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Art / Expect the Unexpected
2019 May 30, 18:10:26
They'll ask, so here you go...

Alas, we all seem to be having problems!  X3

Once you finally do get to log in, try to get away from the spawn point as soon as you can, so if you disconnect it'll be easier to reconnect, maybe?
Quote from: Mogeko on 2016 Jan 15, 16:21:56
you can log in tomorrow after some time. then.....BE FREE PONY!

Oh!  O:

Um... At least I'm on-topic, this time... X3
Once Upon A Time....

Quote from: White Pony on 2016 Jan 10, 10:29:41

Um... So...
I take this to mean that White Pony is still the reigning Rock-Paper-Scissors champion?  X3
Quote from: Mogeko on 2016 Jan 09, 23:52:21
We might be going off topic!

Oops!  X3

Yah, we all need to hop back on the Hype Train!

Woo-woo!  :D
Quote from: Particlemane on 2016 Jan 06, 00:18:39
*Gasp* Another Tales of fan! I already thought you were cool, but now, you're a whole lot cooler! At least, like... I don't know... 20%, maybe?

Judging by the picture, I'd say you're about... 70% of the way done? Typically you can figure out how close to done you are by multiplying your level by 2 and subtracting 15.

Don't tell me anything about it, though. I've only just begun it, so no spoilers. ^_^

If you do all the side quests, it's about 100 hours, or so?
So, um, be sure to mark your Calendar for the LoE OSW!  ^-^

Oh, and, does this remind you of anything?

Whenever I see em, I think of Tales of games.  :D
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!  :3

I'm totally gonna be there for the next OSW!  :D

Cleared it with my Boss and everything! ^-^

Am looking forward to dancing with all you ponies again,
and maybe this time I'll even be able to play Hide & Seek with CMC Scootaloo and the gang!  0:)

Ya'll picked a pretty good date for it too.
I should be just about done playing Tales of Zestiria by then...  X3

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Quote from: Particlemane on 2016 Jan 02, 19:00:18
Midnight Hush has her tickets reserved. She'll be coming to Equestria for the party.
Woo hoo! Hope to see ya there, again!  ^-^
My game was crashing whenever I tried going from one area to another, and I found out a way to fix that.

I was playing the game with Windows XP, so I tried playing it with Windows 7 x64 and all my zone-change crashes stopped. Not sure if the OS is to blame, or if I just had weird drivers installed on my XP PC...

So, you can try playing on another computer with a different operating system, or try messing around with your video card and sound card drivers, maybe?

Sorry, I'm not a very good tech.  X3
I know I posted these earlier, but they weren't captioned like this.  X3

Quote from: dashie77 on 2015 Jul 16, 23:12:24
Who wants to meet up in ponydale And START the dance party :3  :D :3

You can count me in!  :D

By the way, if  they still don't have dual pigtails, like in my avatar, i'll probably look like I did last time; something like this:
Quote from: dashie77 on 2015 Jul 16, 11:00:28
Who's Aboard the Hype Train!  :D Cause i Sure am! The Open Server weekend is A MONTH away!!!!!!!  :3

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So! Who is HYPED?? I sure am!!!!!! Although i  Cant go to Gala Con i can Still play the OSW!
0:)  :3 :D

THE August Open Server Weekend HYPE TRAIN is REAL !  :D

And yes, Spike DID eat too much Ice Cream, again!  :I
I couldn't wait till Monday, to see this episode through iTunes, because Woona,
so I got a 720p TV Recording from the Internets! :ajshifty:

It didn't have subtitles, so I made some...  ;)


Enjoy!  0:)
I just got the A-OK from my boss today, for using some of my Vacation Days, for the OSW!   :D

Am gonna start the vay-cay one day early, so I can have plenty of time to stock up on SNACKS!  :nod:

Not just any Snacks; Three-Day Weekend MMORPG Snacks, with loads of Sugar, Caffeine, and Sugar!  ovO
This is going to be epic!  <3


Also taking the following Monday off too, cause I'll prolly spend that whole day doing this:  D:
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2015 Jul 06, 18:10:57
Well, since it's Monday, and there's no longer any need for spoiler tags for Amending Fences, and I reeeally wanna show what some people found... O:

That pony in the top left sure looks familiar!

Could it be?

You beat me to it!  X3

You have a sharp eye!

I guess I shoulda checked the forums before making these screenshots:  :P

When we saw her behind the menu, my brother and I both gasped in suprize/shock at the same time! O:  O:

My bro quickly paused it, and as we were staring at each other, speechless, my mom came in the room and asked if we were okay.  o.O

We both quickly jumped up to cover the screen (she is about 2 episodes behind) because spoilers, and wound up accidentally bumping heads.  >.<

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
~Causing head injuries since July 6'th, 2015!  ovO

(We watch through itunes on Mondays)
Wow! Crazy episode!

Spoiler: show
Got three screen caps for ya'll! The first two are of the Twilicane!  :I

I Really Hope this means they're planing on making a Twilicane toy!
I would totally buy that, in a heartbeat!

Up next is a weird scene I spotted in the video, when I was cutting commercials, taking the above screen caps, and adding subtitles...

I'm not quite sure what to make of that! Some kind of hidden power of the Twilicane !?!?!?  :I
Here ya'll go!

Ya might have to tweak the synching a bit?
I wasn't able to test it on an iTunes version of the episode, but I will, as soon as I get it.

I made this using a HDTV 1080p Recording of the episode, that a friend recorded with her Cable TV.

I edited out the commercials myself, before making the above subtitle file... So, it might lose a bit of sync with other versions/recordings of the episode, depending on where we decided to start and end the cuts for commercial breaks. Hopefully, it won't be noticeable.  X3

At the very least, you can use my subtitle file as a kind of transcript, and it could save you some time, if you have need of that, or something...?
I normally skip watching promos, because of Spoilers, but...

Spoiler: show
I'm so jazzed about the 100'th episode, (am a Huge Ditzy Doo Fan) that I couldn't stop myself from watching the promo.  X3

OMG! That looks to be THE BEST EPISODE, EVER !!!  O:
Really love Octavia's voice, and the new Ditzy Doo voice.  :nod:

Gonna make some subtitles for the promo.  ;)
The auto-generated ones by Youtube are wayyyy off.  :I