is actually really cute.
So... Is it okay now or do you prefer another change?
Quote from: FakeSmile on 2018 May 18, 23:08:04This makes me extremely uncomfortable. Its a curse image
That's what I thought... Any alternative color for this? Kirbys did a better job at recoloring characters. (P2, P3, P4)
Quote from: SparkleChord on 2018 May 18, 14:28:55it is diamond blue xD a lot of people mistake it for white though, probably because of how i shaded it for awhile xD
Ah, I see. In that case, it's not much of a problem. Swapping every bluish color to orange.


Wait, I am not sure if there will be any difference on the coat since I always confuse myself for white. (Am I blind?) Will you try to draw a orange Sparkle and see the outcome?
Little fix to make... It's not the coat that changed color. It's the mane that is orange instead of the usual blue of Sparkle's.


Wait, what is Sparkle Chord's coat? I thought it's white.
Out of Character / Re: Eternal Winter OOC
2018 May 18, 09:26:09
Hey guys! I might found out what caused us to have like 400+ notifications!

I was verifying my mail when I noticed that the 20th of April, @_BlazingInfinity was blazing infinitely at us with "he mentioned you" every 5-20 minutes and continue spamming it until the 23rd. I do not know what Blazing did to cause this.
Out of Character / Re: Eternal Winter OOC
2018 May 16, 11:49:28
@Peace Keeper ? I thought they already left the cave and on the way to the farm?
Sorry, but I need to sleep. Little slow on writting.

Um, was I just being ignored? Oh wait, it's just all of you posting too fast for me to comprehend...
Oof, I forgot as well... Thanks time... I might rejoin.

... Or not. Not sure.
Opal over there with her hood/cloth... Looks like a villain... (Darth Vador?) Thunder will be a loner and the hero that happened to find a big ship of ponies. Plot twist, the real villain is something else... It's... Sparkle Chord.
Just kidding, we won't do a sub RP of it. (probably)
That was fast. . . Never expected to see this coming this soon. You did a good job.
This happened so fast. Would you mind telling us here?

By the way, White Night is no part of the crew. She just happened to sneak in back in Equestria.