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Music Archive / Re: Vinyl or Octavia?
2014 Aug 13, 14:55:15
I like Vinyl's style, cause I love feel the bass, but I got to go with Octavia after I hear I am Octavia
 O: (runs off to prepare a welcome party)

But in all seriousness, thanks. My only sorrow is I missed my chance to go on LoE when it was open, I had work and such, I missed my chance.
 :D everything pinkie pie, especially with cheese samwich. I am a big weird al fan, despite what my brony hating friends say.

However, hearts as strong as horse struck a special note in me. In a way, I can relate.
i am sadden. i miss my chance to see it do to internet issues and work. sigh, maybe next time
 :D ;) 0:) <3 Greetings and welcome, i am wolfwood, but my friends call me Wolffe. that's 2 fs and an e. i feel in love with the ponies after seeing the first 5 episodes of the show, i was already interested but a few of my friends suggested it and well...... I am a brony and proud, sadly i am also a student who works pretty much full time so i missed my chance for bronycon this year.  :c oh well, i do not like to look at the sad side of life, despite the fact that most could discrible me a pessimist. If i had to choose a talent, i'd say it is my skill to see the best in people, i live by the belief that everyone and everything has potential for great things. on another site i help some kids find their talents. i mentioned i was a student, to any that ask, i major in computers, but my passion and minor is medical study....... though i did some math and accounting classes too, always good to have.