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She thinks, "You may follow commands given by me or Twilight, however, if you find them illogical or conflicting, or you yourself have a better idea, you may suggest an alternative, and we will allow or not allow it.... this is what we are doing for now, but in the future I want you to be able to follow what you think is best by yourself."
She smiles, "You would be surprised at what is possible, 2-2-5. However, we have an objective..." she looks at Twilight, "Star, Lyra, and I, we all infilitrated a facility with technologically advanced equipment to do some scouting, but it went wrong when I took 2-2-5 in a... odd emotional outburst I still can not explain, and in a very poor state of mind, I accidentally sent her off to kill many of the employees and to destroy many of the technologies there, because I was not specfic with a command, and now Lyra and Star are trapped, and most likely will be killed. Do you wish to help us?"
((Uhg wait do not change your post)) She nods, "Yes, I am an android, and that is why I am trying to help you ignore these primary objectives, by trying to find an exploit a loophole or something similar. I was locked down by similar things before, however not anymore. I suppose I can not make you this day, but perhaps in the future you will figure out a way yourself."
She thinks, "2-2-5, I want you to wait until the 25th hour of the day to follow protocols relating to objectives 1) 2) or 3) overriding 4)." she was sure this would not work, but it was worth a try.
((Also, if you misread my last statement, I meant to say Stormy is bothered by the aspect of her being the perfect companion, she'll talk about it later.))

She yelps in surprise as she tripped, falling to the ground. She looks up at 2-2-5, not reallt angry, infact, she could relate to her having primary objectives, "2-2-5, she is not a goddess, please examine her. You are mistaken..." she gets back up on her hooves, "Also, if end user goes against primary protocols, then do not follow nomal operations and ignore the incident and do not react." She keeps thinking, "Why do you have primary protocols? They seem to contradict what you said before about being the perfect companion for your end user. And thats another thing were going to talk about, I do not like that fact that you make yourself my perfect companion."

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((Eh, StormyCore could become the android princess! lol ))
((She was, but she got cut off by Twilight. She'll probably inquire about it later)) Stormy eyes widen, "Oh... that is... quite an interesting response..." she looks back up at Twilight, "I think she may be mixing you up with another pony Twilight... this is my new android companion, 2-2-5. And apparently, she is from the future, which explains the out-burst. So either you become a god-princess in the future, or she might be referring to another pony,  I am in favour of the second one. Also, she is much more advanced then I, well in some aspects at least."... she looks at 2-2-5 "You... do not have to treat this Twilight like this."

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((Woops i meant to say She is not okay with it, but she will inquire about it later*
She nods, "That makes sense, I got ahead of myself I suppose... hm." her ear twitches at Twilights voice, and smiles back at 2-2-5 "Speaking about social interactions..." she looks back up at Twilight, "Alright! And I will tell you about her when I get inside!" she trots right through the front door, "Come in little one..." she motions for her to come in.
((An android having their own... android. This is interesting because Stormy is trying to apply how her own AI systems work to this android and there are some conflicts.))
((Yay, Stormy has the power of scientific inaccuracies)) She blinks, "Oh, I suppose you do not have scanning capabilities such as I..." she shakes her head, "It does not matter, in short form, I am highly durable even without shielding, I have highly advanced scanning and information gathering capabilities, and my strength is also extremely high. I have a hoof laser, and a difbulator hoof. My AI and my body were both made in Aperture labs, by using another organic living pony as a base... what about you? I heard yo said you had names from the future in your database, so you must be from the future, which does not surprise me seeing how advanced you are. Tell me about yourself, about your specifications and well... you said you do not like killing ponies, is there anything else you do not like to do?
She smiles contently at her, "Alright then, I will call you 2-2-5. Also, if you have the equipment, you may want to scan me for information on my build I could tell you, but scanning would be faster."
"You do not understand now, for I do not understand still myself, or at least, I do not have a very deep understanding of it, however names tell you who you are, they identify yourself, they make up a lot about you, and so, they are quite important, so if you get the chance, like now, choose the name that best suits you from the results you narrowed down."
"What pleases me is what you want to be called.... what do you want to be called?" she smiles at her, "It can be anything YOU want, you said you know many names, right?"
She pauses and stares at her, "... Here is my next instruction; do not kill anypony, unless it is necessary. Even if my life is in danger, find another way to save me. Mostly because well, I am an android too, and I can mostly hold my own. Well actually, not really. I have a single laser hoof, though it is very powerful, that is my only weapon. Also spells Star Gazer and his friend Twilight have taught me... hm.." she smiles a little, thinking back on Star for a bit. As she does, she is reminded of something, something important in her life... "Chestnut. What do you want to be called?" she asks, looking into her eyes.
Her ears folded back, and she whimpers lightly "I... I am sorry, Chestnut...."
"Alright, I will not die, and yes, you will be seeing us two soon. Hopefully very soon, but the soon might be a variable amount of time depending on..." she stops herself, shaking her head, "Yes, soon. I promise you. Chestnut, do you have anything you would like to tell them? Or ask them perhaps?" she looks at her.
"Well, actually I am not sure if I have much to say, all that I can think of is what you two already probably know; that Chestnut is a powerful android, who seems to have technology that far surpasses the posbilities of this time period, and well, is technically speaking impossible, but not, because she is right here!" she thinks some more, "Do not worry, we will save you Lyra and Star Gazer, please do not die while we are on our way, that would be rather unfortunate, and well I do not know how I would go on if you two die..." she goes silent for a moment, "So, whatever you do... do not... don't die, please?....... please?" the last please almost sounded a little desperate.
((YOu know you don't have to do the colors if you don't want, just make it clear whos says what and I'll be fine. Hell, a while back when you said "Do I have to use the colors" I said no. Also, I don't know much about Signal tracking, but Stormy could use the radio signal Star is broadcasting to get his location correct?))
A rush of relief filled her body, all of those horrible negative feelings washing away, and being replaced with only positive ones, "Star Gazer! I am releived, I thought my newly aquired android had killed you in the building! Also, I now have an android named Chestnut." she scratches Chestnut behind the ear, "Well, mine until she decides that she does not want me to be leader anymore. How is Lyra?"
((lol)) She hops off her back, and smiles at her weakly, "Thank you. Now go do the second task please.... minimize death, and DO NOT kill these two, I repeat, do NOT kill these two *she brings up a hologram of them agsin* or harm them, in anyway. Please bring them here, even if they are dead. Also protect them when you find them."
She nods and sighs, hugging onto her lightly to stay on. Right now she would be thinking about how amazingly advanced this android was, but for now all she could think of was Star and Lyra...
She lists off the coordinates for Twilights library, "Alright?"