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I was severly depressed. My girlfriend had to move away because her father got a better job on the other side of the country, a friend had died from a brain tumor and my uncle had been riding his motorcycle when a semi-truck runs a red light. My uncle was DoA.

It was the week season 2 started, so I decided id binge watch the show, wether it sucked or not. Turns out that the show is amazing! Its the only show that interests me, and im hard to please when it comes to tv. My parents watched and still do watch sports and nothing else. I have no interest in sports other than auto-racing.

"Oh wow, they're giving backstory to what is going on. OH GOSH THAT THEME SONG AAAAHH!

Ooooohhhh! They're so cute! I want one! Because this show is made to sell toys."...

"Oh my god she has a baby dragon! Thats awesome!"

Pfff ahahahahaha! She is too oblivious!"

I imagine everyone having the same reaction to mine, so nothing special other than 'why'.
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2014 Dec 25, 08:32:58

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Why are we only able to play when you allow us? :P

evens say money, odds say lack of money

[blockquote]'' is not a valid dice string![/blockquote]