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 :o it´s a shame i missed it, really, i will wate for the next one, please be soon... >A<

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Quote from: afalmeda on 2015 Aug 21, 04:50:42

Genial amigo, me suscribo, soy brony tubber también.
Really?? the game is crashing and crashing and crashing...i can´t deal with it >A< D: >:O
Where is the download link? OMG  ovO ovO ovO
Only a question, When do you will uoload the link for LoE for the next OSW? i supose that the game needs to be updated. 
 >A< >A< >A< omg i was disconected al february and i didn´t notice about the opening of the servers, oh man, it can´t be possible  >.<
i can´t believe my bad luck, yesterday i finally download the game, and today the servers are closed... ovO, my only hope is that the servers get open soon...
Quote from: Hash Myth on 2015 Jan 26, 19:22:51
dont use the launcher, it is bugged, just dowenload the x32 or x64 zip. no need to patch

thanks my friend! :P :P
i have trouble updating the game, i download the patch for updating it, it appears that the server is useless and some error 503, i don´t know whats going on, i need help guys!!  >A< >:O