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Hey there everypony!

With the help of Everypony in the Winter Warmup, Spring has arrived in Equestria again! And with it, a new update! Maybe there will be new faces for us to meet, as we explore all that this new update has to offer! now available on Our Website!

Speaking of exploring, it appears that Equestria has become more aquatic than ever, as ponies have been spotted diving under water. Get ready to saddle up and dive into the fun!

Who knows what cool things you may find underwater. What are we waiting for? Let's all go for a swim!

Not only that, but it seems the new season has also brought along a new face to the recently added docks, as an uncharted ship has dropped anchor at the docks!

Like always, you can find a list about everything that's new in our changelog. Hope to catch you in-game soon!
  • With Spring in full swing, Equestria is now more aquatic than ever!  Adding the ability to dive in selected waters
  • Added a steam ship near the docks
  • Added multiple hidden caves underwater
  • Added a Kelp Wrap consumable
  • Added a Kelp Salad consumable

  • Added back the Spatial Crystal mining area in Bramble Woods
  • Added a confirmation prompt when trying to delete a character
  • Added butterflies flying around in certain parts of the map, prettying up the scenery
  • Added a keybind to enable glide mode for pegasi, bound to "x" by default
  • Added the ability to pick up cookies from the plates in Gala Hall
  • Added a Ranger Shirt cosmetic
  • Added a Ranger Hat cosmetic
  • Added a Snorkel cosmetic

  • Added many of the cooking recipes into NPC shops that specialize in cooking
  • Reduced the drop chance for some of the cooking recipes
  • Adjusted the prices for recipes

  • Optimized the networking code between server and client
  • Optimized our server backend in regards to the handling of quests
  • Improved the download and update process of talent marks
  • Improved the health danger flash effect when taking damage
  • Improved the sharpness quality of the skybox slightly
  • Improved the handling of overlapping mining areas in terms of calculated mining speed
  • Improved many of the skill descriptions, adding more info to them

  • Fixed issues with the Teleport skills of unicorns sometimes invalidating a position for seemingly no reason
  • Fixed an issue where certain items may display as broken with placeholder name and description
  • Fixed issues with the Diamond Kite not being colourable, despite the item saying it was
  • Fixed issues with the reticle not being on the correct height when targeting Manticore
  • Fixed issues with the hotbar not always saving
  • Fixed an issue where a few talent marks may not download properly

  • An NPC called Auburn Rays has been added to White Tail Park
  • An NPC called Snow Flurry has been added to Cloudopolis
  • An NPC called Andromeda has been added to Cantermore
  • Fixed an issue in the "Foal Life Consequences" quest where the journal entry may not show up when you first start the quest
  • Fixed an issue in the "Foal Life Consequences" quest requiring you to talk to 3 people to before you could skip the tutorial

Hey again, everypony! We all hope you're doing well, and this year's treating you all kindly so far; as kindly as you have all treated us, for the past twelve years.

That's right, the Legends of Equestria project has been running for over twelve years now! (If you really want to dig into the ancient lore, there might be a couple of years before that too...) It's hard to believe that we've kept this dream going for so long. A lot of faces have come and gone in that time, and the game has been through transformations, continuous improvements, changes, and more than a few bugs across those years, but the one consistent point has been the love and support you've all provided us.

Whether you've been around since the forums kicked off, first played the game at an early convention, joined us on an Open Server Weekend, gave your precious feedback during our Limited Access Release, hopped on board at the start of the Open Access Release in 2017, arrived with the mobile versions of the game, wandered in at any point over the six-and-a-bit years, or just signed up yesterday, we want you to know that we appreciate every single one of you and the time you've given to our little horse world.

The Legends of Equestria team have always been steadfast that we wouldn't take any player money; LoE would always be free, and we'd support the cost of running the game through passive advertisements on our website and forum. This has worked excellently for twelve whole years, but recent days have seen that funding start to run dry. It's prompted some tough discussions within the team, and we've come to a difficult conclusion: in order to prolong the lifespan of the game as a whole, it's time to sunset the Europonia server. We love everyone who has chosen, or continues to choose, that region as their play location; unfortunately, though, the player count there simply isn't enough to justify the expense, and what it would mean for the longevity of the project as a whole. As such, the Europonia server will close in two weeks, on April 30th, 2024.

This doesn't mean that Equestria is disappearing; the Amareicas server will keep going, accessible to everyone, and all of the ponies on your account that you've played as on the Europonia server will be available on Amareicas too! Those of you who live farther from that server's location may find that the server has higher latency than you're used to, however, but we promise to do everything we can to try and smooth out such issues!

Now, this is obviously going to prompt some other questions about the game, so we want to assure you that we will keep Equestria alive for as long as we can; that's the exact reason why we're reducing our server count, in fact. The whole team is dedicated to the effort we, and all the team members who have moved on across the past twelve years, put into making this experience for you; we won't let all of that go to waste. Discussions are ongoing as to what the next steps are for Equestria, and for our development team; we'll share all of that information when the time is right.

I know this is sad news, but please don't feel too disheartened; we still have plenty in the works, and are excited to show you everything new that we're working on. There's plenty more in store from us lot, so we hope to see you in Equestria - and beyond - very soon!

Hello everypony! Version 2024.01 is now available to download from our website.

As usual, a full list of what's new can be found in our changelog. Hope to catch you in-game soon!
  • Spring is coming closer! The Winter Warm Up quest is now available -  until the 24th of March, 2024
  • Disable the quest "Dashing Through the Snow"
  • Added a last-used-character display in the friend list display
  • Added magic colour to the character editor
  • Added a extendable hover display over worn cosmetic slots if more than one item occupy it
  • Added new attacks and behaviours for Dragon:
  • - Fireball barrage, dragon will fly away to circle player and comes back shooting 3 fireballs along its path
  • - Fire wave, dragons will now unleash 3 waves of fire expanding from the point of hit
  • - Bite, which is a new melee attack
  • Additionally, dragons now primarily fly rather than walk
  • Added the Midway Village in Heartlands as a label on the minimap
  • Added a visual particle effect to the Resuscitation skill
  • After being resuscitated, ponies can no longer move for a short duration, during which they are granted 3 seconds of invulnerability from taking damage
  • Added shipping docks on one of the river parts in Heartlands
  • Added snow step particles when walking over snow
  • Added a new ice skating animation
  • Added a new model with textures for the different ice skate types
  • Added kites
  • Added gliding as a flying mechanic after your stamina runs out
  • Diving when flying now increases your speed for a short duration
  • Added a few new NPC's to Heartlands:
  • - Risk Management
  • - Even Keel
  • - Honest Fare
  • Added a new quest available from Risk Management - Balancing the Books
  • Try to optimize game performance on gpu and cpu a little
  • Optimize Heartlands in certain places
  • The Frontier now uses exponential based distance fog, rather than linear
  • Water and ice is now partially transparent, and allows slight see-through
  • Improved skill casting after freshly loading into a room
  • Decreased the pony hitbox on the server a little, making mob attacks more accurate
  • Fixed an issue where typing in the second name in the character editor did not work correctly
  • Fixed a slight symmetry issue with the filly model
  • Fixed a few materials in Bramble Wood using the wrong shader
  • Fixed an issue that didn't allow for players to enter the crystal cave dungeon
  • Fixed an issue where the harmonious armour may have red visual artifacts
  • Fixed the ability for pegasi not being able to resize their wings
  • Fixed an issue with foals and the sleep animation where they'd levitate for a moment
  • Fixed the Fire Rain attack Dragons have being audible throughout the entire map
  • Fixed an issue where standing under and jumping beneath the train sign in Ponydale would cause a teleport
  • Fixed a bug that disallowed unequipping items in some circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where your inventory may not necessarily update in some cases
  • Fixed issues with mobs using the swarm AI to attack as a group
  • Fixed the Blighted Lantern Monster not having a proper texture set
Hey there, everypony!

Hope you're all staying warm and cozy as winter has officially arrived in Equestria! The snow is falling, and festive vibes are spreading across the land. And what better way to celebrate the season than with the latest Winter 2023 update for Legends of Equestria - now available for download on our website!
As always, you can find the full list of changes on our changelog!. But let's get to some highlights!

Starting with the most obvious; Winter has descended upon Equestria, covering its land in snow once more!
And not only that - but so has the festive spirit - so if you haven't already, you can now earn the seasonal costume for this time of year through Ensemble's usual quest!

Not only that, but our ponies have found themselves experimenting with new styles - as such, not only have certain crystal eyes be catching the eyes of every pony, several new mane and tail styles are now available to be seen across Equestria!

But fashion doesn't stop at just the manes, now does it? Embrace the chill with the all-new Winterzilla costume! Hidden within presents scattered across Equestria, this frosty ensemble is sure to make you the talk of the winter carnival. Complete with an icy flair and a touch of whimsy, Winterzilla is the perfect way to showcase your seasonal spirit!

That's not everything, of course! There's plenty of other changes listed on our changelog post, ranging from further quality-of-life improvements to new cosmetic items to general bug fixes. We hope that all of them make your time in Equestria more enjoyable, and we hope to see you there soon! Bye for now!
Seasonal quests:

  • Disabled the Hallowtide quests
  • Disabled the Hallowtide candy event
  • Enabled the seasonal Winter quest "Dashing Through The Snow"
  • Enabled the seasonal Winter gift collection event


  • Added several new mane styles:
    - Chammy
    - Dandaru
    - Green Adventure
    - iiTabiMooni
    - Ikarooz
    - Silverblur
    - Dandaru
  • Added several new tail styles:
    - Chammy
    - Dandaru
    - Green Adventure
    - iiTabiMoonii
    - Ikarooz
    - Silverblur
  • Added a new character character customization option for the iris, separating into:
    - Standard eyes
    - Crystal eyes
  • Added Winterzilla costume, available to find in presents
  • Added Puffer Coat and Bombar Jacket, available to find in presents
  • Added 3 new talent marks:
    - A smiling pony face
    - A pink cow
    - A blue moon on a cloud

  • Added a new dragon variant called Elder Dragon
  • Added a new Lantern Monster variant called Blighted Lantern Monster
  • Updated the level 65 Dragon in Castle Grounds to be of type Elder
  • Updated the level 50 Lantern Monster in Evershade to be of type Blighted

  • Fixed mobile auto targeting
  • Fixed some friendly AoEs hitting you
  • Fixed mounting issues of the Nirik costume
  • Fixed mounting issues with the Kelpie tail
  • Fixed an issue where another player's damage source appeared to inflict damage on oneself
  • Fixed targeting issues on the mobile platform Renamed "Dowsing crystal" to "Dowsing Crystal"
  • Slightly reduced the stamina drain for Pegasi and Unicorns while sprinting
  • Updated the Resuscitation skill to no longer require a full reload of your character
  • Updated the skill descriptions to be more meaningful Improved the snowballs to use better physics and be liftable using the Telekinesis skill
  • Added nirik costume, available from Crypt Keeper in exchange of candies
  • Added kelpie costume, available from Crypt Keeper in exchange of candies
  • Added NPC's: Jinn Aquarius, Point Dexter
  • Added quests:
    • Invested Interest (from Wanda Percent)
    • Bolt of the Blue (from Wigglestitch)
    • Jinn's Juice (from Jinn Aquarius in the foal phase)
    • Batmare! (from Twilight Turner)
  • Added Dusthiel's main menu theme submission
  • Added a new soundtrack, "Dusk 'til Dawn", to Dusthiel's main menu submission
  • Added Science research tables to Cantermore and Crystal Kingdom Libraries
  • Added an offline mode toggle to the friend system to log out of it
  • Added an experimental settings option to improve the performance of Heartlands

  • It's Hallowtide! Including seasonal decoration changes, and pirate hat NPCs giving out candies once more
  • Enabled the seasonal quest "Costume of the Night", available from Ensemble
  • Disabled the seasonal quest "Anypony Got a Light"
  • Disabled the seasonal quest "Lighting the Lantern"

  • Mana Crystals now stack up to 32 instead of 8
  • Increased the stack size of all firework types from 40 to 128
  • Raised the Farming XP for flowers
  • Improved screen pointers sometimes not enabling or disabling according to newly started quests
  • Attempt to make the health regeneration and moment-of-damage feel more responsive
  • Changed the friend system to be on a account basis, rather than a character basis
  • Changed the emoji panel on mobile to be scrollable
  • Optimized the hotbar performance
  • Changed the way aliases are displayed in the /help command
  • Disabled the new earth pony movement in Bramble Woods

  • Fixed an issue with the Farewell dialog during the quest Rehearsal Roundup proceeding with a random, unintended dialog
  • Fixed an issue during "Removing Cookies and Browsing Data" showing the foal avatar for Cirrus during the first few dialogs  
  • Fixed dialogue for Nurse Coldhoof and Tonic
  • Fixed an issue with Maplesweet's quest "Dandelion Tamer" being repeatable
  • Fixed an issue with the quest "Picking up Pieces" being repeatable
  • Fixed the stamina drain when just hovering in flight
  • Fixed an issue where screen pointers would sometimes re-enable after a room switch
  • Fixed an issue where switching ponies would carry over the previous quest markers
  • Fixed server performance issues due to an issue with the recent quest system changes
  • Fixed an issue that may cause rooms to crash at random
  • Fixed an issue with some mobs where they may not attack on close range
  • Fixed an issue with some of the cockatrice in Heartlands not attacking the player
  • Fixed an issue with the Discord rich presence sometimes constantly throwing errors
  • Fixed an issue where the damage numbers were being affected by the animation
  • Fixed an issue with the gem bomb attack sound being hearable all across the map

Hotfix 2023.04.02:
  • Fixed an issue where attack animations may not play
  • Fixed the backhoof of the nirik hooves for mares being offset
  • Fixed the colouring previews for the nirik costume items
  • Fixed weird visual artifacts with the nirik mane
  • Fixed an issue with updating the inventory visually
  • Fixed the Heartlands optimization for mobile

Hey again everypony! Hope you're all keeping well in this crazy ol' world of ours. Over in Equestria, it's rolling around to Hallowtide time, so we figured it was a good opportunity to release an update; that means v2023.04.01 is now available to download!

As with our previous updates, if you'd like to read through the entire list of changes and additions, you can check out our changelog post... but here's a little taster of what we've got in store for you this time!

With Hallowtide on the horizon, all your favourite locations have put their decorations up, Ensemble's gearing up to make the spookiest costume ever again, and some ponies are ready to give out candies to all the fillies and colts! Let's hope it's enough to appease the spirt of the dread pirate Black Flag for another year...

As you can already tell, Hallowtide is a time for everypony to break out their favourite costumes; to help with that, we've added a couple of new ones! Whether you'd like to traverse the depths beneath the sea as a kelpie, or show off your fiery nirik spirit, we've got you covered!

A few new quests have made their way into the game too! Would you like to help your classmate Wanda with her investments, or investigate the rumours of the legendary batmare? Who knows what new stories might unfold! (Well, we do. We wrote them, after all.)

We've also added another brilliant menu art submission, as well as a fantastic new music track to go with it! We really love featuring these pieces from our dedicated community, and we hope you like seeing them too! Remember, if you'd like to see your own artwork featured in-game, you can get all the information on submission process over here.

There's plenty more in this release; some improvements to the friends system, a few optimisations to help with the game's performance and stability, and a whole smorgasbord of fixes that range across the entire game!  My personal favourite is the one that reduces the 'gem bomb' attack from thermonuclear status, meaning it's no longer audible from the other side of the map.

As always, the full details of what's included in this version can be found in the changelog. If you're playing using our Windows launcher, your files should update automatically; other platforms may need to visit our downloads page to get hold of the latest game files. If you're playing on mobile, you may need to visit your app store to prompt the update!

Thanks as always for all your support, everypony! Seeing you enjoy what we've crafted is what makes all our efforts worthwhile. We hope you like what this update brings, and we'll see you in Equestria very soon!

Hey again, everypony! It's time for another update to our wonderful world of equines; v2023.03.02 of Legends of Equestria (don't ask about v2023.03.01, it never happened, you saw nothing) is now available to download!

As always, you can read through the full list of changes on our changelog post, but here's a little highlights reel of some of the things we think you might notice first!

Probably the most notable change this time around is the range of new movement features and improvements. Earth ponies have been the main focus here; they can now perform midair dives, dashes, and even double-jumps! These abilities should help even out the playing field between the three playable races a little.

That's not to say we left everyone else out, though; unicorns gain a new telekinesis ability, allowing them to manipulate some in-world objects! I can only imagine the chaos this is going to cause, and we're looking forward to seeing what you all do with it.

We've also been working on ways to help players find their way around the world, especially when it comes to following quests. You can now select a quest from your journal, giving you a pointer to help find that one NPC who's been hiding from you all this time!

Paying to dye your socks doesn't make quite as much sense when you're standing right next to an endless supply of coloured liquid, does it? Luckily, the rainbow waterfall in Cloudopolis can now be put to use! Just make sure nobody's drinking from downstream when you do it, eh?

Our library of main menu themes continues to grow, thanks to more submissions from our creative and talented community! If you'd like to submit your own design to feature in-game, please check out all the information and rules for submission here.

As usual, that's far from everything; plenty of bug fixes and reworkings are included - again, for the full details, check out the changelog. If you're playing using our Windows launcher, your files should update automatically; other platforms may need to visit our downloads page to get hold of the latest game files. If you're playing on mobile, you may need to visit your app store to prompt the update!

There's plenty more to come for LoE, in 2023 and beyond, but we hope you enjoy what we've made so far! We'll see you in Equestria!
    • Rebalanced Harmony stats
    • Introduced equipment integrity
    • All level 5 Harmonies now have a 90% success rate, and damage equipment on failure.
    • Damaged armour reduces its overall stats based on remaining integrity
    • Most Harmony 5 recipes now only require 16 gems, rather than 32
    • Reworked the effectiveness of some stats
    • Renamed "Resilience" stat to "Recoil"
    • Renamed "Fortitude" stat to "Reflex"
    • Unicorns now have a +20 base to Magic Casting and Magic Resist
    • Pegasi now have a +10 base to Dodge
    • Decreased ground pound's attack scaling from 175 to 100
    • Decreased bubble barrage's attack scaling from 175 to 100
    • Added skill scaling to Friends Forever's healing ability
    • Added a damage reduction for pets within the radius of Home Field Advantage
    • Decreased the slowness effect of Candy Shower properly based on upgrade
    • Fixed the attack scaling for Seismic Buck
    • Decreased the aggression range of Pegasus Rock Golems and Sand Golems

    • Corrected Dawnfire's size during the foal phase.
    • Fixed the phoenix chest plate that can drop from sandstone rocks being set up incorrectly, not teaching the recipe and having a wrong level requirement
    • Fixed Materia Infusion and Water Fill spots checking for the incorrect distance to the player
    • Players should no longer be able to conjure green apples from Science research
    • Jeweled Acorns now require Flux to craft

    • Fixed drop issues with the level 50 Lantern Monster and level 45 Naiad
    • Fixed an issue with the !roll pony command never landing on one of the people in-room
    • Fixed issues with multiple player-following clipping into each other during "Looking for a Great Time"
    • Fixed issue with the Horn Glow skill not working on old hardware
    • Fixed the issue that you could click chat through the global map
    • Fixed the inability to purchase the last upgrade of Farming's Full Bloomer skill
    • Fixed a few animation triggers for Corgis, Diamond Dogs and Dalmatian Diamond Dogs
    • Fixed skidding in movement being heavily framerate dependent
    • Fixed a bug where the standing animation would sometimes be triggered during jump
    • Fixed the fire zone collider in SCC causing pegasi that fly up to the roof below it to trigger it
    • Fixed an issue where pickupable items would ignore audio settings
    • Partially fixed the ability to stack onto other ponies again

    • Added Harmony 6
    • Added garnets to the list of possible Geode gems
    • Added Rainbow Ink as a Mining journal milestone
    • Added the ability to recolour for free near the rainbow waterfall in Cloudopolis
    • Added screen pointers, allowing you to show a pointer in the direction of your next quest objective
    • Added the ability to select a quest in the hook to show the pointer on. Newly started quests get selected automatically
    • Added new movement mechanics for earth ponies:
      • A dive, activated by pressing the descend hotkey mid-air
      • A charge jump, available for 1 second after landing a dive, with the jump boost increasing with the distance you dived
      • A dash, activated by pressing x
      • A double jump, activated by pressing space mid-air
    • Added a new skill for unicorns - Telekinesis, allowing for levitation of (currently only a few, selected) objects
    • Added a button to the settings menu to reset your input settings
    • Added a new Cloudopolis inspired main menu theme submission by Rusty Gear
    • Added a new Evershade Secluded inspired main menu submission by Roxy Hartmann
    • Added a shrug emote, both in chat and as actual emote
    • Added an sfx to the gem bomb attack

    • Reworked the character editor from a (mostly) technical background
    • Added the ability to enter hex colours into the reworked character editor
    • Reworked the pet menu from a technical background
    • Open quest objectives now display with a purple gem rather than white
    • Completed quest objectives now display without icon, rather than with a purple gem
    • Updated the minimap frame texture to look golden instead
    • Optimized the Auction House and SCC model performances in Ponydale
    • Optimized server performance a little
    • Improved puffable clouds for pegasi

    Hotfix 2023.03.03:
    • Fixed the (in)ability to delete characters
    • Fixed an issue where you'd get disconnected upon fainting

Hey again, everypony! We hope you're all having a fantastic year. We're about halfway through the calendar, now, which means it's about time for our second major update of the year! Version 2023.02.01 is now available for download, from our website, from the Windows launcher, and from your mobile app store!

Unsurprisingly, the full details of this release are available on our changelog post, but you can read below for a few highlights to look forward to!

First off, a quality-of-life improvement: you can now filter your bank slots by item name! This should help those of you with a particularly large stash find what you're looking for a little quicker.

In a similar vein, your quest log entries can now be grouped by objective location! This should help you work out what you have to do, and where you have to do it!

We've updated the desktop version of the chatbox to be in-line with the mobile version improvements, allowing for the same message copying functioning, and more!

In our ongoing mission to make big fights more epic, the Crystal Golem enemy can now fire a Bouncing Laser! Better keep yourself nimble to avoid its attack!

Unicorns now have a Horn Glow ability, to bring light to even the darkest places, where all other lights go out...

That's not everything, of course! The Festival of Lights seasonal event will be swinging into gear soon, and of course there's plenty of other changes listed on our changelog post, ranging from further quality-of-life improvements to new cosmetic items to general bug fixes. We hope that all of them make your time in Equestria more enjoyable, and we hope to see you there soon! Bye for now!
  • Added info about resetting password to login failed message
  • Added model for weather pendants
  • Added item descriptions to items in shop (inspect item to view on mobile)
  • Artisans can now craft empty glasses from sandstone, and empty vials from quartz
  • Added horn glow effect while casting Magic skills
  • Added skill Horn Glow for unicorns
  • Added burning effect to fire breath
  • Added Screech skill for bats
  • Added Discord Strike skill for lantern monster
  • Player may now choose spot pet should sit at
  • Added Bouncing Laser skill for Crystal Golem
  • Added setting for minimap to point north
  • Added flight roll limit settings, fixed too big roll during flight in first pony mode
  • Added ability to group active quests in journal by location of their objectives

  • Improved the speed of banking multiple stacks of the same item
  • Bank slots may now be filtered by item name
  • Most items without upgrade slots may now be stacked in the bank
  • Recoloring items will now cost 1 Rainbow Ink instead of 10 bits
  • Added a Rainbow ink mining spot on the bottom of the waterfall in Cloudopolis
  • Items may now be freely recolored near the rainbow waterfall in Cloudopolis
  • Stored strike tile on hotbar will now display as active when it's toggled
  • Optimized drop reward popup display for better performance
  • Updated desktop chatbox menu for parity with mobile:
  • Increased the font size slightly for shop item cost on mobile
  • Players will now spawn farther away from portal
  • Bats are now scared of light
  • Cockatrices will not attack players wearing Chicken Suit, unless player attacks them
  • Settings menu on desktop now uses a two-column layout
  • Improved navmesh navigation logic
  • Improved pet movement speed if player is far away

  • Fixed issue causing server invoked dialogues to not be visible on mobile
  • Fixed filly and colt players not emitting step particles
  • Fixed bug causing some quests to not reward bank space
  • Fixed rocks not spawning
  • Fixed mismatched toggles on global map
  • Fixed Friends Forever effect rotation
  • Fixed some Bush skills not doing damage
  • Fixed Jeering Shout making mobs ignoring player
  • Fixed Pillow Barrage stun, added chance of stunning for it
  • Fixed some emotes for Mane 16 not being displayed properly on mobile
  • The time for Winter Warm Up has come once more
  • Disabled the seasonal Winter quest Dashing Through The Snow
  • The mineable rock models have been updated
  • You may now spot clouds floating over White Tail Park
  • Added the ability for foals to blink
  • Added a little display on your health bar showing the amount of damage taken
  • Target buffs will now be shown under the mob's name
  • Added a cooperative hug emote, allowing 2 ponies to hug each other
  • Added a visual effect to better distinguish hypnotized mobs
  • Hypnotized mobs no longer take less damage when soothed
  • Hypnotized mobs now receive armor bonuses which scale with Hypnosis upgrades and the caster's armor
  • Hypnotized mob attacks now contribute to the player's xp
  • Added a little xp reward for when landing smoothly on the ground
  • Refined the xp distribution from mobs
  • Pet attacks now contributes to the player's xp
  • Added a new stomp attack for Pegasus Rock Golems
  • Added a new charge attack for Pegasus Rock Golems
  • Pegasus Rock Golems may drop rocks upon taking damage now
  • Active buffs from items will now show in the buff panel
  • Increased the max zoom distance of your camera
  • Increased the camera distance at which manes and tails will have physics
  • Fixed an issue where, if you don't held a mining tool in your mouth, it'd pick the 1st tool in your inventory as a fallback, instead of the best
  • The sprites for the book tabs on the mobile version of the game have been updated

  • The soundtracks Moonlight in Evershade Forest and Wilderness in Evershade Castle Grounds have been replaced with a new soundtrack - Sin Shala, composed by Asteconn
  • The soundtrack 1000 Years in Evershade Castle Grounds has been updated to a new variant of the track

  • Fixed a visual artifact with the furnace that's located near Gem Mines in Ponydale
  • The stack size of all Materia types has been reduced to 8192
  • The stack size of Frozen Essence has been increased to 64

  • Added several emojis to the chat, also accessible using a new dropdown:
  • :sitting:
  • :lying:
  • :sleeping:
  • :boop:
  • :dancing:
  • :applause:
  • :face_hoof:
  • :waving:

  • The following NPCs have received their designated talent mark, also available for players to chose:
  • Geizhufe - A silver letter shaped like a German sharp S
  • Gutterhoof - A muddy horseshoe
  • Icy Sheets - A partially cracked ice cube
  • Lightning Strike - A cloud with a little lightning
  • Parsley - A sprig
  • Razzle Dazzle - A firework explosion
  • Reefus Clacket - A wooden barrel
  • Thyme - A sprig
  • Tight Lips - 3 exclamation marks
  • Bugsy - A ladybug

Hotfix 23/03/2023 (v2023.01.02)
  • Fixed a client issue that now means there should be a bell ringing sfx sound during the Winter Warm Up quest for waking up the animals in the Animal Team
  • Fixed an issue recently introduced by the update that causes the player to fall through the ground when switching the room on occasion
  • Fixed a visual artifact with the colt model causing little spikes to appear under the chin
  • Fixed a typo of the word "using" in the options menu

Hey there everypony! It's been a little while since we last spoke! All of us on the LoE team hope you're doing well in this crazy ol' world of ours!

We've all being doing our best to make Equestria the best world it can be for you, and we hope you enjoy all of our latest improvements, as we make our first major release of this year, the Spring 2023 update, available for download! As always, this version is available for download from our website, from the launcher, and from your web app store!

You might have guessed by now, but the full details of this release are available from our changelog; check below for our highlights, though!

As always, Winter Warm-Up has rolled around! Check in with Check List in Ponydale for your seasonal charges to help ward away the winter blues, and welcome in the tides of spring to Equestria!

We've also made a big addition to our chat system, adding custom emojis to help liven up your interactions in Equestria! We're also experimenting with player character interactions a bit more - so the next time you greet a friend in game, why not offer them a hug?

We've added some new attacks and effects to our enemies too, to make combat a little more engaging. Why not try your luck against the Rock Golems, and see how you fare, with their new range of animations?

That's far from everything, of course! New Talent Mark options, new music tracks, a new weather system in White Tail Woods, new player animations, a rebalance of Hypnosis abilities, and much more awaits you in Equestria!

As always, if you're playing using our Windows launcher, your files should update automatically; other platforms may need to visit our downloads page to get hold of the latest game files. If you're playing on mobile, you may need to visit your app store to prompt the update!

We certainly hope you enjoy everything Equestria has to offer in 2023! We have a lot more planned this year, so please stay tuned to future updates, and we can't wait to see you all in Equestria very soon!

Hey again, everypony! Seasonal greetings to you all, as temperatures begin to plummet across Equestria! Snow is blanketing the landscape, and everypony's getting into the holiday spirit... that can only mean one thing: it's time for Legends of Equestria's Winter 2022 update! v2022.05.01 is now available for download, from our website, from the launcher, and from your mobile app store!

As per usual, the full details of what's included in this release can be found in our changelog; here's a few of our personal highlights to give you an idea of what's in store for you this winter, though!

Starting with perhaps the most obvious thing: winter is here in Equestria, and that means the usual seasonal changes! Snow blankets some of the towns, and festive cheer can be found across the land - and once again, if you haven't already, you can earn the seasonal costume for this time of year through Ensemble's usual quest - though a new tail component is now available, even to those who have already completed the quest! Just visit him in the Crystal Kingdom to get yours.

That isn't the only big thing you'll notice this time around, though! We've been reworking how movement works, and have created a new Stamina system for sprinting and flying. Now, rather than draining the energy you use for other abilities, the stamina bar will be depleted! The clip above should give you a clearer idea of how it works. You can change how stamina appears in the game settings (not on mobile, unfortunately, due to screen size constraints); hopefully this separation will improve the gameplay for everypony!

Given that this is a new system and a fairly big change, though, you can expect plenty of tweaking in future updates, as we correct the balance, adapt to how things work in practise, and take on board your feedback!

Another fun mechanic to play with: snowballs! We've been improving the game's physics and collision, and this serves as a good example of the kinds of things we're hoping to add in the future - but also, as I said, it's a lot of fun! Try launching them using Seismic Buck! These are currently available in the Heartlands.

Some enemies have also received a special holiday gift: new skills! Diamond Dogs can bombard you with gems, Frost Dragons will launch waves of ice, and watch out for the Lantern Monster's supernova blast!

Our community's artistic skill continues to impress and honor us, and we're proud to be able to feature two more pieces as menu themes; big thanks to RandomTeeHee and WishfulDorian for their submissions!

That's far from everything, of course! New winter-themed clothing is available, a hotkey for booping has been added (finally!), some GUI elements have been reinvigorated (particularly the in-game bank), and there's a whole lot more to find that has been changed, added, or fixed. Remember, you can always take a look at our changelog for the full details!

If you're playing using our Windows launcher, your files should update automatically; other platforms may need to visit our downloads page to get hold of the latest game files. If you're playing on mobile, you may need to visit your app store to prompt the update!

That's everything for this update! We hope you enjoy your time in Equestria, and are looking forward to everything the new year will bring; we're certainly excited to see what more we can bring to this little horse world of ours, and we can't wait to share it all with you! See you there!

  • Winter is here! It's snowing, a cold wind has been breezing through Equestria, and everypony's getting into the holiday spirit...
  • Enabled holiday gift collection event
  • Enabled the quest "Dashing Through The Snow"
  • Disabled the quest "Costume of the Night"


  • Added new Stamina system; sprinting will now use stamina instead of energy
  • Added 2 types of stamina displays on desktop, as video settings:
  • - A split hotbar, where stamina is displayed alongside energy in the hotbar
  • - A lightning bolt, which is displayed next to the player
  • - (Mobile will use the lightning bolt icon for screen size reasons)
  • Added Deer Tail, part of the quest reward for the quest "Dashing Through The Snow"
  • - Players that already completed said quest can claim their copy by talking to Ensemble again
  • Added 3 new clothing pieces available from the gift collection event:
  • - Holiday Earmuffs
  • - Holiday Legwarmer
  • - Holiday Poncho
  • Added Winter Wonderland Main Menu theme by RandomTeehee
  • Added Cloudopolis Cloud Hangout Main Menu theme by WishfulDorian
  • Added Snowballs that can be moved by colliding with them and kicked with Seismic Buck
  • Added VFX for Wind Rapier
  • Added Snowball Barrage skill
  • Added Supernova skill for Lantern Monsters
  • Added Gem Bomb skill for Diamond Dogs
  • Added Ice Wave skill for Frost Dragons
  • Added a hover effect over talent bars in the talent book page
  • Added icons next to most stats on the mobile character panel
  • Added a clock around the minimap
  • Added a map marker for train stations
  • Added b as boop hotkey


  • Fixed Hilly Garden's dialogs when you asked them about their flowers upon first interaction
  • Fixed being unable to equip items required mining level even when having appropriate level
  • Fixed ore scan effect no longer displaying since last update
  • Fixed geodes being displayed as colourable
  • Fixed the alicium mining area at the cockatrice nest in Evershade
  • Fixed butterfly wings not attaching on pegasi
  • Fixed books not working on mobile
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs may sometimes spawn half into the ground (not to be confused with guards sometimes walking into the ground)
  • Fixed walking animation blending issues for maxed sized earth ponies
  • Fixed Bubble Barrage getting added to the default hotbar twice, instead of Ground Pound
  • Fixed the scaling with  screen size of (most) of the interface not working anymore
  • Fixed the training point display not updating in the skill book when purchasing a skill/or upgrade
  • Potentially fixed players sometimes not being visible to each other in Bramble Woods
  • Fixed a dialogue not being accessible during the quest "Sugar".
  • Fixed Proper Procedures dialogues to properly display depending on the outcome of the quest "The Choices We Make".
  • Fixed a wonky dialogue interaction with Fair Game when having both the quests "Rehearsal Roundup" and "Paper Trail of Destruction" active.


  • The level 50 Naiad in the Crystal Kingdom now also uses the new skill behavior for that enemy type
  • Increased the respawn time of the level 65 dragon from 2-5 to 10-15 minutes
  • Updated GUI for stats display on mobile
  • Updated bank, map and hotbar GUI
  • Quest markers won't be covered by other markers on minimap
  • Blowback now blows enemies away
  • Changed Wind Rapier damage calculation
  • Target framerate is now saved on mobile
  • Shrunk the default hotbar size
  • Reworked the banking interface
  • Increased the resolution of the minimap and hotbar border circle on mobile
  • Updated a couple of item icons
  • Modified the flying drain calculation to use your flying level as its scaling

Hey again, everypony! We're just dipping towards the spookiest time of year, so it's time to get into costume, with Legends of Equestria's newest release, v2022.04.01, now available for download!

As always, you can check out our full changelog for all the details of this update, but here's just a few highlights for you to know about!

Obviously, with it being October, the in-game season has shifted; Hallowtide has come to Equestria once more, and the seasonal decorations are up - along with a few new ones!

This also means that the usual seasonal costume quest events have also been enabled, along with some new styles available from your friendly neighbourhood graveyard keeper (for some reason)!

A major addition we hope you'll enjoy is a suite of new, main storyline quests that our writing team have been hard at work on; we consider this 'Act One' of the main storyline for LoE, so check out what all your school friends are up to, and learn more about the story we have planned for the future! And speaking of your childhood chums, a raft more character avatars have been added for the Mane Cast, to add a bit more personality to their dialogue!

The Mining talent has seen some love too; new tools are available, and a variety of rocks are now scattered across the landscape, meaning that all our dreams of becoming true rock farmers can finally be realised! You guys all had that same dream, right?

Some new attacks and animations have been designed, hopefully making combat more interactive; my personal favourite is this draconic meteor barrage that is sure to make them a more challenging fight!

The in-game world map has seen some more love, with clearer labels added to help you navigate around Equestria just a little easier than before!

And one less-visually-interesting-but-still-major change to note: enchanted armours are now crafted using the enchant skill available to unicorns, rather than the artisan Talent. We've also added a host of new artefacts that can be enchanted, though, so you can take your protection and style to the next level!

That's far from everything, of course; there's a whole smorgasbord of bug fixes included in this release, and we just rolled out a fairly major upgrade to our back-end server architecture (you may have noticed the game going offline this weekend while we worked on this) which should help us to improve stability going forward. As always, I would recommend checking out the full changelog if you want every detail of our changes for this version of the game!

If you're playing using our Windows launcher, your files should update automatically; other platforms may need to visit our downloads page to get hold of the latest game files. If you're playing on mobile, you may need to visit your app store to prompt the update! For Android users, please note that their verification of this version release is taking a little longer; you may have to wait a while before this release goes live for you!

That takes us to the end of this summary! We hope you enjoy everything we worked on for this version release, and we look forward to seeing you all in Equestria very soon!

  • It's Hallowtide! Including the NPCs with pirate hats giving our candies once more
  • Enabled the seasonal quest "Costume of the Night", available by Ensemble
  • Disabled the seasonal quest "Anypony Got a Light"
  • Disabled the seasonal quest "Lighting the Lantern"

  • Added a new icon for the Stored Strike skill
  • Added foal avatars for:
  • - Opal
  • - Swifty
  • - Mercury
  • - Foalga
  • - Pyrite
  • - Spud
  • - Hullabaloo
  • - Vogue
  • - Flannie
  • - Silver
  • - Scribble Jr
  • - Wanda
  • - Wayward
  • - Cirrus
  • Added new NPC's:
  • - Rosey Quill
  • - Satellite
  • - Rock Hunter
  • - Price Hike
  • Added a new dragon attack - Meteor Shower
  • Added a teleporter on the tree house in Sweet Apple Orchard to help earth ponies get onto the tree
  • Added a new grape model
  • Added new tomato bush models
  • Added new Hallowtide pumpkin variants
  • Added a display on the client that shows the remaining times for farming spots to grow
  • Added new milestones to the Mining page of your skill book
  • Added a few mattocks as mining tool, available as manuscripts that are sold by Resonance:
  • - Bronze Mattock
  • - Steel Mattock
  • - Titanium Mattock
  • - Onyx Mattock
  • Added a few chisels as mining tool, available as manuscripts that are sold by Resonance:
  • - Bronze Chisel
  • - Steel Chisel
  • - Titanium Chisel
  • - Onyx Chisel
  • Added rocks, coming in several varieties:
  • - Clay
  • - Slate
  • - Limestone
  • - Sandstone
  • - Granite
  • - Quartz
  • Added a Chicken Suit, available at Crypt Keeper in exchange of candies
  • Added Butterfly Wings, available at Crypt Keeper in exchange of candies
  • Added Butterfly Feelers, available at Crypt Keeper in exchange of candies
  • Added a new main menu theme, submitted by Starlight Glimmering
  • Added big labels for the city names on the global map
  • Added small labels for points of interest on the global map
  • Added Pegasus Sand Golem
  • Added a new attack for the Pegasus Sand Golem - Sand Spray
  • Added the ability again to press tab in the username field of the main menu, in order to switch to the password field
  • Added a new soundtrack - Friendly Neighbors - that plays in the Midway Village in Heartlands
  • Added a sfx to scans and scan results when using a dowsing crystal
  • Added a little physic optimization for lower end devices
  • Added a video setting to turn off distant behaviors like lights, as a possible optimization for the user
  • Added the ability to force land mid flight on mobile by pressing the jump button
  • Added the ability again to use both strafe and turn keys for cinema camera
  • Added a health xp bonus for (naturally) spawned mobs, meaning that the more hp a mob has beyond its usual amount, the more xp it'll give
  • Added Act 1 Main Storyline Quests: Oh, What A Brave New World with Such Ponies in It, Looking for a Good Time, and It's a Party.
  • Adjusted access to Main Storyline Quests: Removing Cookies and Browsing Data and Mindless Violins.
  • Access for It Belongs in a Museum will also be changed, since it is dependent on access to Mindless Violins
  • Added the Enchant skills for unicorns, used to enchant various things like artifacts
  • Added several artifacts to obtain through the Mining talent:
  • - Clay Bracelet
  • - Clay Talisman
  • - Clay Headband
  • - Tungsten Bracers
  • - Tungsten Pendant
  • - Tungsten Tiara
  • - Electrum Hoofband
  • - Electrum Amulet
  • - Electrum Diadem
  • - Platinum Cuffs
  • - Platinum Necklace
  • - Platinum Crown
  • - Crystal Ring
  • - Crystal Charm
  • - Crystal Circlet
  • Added several enchanted version of said artifacts:
  • - Bracelet of Harvesting
  • - Tailsman of Blossoming
  • - Headband of Surveying
  • - Culinarist's Bracers
  • - Gourmand's Pendant
  • - Chancellor's Tiara
  • - Nimble Hoofband
  • - Agile Amulet
  • - Impetuous Diadem
  • - Cuffs of Insulation
  • - Necklace of Restoration
  • - Crown of Precision
  • - Charged Crystal Ring
  • - Energized Crystal Harm
  • - Attuned Crystal Circlet

  • Fixed the proximity of the pumpkin farm on Heartland's minimap
  • Fixed the water looking odd in Bramble Woods on mobile devices
  • Fixed a range issue the crystal golem had
  • Fixed the inability to trade certain, colourable items
  • Fixed an issue where, with coloured items where 1 or more colours could not be set by the user, certain parts of it may appear black
  • Assembly Runes in the Ponydale Library Basement should now no longer appear quite as transparent and hard to see
  • Fixed many sfx references, causing much of the ui sound to disappear since last update
  • Fixed motion blur not properly working since last update, due to a setting issue. You may have to up your motion blur settings in the settings menu
  • Fixed some issues possibly leading to talent marks failing to update
  • Certain recipes that do not require learning now display by default
  • Fixed networking issues causing apple products to not be able to connect
  • Fixed the icon of the 5th upgrade of the Party Popper upgrade
  • Fixed Living Bushes not being auto-targetable
  • Fixed an issue where, if someone in your room spawns or de-spawns their pet, your own pet window may disappear
  • Fixed the Flying talent mark quest timer only lasting 90 seconds, instead of the intended 5 minutes
  • Fixed the Flying talent mark quest being impossible to complete due to Windhover not giving you the dialog required for it
  • Fixed Item Colouring on mobile
  • Fixed the strafelock ability of the cinema camera
  • Fixed an issue preventing you from buying the right item in shops, if said item is in the shop 2 or more times with different currencies
  • Fixed the colour formatting of the "You stumbled across something" mining message
  • Fixed mischievous as a possible emote for quest avatars
  • Bare Bone Bodysuit doesn't look quite as scary on stallions and foals anymore now - in other words, heavily decreased its clipping issues
  • Fixed geodes incorrectly counting the time they've been in your inventory
  • Fixed the assignment of the default colours 2 and 3 being switched
  • Fixed the ability to triage dead targets
  • Fixed navmesh and room bounds issues in Gala Hall making it impossible in certain spots to see other players, mainly the staircase
  • Fixed navmesh and room bounds issues in Gala Hall that had caused spawned mobs to die immediately or not spawn at all.
  • Fixed issue with Scribble's Paper and Film Reel's Autograph not being able to be discarded from inventory.

  • Updated our server backend for better server stability
  • Renamed "Living branch" to "Living Branch"
  • Renamed "Elementium Helmet Forging Guide." to "Elementium Helmet Forging Guide"
  • Movement speed is no longer affected by body size
  • Magic Resist Harmony 2 now requires level 10, instead of level 20
  • Magic Resist Harmony 3 now requires level 20, instead of level 30
  • Pickaxes can now only be worn past the level they can be used for mining - please understand that this was for technical reasons
  • Decreased the dragon's health in The Frontier
  • Doubled the dragon health in Evershade Castle Ground
  • Dragon's Fire Breath attack now has a slightly shorter AoE duration
  • Dragon's Fire Breath attack now stands in place while attacking, and only deal damage towards its direction, allowing you to better get behind and dodge their attack after they flash red
  • Dragons in Evershade Castle Grounds now have the new meteor shower attack
  • The level 50 dragon in Evershade now has the new meteor shower attack
  • Most skills no longer lock your movement, allowing you more freedom during battle
  • The Holiday Coat and Stocking Cap can now be coloured with 2 colors, instead of only a single
  • Guidance is now a passive skill, as originally intended
  • Passive skills now no longer get added to the hotbar by default on skill purchase
  • Reverted some of the changes to the talent mark shader from last update, that made certain talent marks appear a bit more pale (If your talent marks are completely dark now, please navigate to your game data folder and delete the talent mark folder)
  • Increased the base damage of Water and Frost Weather abilities
  • Updated the chain texture of the chicken coop in Sweet Apple Orchards
  • Center the main menu server list label a little
  • Decreased the Hallowtide related fog
  • Scaled all existing foal avatars down a little
  • The level 20 Pegasus Rock Golem in The Frontier is now a level 40 Pegasus Sand Golem
  • Updated the camera position and angle in The Frontier to be in Dodge Juncture instead of Applewood
  • The output amount of gems of gem trees now somewhat depend on the rarity of its gem type
  • Moved the graduation site into Gala Hall
  • Extended the Crystal Kingdom bounds a little outward in direction of the train tracks
  • Optimized ui raycasting performance a little on mobile devices
  • Improved the visibility of the Hallowtide wearable lanterns
  • Moved around the joystick and the buttons on the mobile UI a little to be in a more ergonomic position
  • Flight on mobile now uses camera swipes instead of a secondary joystick
  • Increased the Materia crafting ratio
  • Migrated special mining drops to the new drop system, which should better represent chances and overall improve its fairness
  • Unicorns are now given the "Enchant" skill by default
  • Enchanted armours are now crafted using the Enchant skill, instead of artisan

Mobile hotfix 17th October 2022 (v2022.04.52):
  • Improved stability in the Heartlands
  • The enchant skill should now be available in the journal for unicorns
  • Added missing Clay enchanting milestone in the Magic journal
  • Fixed books being unreadable
  • Vsync preferences are now saved properly

Hey again, everypony! We hope that the summer months are treating you well. Remember to stay hydrated, and take a look at what we have in store with you with v2022.03.01, now available for download!

This update's changelog is a particularly long one, but a lot of it covers bug fixes, minor improvements, and creature comforts. That doesn't mean I don't have a few things to highlight, though!

Firstly, it's time for the Festival of Lights again! All of Equestria is bursting into colourful radiance in celebration, and you might notice some improved lighting effects being shown off this time around! This of course means that the associated seasonal quests are active once more, so if you haven't grabbed that fabulous color-changing torch yet, now's your chance!

More NPCs are being given the recognition they deserve, with their roles now prominently displayed by a title beneath their name; team members have also gotten a similar treatment, with their role on the project highlighted above their name. Now it's even easier to avoid spot a moderator to give a warm greeting to!

Some of your classmates have now gotten the full character portrait treatment in their foal stage as well as the adult stage; who knew filly Midnight could be so adorable? If only we didn't all know the violin-related horror her future held for us all...

Did somepony order neckerchiefs? I hope so, because Sturdy Step has just gotten a bulk order in, so hopefully you'll all help shift that stock! Legwarmers are also another new cosmetic, available from Free Trade.

We've also added a batch of new Talent Marks, and some items are now supported as 'mouth-hold' items, meaning... well, you can hold them in your mouth, like the name suggests. That's what whistles are for, after all!

The chat system has also seen some reworking. Some highlights include that your current chat tab will finally remain constant across room changes and play sessions, and the party chat now properly only appears when actually in a party. One thing to note, though, is that with these changes, changing which chat you're viewing no longer automatically changes which channel you're typing to - so take a minute to get used to this change!

Another bug fix that deserves highlighting has to do with item coloring; equippable items set to pure white (255,255,255) used to default back to the item's original coloring. This has been fixed, but it has a side-effect; any items you own that have currently been left on their 'default' coloration will appear white after this update. You can fix this by recoloring the item, though!

There's really an awful lot more that's been improved - a new user-submitted menu theme, more ambient sounds added, some menu settings reworks, and enough bug fixes to fill a boat - so I'd really recommend checking out the full changelog for all the additions and changes this time around.

If you're playing using our Windows launcher, your files should update automatically; other platforms may need to visit our downloads page to get hold of the latest game files. If you're playing on mobile, you may need to visit your app store to prompt the update!

That's everything we have for you for now; we hope you enjoy the Festival of Lights, and we'll see you again soon!

  • The Festival of Lights has begun, lighting up Ponydale, Cantermore and Cloudopolis once again; related seasonal quests are also enabled.
  • Added a Main Menu theme, submitted by rickiiezz
  • Animated the wind tunnel turbine in Cloudopolis
  • Added /reply command, also known as /r (replacing the /r shortcut for /roll)
  • Added to and improved the ambient sounds scattered around Ponydale and Evershade
  • Team Member titles now show up above their heads
  • Mobs spawned by NPCs and quests are now only visible to the player and their party, and can only be attacked by such
  • Added iron ingot talent mark
  • Added rosey quill talent mark
  • Added scissors talent mark
  • Added scissor talent mark
  • Added royalty talent mark
  • Added playing cards talent mark
  • Added pony playing cards talent mark
  • Added magic cards talent mark
  • Added in-app support for account deletion on mobile
  • Added more options for mobile gui scale
  • Added a Gameplay option to also display the drop rewards in chat
  • You can now hold spoons in your mouth
  • You can now hold mangoes in your mouth
  • You can now hold candy cane in your mouth
  • You can now hold the bell item obtained during Winter Warm Up in your mouth
  • Added a mallet as mouthhold item, available from Sily Roads
  • Added a shovel as mouthhold item, available from Maplesweet
  • Added a whistle as mouthhold item, available from Silky Roads
  • Added a paintbrush as mouthhold item, available from Scattershot
  • Added bouquet as mouthhold item, available from Maplesweet
  • Tomato bushes now have their own model
  • Added foal avatars for Astral Charm and Midnight Breeze
  • Added 4, available from Sturdy Step:
  • - Normal
  • - Cow Patterned
  • - Tartan Patterned
  • - Holiday Patterned
  • Added 3 Legwarmers, available from Free Trade:
  • - Normal
  • - Cow Patterned
  • - Horizontally Patterned
  • Added Liam Nidus, located in Cloudopolis
  • Added Feather Fall, located in Cloudopolis

  • Improved look of gryphons in dialog panels compared to previous (semi) working iterations.
  • Slightly improved the flame look of the festival related candle lanterns
  • During cinema camera, pressing right click in cinema camera will now halt your camera in place
  • During cinema camera, pressing your alt or preferred strafe lock key will halt movement, and bring up your cursor again
  • Current chat tab and broadcast channel now keep their state across room switches and play sessions
  • The Party chat broadcast channel is now only available if you're actually in a party
  • Switching the view tab in chat does not automatically change the channel in which you're writing
  • Added a gameplay setting to switch the broadcast channel automatically when switching channel
  • Added a few missing cloud sound surfaces in Cloudopolis
  • Switching slots, opening the global map and hiding the interface now happens on key press, not key release
  • The Player volume slider was merged into SFX in the settings menu
  • Separated Ambience into its own volume slider in the settings menu
  • Increased ambient sound volume
  • Reworked the item drop system under the hood, to increase fairness of drops
  • Changed the default target frame rate from 160 to 60
  • Target frame rate now keeps its state across room switches and sessions
  • The Merry-Go-Round in Ponydale is now slightly bigger
  • Farming points now sounds like dirt, instead of making a solid sound
  • Replaced the red cross talent mark with the first aid talent mark
  • Replaced the first aid talent mark with a green cross heart talent mark
  • Mobs' armor will now decrease when they are angered
  • High HP mobs now require more anger to reach same damage multiplier as weaker mobs
  • Made some scripting changes that should prevent multiple loading of the same script, and speed up server start up time
  • Improved the drop panel; It will now display for any item you obtain, including bits
  • Slightly changed the formatting of xp gain for drop panels
  • Improved mob attack flash indicator
  • Head look will now only lock your head on targets up to a certain distance
  • Colored items freshly obtained will now come with their actual default color codes
  • Mining now uses a new calculation on different factors to determine the speed of which you can mine an ore
  • Renamed the Birch Dryad mob to Forest Dryad
  • Renamed the Birch mob to Birch Dryad
  • Coal drop slightly less often when being mined now
  • Moved Dusty Deeds to her new construction yard in the Frontier.
  • Changed Vogue Sharp's title to "Foalhood Friend. Tailor" or "Foalhood Friend", depending on if they're currently selling their wares.
  • Changed Buttercup's title to "Merchant" and adjusted their lvl from 1 to 30.
  • Changed Linguine's title to "Chef" and adjusted their lvl from 7 to 17.
  • Changed Resonance's title to "Merchant" and adjusted their lvl from 8 to 25.
  • Adjusted Bluebell's lvl from lvl 1 to 19.
  • Changed Micro Transaction's title to "Salespony".
  • Adjusted Final Ink's lvl from 1 to 14.
  • Adjusted Cocoa St Laurent's lvl from 1 to 23.
  • Adjusted Maplesweet's lvl from 1 to 16.
  • Changed Sassafras's title to "Bartender", and adjusted level from 40 to 18 as well as respawn times; they now also have a shop selling various drinks and food.
  • Sassafras is now wearing striped socks, and their item drops have been removed.
  • Changed Pumpkin Pie's title to "Merchant", and adjusted their lvl from 1 to 25.
  • Changed Steadyhoof Stella's name to Steady-Hoof, and adjusted their lvl from 1 to 19.
  • Moved Miss Chanteuse inside their restaurant, changed their title to "Restaurateur", adjusted their lvl from 1 to 17, and adjusted their respawn times.
  • Changed Lightning Chaser's title in the adult stage to "Equestrian Guard".
  • Increased the spawned diamond dog's health in "Nothing a Billion Bandages Can't Fix".
  • Changed Silver Shimmer's aggro ranges, respawn times, hostility, and combat style.
  • Increased the level of some Rocs near the beet farm in the Heartlands from 1 to 7.

  • Fixed gryphons not showing up in dialog panels
  • Fixed clipping issues in dialogs while talking to multiple ponies
  • Danger music now differentiates between generic and boss danger again, which broke last update
  • Fixed odd alpha backgrounds with talent marks, especially on darker coats
  • Fixed weird graphical issues with the camera of the movie set near Dodge Juncture
  • Fixed Blue Hornets being displayed with an underscore in the name (Blue_ Hornet)
  • Fixed flying NPCs not moving, allowing them to fly normally on their designated path now (E.g Trainee in Cloudopolis)
  • Fixed the selected chat tab not being lit when switching rooms
  • Fixed an issue where, upon enter, the broadcast channel may change itself
  • Fixed one of the terrains of Heartlands Sparring Ground having solid ground sounds
  • The hospital in Cloudopolis now has a blue star logo at its front
  • Fixed the assembly runes having no real texture anymore and just appearing as a white rectangle
  • Fixed Bellflower colorization on fillies
  • Fixed the size of lettuce being very small
  • Fixed the Sfx volume slider not working at all
  • Fixed issues where timed quest objectives might sometimes not trigger until you switched room
  • Fixed a pathfinding error that might cause mobs to get stuck
  • Fixed navigator stopping prematurely, causing mobs getting stuck and some AI logic not working sometimes
  • Decreased the volume when lighting a torch in Applewood Mines
  • Fixed the slight offset of the Applewood Saloon sign
  • Candy Shower now plays its exit animation properly
  • Fixed default research configuration not matching default visual one
  • Fixed spam of disconnected message boxes on premature room switch
  • Fixed crystal and spatial bats loosing color upon attacking
  • Slightly improved the visibility of sandbearer bats
  • Fixed the pathway of the weather factory in Cloudopolis not sounding like clouds
  • Fixed pure white (255, 255, 255) reverting to the item's default color (This has the consequence that currently existing items left on default colors will turn white)
  • Fixed a few combat anger related issues, that caused NPCs to ignore mob attacks
  • Fixed an issue where you could mine while being dead
  • Fixed Apple Dryads displaying an underscore (Apple Dryad_)
  • Fixed NPCs Farlong and Lightning Chaser mistakenly appearing during the foal stage.
  • Corrected multiple text issues with Liam Nidus's and Feather Fall's dialogue in both the foal and adult stages.
  • Removed a rogue quotation mark in "Third Times the Charm".
  • Fixed Silver Shimmer not fighting during the quest "Nothing a Billion Bandages Can't Fix", as well as increased the spawned diamond dog's health.
  • Reworded some of Babby Britch's dialogue.
  • Reworded some of Range Rambler's dialogue.

Hey again, everypony! We hope you've all enjoyed warming up after winter, and are ready to spring into summer! We've been busy ourselves, and are happy to announce that our next major update, v2022.02.01, is now available for download!

First things first, our amazing community continues to submit some great menu designs, and two more are being featured, with an all-new soundtrack to one! Remember, if you'd like to see your own artwork featured as a main menu theme, you can read all the details on how to submit it here.

Another thing you'll likely notice quickly is that some NPCs now have subtitles! This should help to give you a little more information about what an NPC does - whether they're a merchant, a member of the Guard, or one of you friends from foalhood - and make navigation a little easier!

We're also experimenting with more advanced mob behaviour. Now, attacking certain enemies may trigger a 'swarm' effect, where other nearby mobs will also rush in to defend them! Make sure you take extra caution when engaging in combat, because who knows how many enemies you might make!

We've added a couple of new and rather dashing cosmetic items, too. Just in time for a certain in-game, player-organised, formal event, we hope! If you'd like to attend the community-made Gala event, make sure you put on your best outfit, and check out the details on the #community-events channel of our Discord server!

That's the highlights, but there's plenty more packed into this update; a new construction site in the Frontier, quest fixes, skill upgrade adjustments, lighting changes, a new animation for the Mining Talent, variable bank space rewards from quests, and more! If you'd like to read all the details, as always, you can find them in our changelog post.

If you're playing on Windows using our Launcher, the game should update automatically; other platforms will need to visit our downloads page to grab the latest copy of the game files. If you're on a mobile device, you may need to visit your app store to prompt the update to start!

That's all from us for now! Hopefully you enjoy what we've worked on so far, and are looking forward to what we have planned next! Until then, we'll see you in Equestria!
  • Added construction site to The Frontier
  • Added Heart of the Eclipse necklace
  • Added Winternight Dress
  • Added Tuxedo
  • Added Bandana
  • Added pink and yellow firework pearls
  • Added drops panel to the desktop version of the game
  • Added 2 new main menu themes, submitted by Dear Princess and Sweet Pencil
  • Added soundtrack Party In Pink, playing during Sweet Pencil's main menu theme
  • Added a warp point between Dodge Juncture and Applewood
  • Added animated visual effect when scanning for ores using the Mining Talent
  • Item tooltips now display whether a item can be traded
  • Quest markers now show up on the global map
  • Added NPC subtitles to mark key NPCs or rankings
  • Added experimental walking sounds to dragons (note: some issues regarding this are still being worked on)
  • Added swarm behaviour to certain mobs, allowing other nearby enemies to be alerted when engaging in combat
  • Added variable mob attack ranges to allow for more ranged combat
  • Added new NPCs:
  • - Ridgemane
  • - Tough Love
  • - Lord Marshal Saber Rattle
  • - Coltfosters
  • Added new quests:
  • - 'Good Humor', available from Klondike
  • - 'Third Time's the Charm', available from Klondike.

  • Improved location triggers in quests, meaning less precise positioning is required
  • The spawn point in The Frontier has been moved to Dodge Juncture
  • Reduced barriers within Evershade, allowing you to visit inner forests now
  • The tree in Evershade Seclude now looks slightly prettier, as it's better lit
  • Updated a lot of NPC military titles
  • Replaced Temporary Escape with Captain Clasp in the Bramblewoods dungeon.
  • Cleaned up the command list a little
  • Quests now reward different amounts of bank space, depending on their difficulty or length

  • Fixed some issues that caused pony ears to shrink when wearing certain accessories
  • Fixed a few colliding issues with scene switch portals
  • Fixed a layering issue with the feather of the Candy Meow's Crystal Kingdom main menu theme
  • Fixed colouring issues on the Bunny Ears and Bunny Tail items
  • Skill upgrades now properly affect the radius and duration of skill effects
  • Fixed ovens in Cloudopolis being really weird offset, where you had to stay outside of the building to access the interface
  • Fixed one of the camp sites in Heartlands floating in the air
  • Fixed a few sound issues in Cantermore where a few surfaces sounded solid rather than wooden, etc.
  • Fixed some skills getting stuck with "Target?" message displayed
  • Added an Old Quest Marker Fix for Costume of the Night.
  • Added an Old Quest Marker Fix for First Day of our Pony Lives graduation markers.
  • Fixed up Old Quest Marker Fix's fix for fixing non unicorns who have the magic talent quest active.

Hey again, everypony! Nice to speak to you again so soon!

We've got a couple of exciting bits of news for you all. First off, the big one: Legends of Equestria is finally available on iPhone and iPad!

We've been hard at work since starting development on our mobile version of the game to get it onto the App Store; it's taken us a little bit of time to dot the I's and cross the T's, but we're finally there now! You can download Legends of Equestria from the App Store now, on an iPhone running iOS 13.0 or later, or an iPad running iPadOS 13.0 or later. Please note, however, that while it can be downloaded there, the app may not run well on devices older (or with lower hardware specifications) than the iPhone X and iPad 7. Macs with Apple Silicon can also use this as an alternative client for LoE! Major thanks go to our publishing partner Candy Horses for handling the legal processes to publish the game on the App Store.

That's not all, though; a new in-game event has begun! With winter all warmed up across Equestria, the land is truly springing into spring - but it's not all good news. The strong winds have blown many eggs out of their nests, scattering them across the Heartlands! Luckily, one pony has decided to rectify this tragedy, and he's offering rewards for all those willing to help him! You can find this new character just outside Midway Village, where he's waiting to trade you a new unique outfit (as well as some other goodies) in return for any eggs you can collect. You'll have to be quick if you want to earn this new costume, though; this in-game event only runs until the 24th April!

That's everything we have for now! We hope you enjoy the game on this new platform, and the new in-game event too; we have lots more planned for the rest of the year, so stick around, and we'll see you in Equestria!

Hey there, everypony! The snow is beginning to melt across Equestria... which must mean it's time for Legends of Equestria's spring update! We've been hard at work to bring you a bunch of new content, features, and improvements, so we're very excited to let you know what to expect in v2022.01.01, now available for download!

First things first: with a change of season comes a change of events. The festivities are over, and Check List is once again looking for help to complete Ponydale's Winter Warm-Up! She'll be waiting at the Town Hall as usual for any volunteers who'd like to lend a hoof. You have until April 10th to complete the event!

That's not the only seasonal event happening this year, though; with strong winds on the horizon, nesting birds' eggs are at risk, and one pony needs your help to save them! This new collection event will begin April 11th and runs through until April 24th (which by complete coincidence roughly coincides with a real-world seasonal event, what are the chances?), so you can look forward to earning the new bunny-suit reward in the near future!

A full-scale map has now been added! It can be accessed with the M key (or tapping the minimap on mobile), and shows your character's position within the world of Equestria. It also features an interactive legend for some key locations, like farming and mining spots, or cooking stations!

We've also been working on some improvements to how ponies move and interact with the world. A lot of this has gone into our new headlook system; other players on the server will now be able to see where you're looking much clearer, and you can manually control the head position with a keybind (the R key by default). You'll never miss something out of the corner of your eye again!

I swear the bit where she looks at the camera was not intended as a jumpscare.

A bunch of new loading screen art is also included for lots of our in-game locations that were previously stuck sharing! You'll also see a loading percentage, to give you a better idea of how long it'll take before you can get to exploring again.

One final highlight of the update: everypony's favorite cousins, the donkeys, have finally rolled into town! Donkey NPCs are being added to the game, with more to come in the near future!

There's plenty more included in this update - like a raft of new quests and NPCs, a bunch of bug fixes, some terrain loading improvements, a hoodie cosmetic item, and much more! You can check out everything in our changelog post, as usual. If you're playing using our Windows launcher, your files should update automatically; other platforms may need to visit our downloads page to get hold of the latest game files. If you're playing on mobile, you may need to visit your app store to prompt the update.

That's everything for now; we hope you enjoy this newest update, and we look forward to seeing you in Equestria soon!
  • Added a new egg collection event; the NPC Eggs Bunnedict in Midway Village offers a new seasonal bunny costume as a reward. This event will run from 11th April to 24th April!
  • Enabled Winter Warm Up quest for spring transition (active until 10th April)
  • Disabled the winter gift collection event
  • Added a full map view, opened with hotkey 'M', or by tapping the minimap on mobile
  • Added cow socks, available from Dashing Delano
  • Added hoodie, available from Vogue Sharp
  • Added donkey NPCs
  • Added jeweled acorns
  • Added gem trees

  • Added a series of new quests:
  • - Capital Punishment, given by Senor Mullido
  • - Quest chain Meddling Matchmaker, given by Sassafras
  • - Quest chain Brash and Brazen, Romeo and Juliet, and Operation: Romantic Rescue, given by Six Shooter
  • - Cloud like Clay, given by Foal Fire Opal
  • - Two Bits, given by Nebulous Twitch
  • - Stinging Sensation, given by Nebulous Twitch
  • - There's Treasure Everywhere, given by Foal Wanda Percent
  • - My First Treasure Map, given by Foal Pyrite
  • - Fix the Mix, given by Crank
  • - Dead and Gone, given by Keystone
  • - Spare Cup of Flower, given by Tumbleweed
  • Added the following new NPCs:
  • - Trail Blazer
  • - Lightning Chaser
  • - Foal Fire Opal
  • - Tumbleweed
  • - Armored Tank
  • - Stonewall
  • - Foal Wanda Percent

  • Added new loading screen artwork for:
  • - Applewood
  • - Applewood Mines
  • - Evershade Seclude
  • - Evershade Castle Grounds
  • - Ponydale Library Basement
  • - 2nd Floor of Ponydale Library
  • - Ponydale School
  • - Sugarcane Corner
  • - Boutique
  • - White Tail Park
  • - Cottage
  • - Bramble Woods
  • - Cantermore University
  • - Cantermore Library
  • - Cantermore Gall Hall
  • - Crystal Kingdom Castle
  • - Crystal Kingdom Stadium
  • - Crystal Kingdom Library
  • - Crystal Kingdom Spa

  • Optimised terrain and reduced render calls to help improve overall game performance
  • Reworked head look mechanic. It will now show up for other people, and you can also control it manually - you can take control of the head look mechanic using the R key, or your preferred key bind in your control settings
  • Certain skills such as Triage will now cast on yourself if no one is targeted
  • Improved ground alignment accuracy
  • Loading screens now display the current loading progress
  • Added unique mining animation
  • Added pickaxe mining skill, available under the basic skills section in the journal
  • Improved look of the Cottage
  • Pickaxes can now be held in mouth
  • GUIs can now be closed using the Escape key again
  • Improved UI scaling across different resolutions
  • Hard Hat is a proper hard hat now, rather than a placeholder model
  • Removed fur off the Holiday Coat. However, colors should be working on it for everyone now
  • Stocking Cap should now face the right direction again
  • Updated some old manes and tails, which should look more modernized now
  • Motion blur now scales with your frame rate
  • Overhead names and text now fade away in distance
  • Reduced the chance of accidentally entering portals in the Evershade
  • Health harmonies are now crafted with Rubies instead of Garnets
  • Health regen harmonies are now crafted with Garnets instead of Rubies
  • All Sapphires have been converted to Peridots, along with their crafting recipes (excluding Blue Firework Pearls)
  • All Topaz have been converted to Sapphires, along with associated crafting recipes
  • All Bloodstones have been converted to Topaz, along with associated crafting recipes
  • All Onyxes have been converted to Bloodstones, along with associated crafting recipes
  • All Turquoises have been converted to Aquamarines, along with associated crafting recipes
  • All Opals have been converted to Citrines, along with associated crafting recipes
  • NPCs can now be targeted on mobile
  • Metamorphic Grower now has a chance to produce Glittering Acorns instead of ores

  • Restored sun in Ponydale's skybox
  • Fixed the ability to trade bits
  • Fixed an issue where players were permanently slowed after leaving water
  • Reverted main menu to the classic logo and UI buttons
  • Fixed an issue where pegasi lifting off an odd slope would have a strange orientation
  • Flying now accounts for potions, and other sources of external buffs
  • Fixed various quest bugs across multiple quests
  • Additional hotbar fixes for skill cooldowns
  • Crystal Kingdom's loading screen should be slightly less blurry now
  • Fixed a few ground surface sounds
  • Fixed a bug where the quest panel may not fully show up when first opened
  • Fixed an issue where a continuous stream of item drops would lag mobile gameplay
  • Fixed water in Applewood Mines
  • Fixed floating campsites
  • Fixed invalid "out of bank space" messages
  • Fixed a bug where ears may turn quite tiny

Hotfix 21st March 2022 (v2022.01.02):
  • GUI scaling now only scales down to a minimum of 1600x1024, to address issues with UI and text elements being too small
  • Added a video setting to manually increase or decrease GUI scale
  • Fixed an issue causing the Nickel Pickaxe to be invisible
  • Addressed some issues causing severe server lag
  • Fixed Hard Hat colouring
  • Fixed Firepony Hat colouring

Hey again, everypony! It's time to gather round and warm ourselves through the end of the year, and what better way to do so than with a new update to Legends of Equestria? There's plenty to cover for v2021.06.01, now available for download, so let's get started!

It's not fair for the ponies of Ponydale to be the only ones that get to enjoy the snow each year, is it? Well, thankfully much of the rest of Equestria can join in the fun now too, with Cantermore, the Crystal Kingdom, the Heartlands, and White Tail Park also finding themselves blanketed!

We've reworked the Bramblewoods dungeon a little to make it look, and sound, more atmospheric. This is a wild and dangerous place, and it deserves the ambience to match! Speaking of sounds, though, there's been a few other fixes to our audio, like ability sounds that would cut off abruptly after hitting the target.

There's also a new seasonal event! Mysterious gifts have been strewn around for collection, and you can earn various rewards for finding and claiming them - including a new Holiday Coat! You'd better move quick though, as other ponies may be racing to find them too!

We've also continued to add some of the great menu art submissions from our incredible players for everyone to enjoy! A few new pieces are now included, but if you'd like to submit your own, you can read all about it here. On the subject of the main menu, though, we should also mention that the buttons and logo have had a bit of a revamp!

That's far from everything - we haven't covered the raft of general bug fixes, updated icon art, additional usefuls detail on item descriptions, or the new type of ice skates - so if you want to get the full details of what's changed, you can check out our changelog! If you're using our Windows Launcher, your game should automatically update when you next launch; if you're playing on mobile, you may need to visit your app store to prompt the download. Otherwise, you can find the direct download versions of Legends of Equestria on our downloads page like usual!

Thanks again for all your support this year, everyone; we hope to see you in Equestria soon! Happy holidays!
  • Ponydale, Cantermore, Crystal Kingdom, White Tail Park, and the Heartlands now find themselves covered in snow
  • Fixed player collision not working on NPCs any more
  • Fixed interaction key not working with certain objects (Drop chests, ores etc)
  • Fixed nearby players interfering with using the interaction key
  • Fixed clothing sometimes being visible in first person
  • Greatly improved sound ambience in Bramble Woods
  • Improved visual ambience in Bramble Wood
  • Updated the floor look of the Cantermore Library
  • Added several new Main Menu themes
  • The Main Menu has received a new button look and improved logo
  • Slightly improved game performance
  • Fixed ice skates wrongfully keeping its effect in rare occasions
  • Fixed skills in hotbar wrongfully affecting the global cooldown of others
  • Skill upgrades now rightfully affect a skill's cooldown
  • Added thin version of Sphinx Collar
  • Fixed sound issues causing some ability sounds to cut off after hitting the target
  • Fixed inability to use the sit hotkey after respawning
  • Fixed manes disappearing when sitting on another player
  • Fixed party panel disappearing after switching room
  • Added ability to party panel to select players in your party
  • Fixed hats not being equippable in the hotbar
  • Improved visualization of which items are apart of a quest, reward from a quest, and when items aren't destroyable
  • Fixed some items not being destructible, while others that should be indestructible are rightfully indestructible now
  • Added collective event where you can collect gifts off the ground and earn various rewards, including a new Holiday Coat
  • Added several new talent marks available from the character creator
  • Fixed intro overlay being very small on some smaller resolutions
  • Books now have proper item descriptions
  • The Kirin Front & Back Feets descriptions have been fixed
  • The Almond Cookie icon has been fixed
  • Updated the Mummy Costume icon
  • Added Spectral Skates
  • Added several (limited time) holiday candy types
  • Added hot chocolate milk
  • Updated Blowback icon
  • The Hallowtide quest has been disabled
  • The holiday reindeer costume quest has been enabled
  • Fixed the quest "Slippery Slope" for older players and added a fix at Old Quest Marker Fix for the leftover markers
  • Fixed the quest "Tonic's Tonic" not being repeatable for older players
  • Added an option to Old Quest Marker Fix for players who lost their Prismatic Lantern
  • Fixed a bug in the quest "Script Calamity", allowing stuck players to progress the quest
  • Updated Talent Marks for Gomi, Farmer Fields, Ricochet, Lickety Splits, Olga, Swift, Pyrite, Storm Chaser, and General Messerschmitt

Hey again, everypony! Autumn is here once again, which means it's time for everything to get a little bit spooky for a while - and Equestria is right on theme, with Hallowtide now in full swing! That's not the only thing happening in our latest update; read on for a few other highlights from v2021.05.01, now available for download!

You'll probably notice that a few places have had their atmospheres adjusted for the festivities. This is more than just the usual decorations this time around, however; new seasonal trimmings have been added along with some fog effects, and a new bloom setting really helps with the ambience! There are also some new cosmetic pumpkin lanterns available from your friendly neighbourhood graveyard-tender, Crypt Keeper! And of course, some ponies will be celebrating the festivities by giving out candies, and the seasonal costume quest is enabled once more, for those who haven't yet created Ensemble's masterpiece of a Hallowtide costume!

Not everything in this update is as spooky, though; the Cantermore Library now has a suitably ostentatious interior, complete with enough tomes to shake a bookcase at! There might even be some reading material there to learn more about the origins of Hallowtide itself...

Our efforts to include your efforts in-game continue, as we add 2 more fan-made main menu themes! Where will Prologue end up next? You can read more about these inclusions here, if you'd like to submit your own, and see your artwork in the game for all our players to enjoy!

There's plenty more included in this update - greater VR support, mobile UI tweaks, new Talent Marks, and of course the usual raft of bug fixes and quest issues addressed - and you can check out the full details in our changelog. To experience this new content, you'll need to update your copy of the game; if you're playing using a direct download on your computer, you'll need to go to our downloads page to download the latest version. If you're playing using our launcher, or the Android mobile version (we're still working on iOS, don't worry!), you should be updated automatically (although you may need to visit the Play Store and prompt it to update the app)!

That's everything for now; we hope to see you in Equestria soon, and that you all have a very happy Hallowtide!

  • Added 2 new community-made Main Menu themes
  • Added Cantermore Library interior in Cantermore
  • Added planetarium building in Cantermore
  • Added 3 Pumpkin Lanterns, available from Crypt Keeper in the Heartlands
  • Added quest "Going for Baroque"
  • Added new Hallowtide decorations
  • Added Daffodil Flower as wearable
  • Added Bellflower Flower as wearable
  • Added Bluebell Flower as wearable
  • Added the book "Black Flag"
  • Added ability to move, walk and jump in VR (note: VR support is very much still a work-in-progress!)
  • Added new sound effects to some skill abilities
  • Added NPCs Southern Shores, Heckle Stone, Rough Draft, Ink Ribbon Jr, Ruby Emblem, Staccato Pearl, Drama Queen, Primrose Primp
  • Added soundtrack Faded Embers as a Ponydale night track
  • Added additional visual settings: bloom, motion blur, and shutter angle/sample count for motion blur
  • Added benches to Cantermore
  • Added a few new Talent Marks for selection during character creation

  • Enabled Hallowtide as the active season, including enabling the quest "A Costume of the Night"

  • Addressed some issues causing screen tearing
  • Fixed Crystal Bats, Spatial Bats and Sandbearer Bats not being auto-targeted using tab
  • Fixed localization issues causing some commands to misdetect numbers
  • Fixed issue preventing alternate Main Menu themes from appearing
  • Fixed visual artifacts of white dots on in distance of specular objects
  • Fixed inventory scrolling issues that prevented smooth scrolling or repositioned the scrollbar
  • Fixed grammar mistakes with torches in Applewood Mines
  • Fixed the missing water splash particles on a number of bodies of water, and adjusted some offsets
  • The fireplace in Cottage is now properly lit
  • Fixed grass on hospital roof in Crystal Kingdom
  • Fixed duplicated resolutions in settings menu
  • Fixed giant carrots in Sweet Apple Orchards
  • Disco ball in SCC is now available at all times
  • Implemented a number of minor quest fixes for "Faultless Four", "Look Out Below", and "Foal Speed Ahead"
  • Fixed issues with Storm Chaser's dialogue, and her associated quests "Look Out Below and "Handle With Care"
  • Fixed issues with the quest "All That Glitters is Gold" and improved the handling at the end
  • Fixed "Only Shooting Stars Break the Mold". Many bugs squashed and it now properly fully resolves and warps the player to graduation
  • Fixed some minor issues with the quest "Worth Your While"
  • Fixed an issue with the unicorns version of "Welcome to Equestria" not properly placing a quest marker to Starburst Nova
  • Updated the Talent Marks for NPCs Resonance, Happy Paws, The Crate, Grassy Fields, and Nurse Coldhoof

  • Mobile - Fixed a bug where the direction in flight could be changed with UI interactions
  • Mobile - The chatbox can now be dismissed. Message previews will show if it is closed
  • Mobile - Updated placement of the hotbar and jump button to show more slots
  • Mobile - Upscaled icon resolutions for the settings, inventory, and journal buttons
  • Mobile - UI should now fit properly within displays with rounded corners or camera cutouts

Hotfix 24/10/21 - v2021.05.02:
  • Fixed bank in Crystal Kingdom not being interactable
  • Fixed /stuck position in Cantermore Library
  • Fixed quest journal not being interactable
  • Addressed issue with talent marks downloading from the server slowly (question mark icons)
  • Fixed ability to trade bits
  • Fixed issues with Hallowtide Candy Quest when speaking with Tiktok, John Mane, Endless Days, Limeaide and Unnecessary Justice
  • Fixed Final Ink not progressing the quests "Script Error", "Cutting it Close" and "Picking Up the Pieces"
  • Added additional dialogue for "Dust and Bunnies" when returning to Polly Poppet early without having enough Ruby Dust

Hey, everypony! Hope you're all having a great summer. We've certainly been busy, and we've got a lot to talk about, so let's jump straight in to what's included in the latest update for Legends of Equestria, version 2021.04.01!

As always, you can get the full run-down of what's included from our changelog - but there's a few things we think deserve highlighting here for you!

First things first, perhaps one of the biggest updates LoE has seen since - well, ever - we've been working really hard to create a mobile version of Legends of Equestria! You can now experience the world we've put so much effort into on your mobile Android device. It's taken a lot of work to try and get the game onto portable platforms, and we've had to create new user interfaces to get it to work, but we hope you'll agree that it was worth the effort!

LoE should be able to run on Android devices with version 8.0 or later of Android, 3GB of RAM or more, and a 64-bit CPU - so if you have a compatible device, now you can enjoy Equestria on the go! You can find it in the Google Play Store, and as usual, it'll be linked on our downloads page. We're currently working on an iOS version as well, and when there's any news available for that, we'll be sure to announce it too!

Another big addition is readable books. You can now purchase book items at reputable book-stores in Ponydale, Cantermore, and the Crystal Kingdom, and enjoy their contents right from your inventory. Maybe you can learn more about the world of Equestria and its history, or just curl up with a good book!

The yearly summer celebration, the Festival of Lights, is of course now in full swing! Check out the new decorations in the major cities, and complete the seasonal quest (if you haven't already) for a special time-limited cosmetic item!

In case you missed it, we recently added a new main menu theme, which gave us the idea of using this to feature some of our community's work! We've now added some of our favourite submissions for all to enjoy; if you'd like to submit one yourself, you can read all about it here!

That's still not all though! There's the addition of a new mine area in Applewood, new NPCs and quests, new textures for existing armor sets (as well as a cool new set entirely!), our recently-repaired auto-updating Windows Launcher version of the game, and a host of bug-fixes, changes, and improvements to make Equestria an even better place to visit! If you'd like to check out the exciting new additions, make sure you grab the latest version of the game from our downloads page - or, if you're on an Android device, the Google Play store - OR or, if you're using our launcher, it should automatically download the latest version - and we'll see you in Equestria!

  • Released Android version of Legends of Equestria
  • Added mobile-specific UI elements, controls, etc.
  • Fixed long-standing issue with Windows Launcher & restored to the downloads page
  • Added Applewood Mines
  • Added a night theme soundtrack to Applewood
  • Several new Main Menu themes have been added
  • Enabled the Festival of Lights seasonal event, now expanded across multiple cities
  • Enabled quest "Anypony Got a Light?"
  • Added quest chain "Bad Day For A Director", "Script Calamity" and "What Little Brother?"
  • Added Quest "They're On to My Lampshades"
  • Added Quest "This Way to Adventure"
  • Added Quest "The Golden Horn"
  • Added Quest "Look Out Below"
  • Added Quest "Smoky in the Pokey"
  • Added Quest "Glory Hog", as well as associated foal NPCs
  • Added the talent mark quest for the Mining talent
  • Added NPCs Wooden Nickel, Six Shooter, Juniper, and SeƱor Mullido to the Frontier
  • Added Sandbearer Bats
  • Added NPC Sunlit Chaser (adult)
  • Added interactable books system
  • Added book A Study on Dryads, The Retiring Forest Creatures
  • Added book Friendly (and Otherwise) Flowers and Flora of the Evershade Forest
  • Added book Matching Truth and Fiction: The Legend of the Great Cloothoo
  • Added book Professor T. Umble's Brief Guide to Rolling
  • Added book Professor T. Umble's Brief Guide to Tackling Ponies
  • Added book Professor T. Umble's Brief Guide to Telekinesis
  • Added book Sand to Stardom
  • Added book Settlers of Applewood
  • Added book Romance and Juniper, Scene II
  • Added book Gryphon Kingdoms: A Note on Gryphus and Its People
  • Added book The Ballad of the Evil Enchantress
  • Added book The Guardspony's Illuminating Primer, Vol. 1
  • Added book The Life and Times of Burnt Steak, Vol. 1: New Things
  • Added book The Crystal Conference: A Guide to the Most Important Diplomatic Event of the Modern Age
  • Added book What Lies Beneath
  • Added book The Adventures of Sky Breeze: The Pond
  • Added book The Adventures of Sky Breeze: Night Light
  • Added book The Evershade Exodus: Selected Excerpts from the Diary of Clean Living
  • Added book The Fallen Shall Form A Mountain - Volume 1
  • Added book Field Trip Report: Dryads of the Heartlands
  • Added book The City Under the Stars
  • Added book The Great Cantermore Hay Riots: An Unbiased Analysis
  • Added Iced Coffee
  • Added Chocolate Milk
  • Chat now supports strikethrough and underline
  • Party and whisper messages will now show up above somepony's head
  • Increased the maximum party size limit
  • The minimap art for Applewood has been updated
  • Hullabaloo's headphones can now be coloured
  • Copper Armor's texture has been updated
  • Bronze Armor's texture has been updated
  • Iron Armor's texture has been updated
  • Steel Armor's texture has been updated
  • Titanium Armor's texture has been updated
  • Alicium Armor's texture has been updated
  • Elementium Armor's texture has been tweaked
  • Harmonious Armor's texture has been tweaked
  • Phoenix Armor has been added
  • Bramble Woods has ground sounds now
  • The Windigo costume now glows slightly
  • The Festival of Lights has arrived - And has been expanded
  • Rocks now show up in Ponydale again
  • Fixed the third color on the item tooltip
  • Fixed text input with the /local, /global and /party command
  • The report feature has been finalized
  • The friend list now displays the amount of online friends
  • Some drop rates have been adjusted
  • The lights in the Unicorn School has been fixed
  • Item tooltips now display item colour values in their actual color
  • Artisan level requirements have been updated
  • Fixed a texture issue with the Twisty Tower in Ponydale
  • Fixed a coincidental disconnect bug
  • Re-added dialogue for Study Bug
  • Added fix for Justice's Blind Eye
  • Fixed grammatical errors for some items
  • Fixed a bug where the light switch in Ponydale Library Basement might not print a chat message
  • Fixed a couple of floating trees in Heartlands
  • When flying, your body now rotates fully on other people's views
  • Fixed the Crystal Golem's animations
  • Fixed lighting issues on clothing
  • NPCs now face the correct direction again
  • Updated the skill page background icons

Version 2021.04.02 (18th August 2021)
  • The Launcher version has been updated to address an issue checking for updates. If you're using the Launcher, you'll need to download the new version from our website.
  • Fixed an issue with the Farming Talent GUI not displaying correctily
  • Fixed a bug preventing quest rewards from being dragged out of the quest inventory
  • Fixed collision with Cantermore castle
  • Fixed a downloading issue when logging in
  • Windigo costume now glows correctly
  • Friends lists now display properly
  • Fixed clipping issue in Applewood Mines
  • Relocated unreachable ore spawns in Applewood Mines

Mobile version 2021.04.57 (20th August 2021)
  • Items can now be dragged from the quest inventory to the main inventory
  • Players may now clear their data cache from the login menu, in case of any broken data downloads
  • Room disconnect messages can now be ignored
  • Improved input handling for custom item amount options
  • Slightly lowered camera swipe sensitivity
  • Seeds dragged from the inventory to the planting UI are now correctly counted
  • Planting UI now uses the correct slot background image
  • Fixed some issues with data downloads
  • Expanded settings menu to allow adjusting video and gameplay settings
  • Tweaked flight joystick behaviour
  • Bats can now be auto-targeted

Hey there, everypony!

We're hard at work on the next update for Legends of Equestria, and we're looking forward to showing you what it's all about soon. Right now, though, we'd like to talk about something from our previous update: the new main menu background.

When we created this background, we intended to have it followed up eventually with more random choices, until, hopefully, we'll have a good selection of themes that you can experience every time you launch LoE. While working on it, though, we realised that this might be a good opportunity to feature some community ideas, similar to our previous design-a-dress and hairstyle contests!

So, if you'd like to see some artwork of your own featured as one of our main menu themes, we're now taking submissions for consideration! Here's what you need to know:

  • The design must include Prologue, as seen above. For those that don't recognise him, Prologue is the purple unicorn featured on both of our current menu backgrounds. He doesn't need to be the focus of the image, but he should definitely always be there. The setting for the design should also be somewhere that feels suitable for Equestria. Prologue is usually seen reading a scroll; maybe it's a map, and following it has led him to some strange places? You can decide where it's taking him next!
  • Please bear in mind the tone of LoE, and ensure that your submission is appropriate for our game. If you're unsure if something is suitable or not, you're welcome to ask us, or to submit it and get feedback!
  • Don't include any of the user interface elements - like the login buttons, the exit button, the version number in the bottom-right corner, etc. We'll handle that part!
  • Only submit your own creative work. If you think someone else's design is perfect for this, encourage them to submit it themselves, rather than submitting it for them! If you'd like to include other ponies, characters, or elements from LoE, or of your own design, that's completely fine; just please make sure that you have permission to use any elements that aren't your own or from LoE, and that they don't belong to another person or group (e.g. copyrighted/trademarked characters from television shows).
  • You're welcome to use whatever art style or theme you like; something that feels like it would fit well alongside other designs based on LoE might work well, but if you've got a creative idea for something entirely different, we've love to see it!
  • We'd rather have brand-new, original designs for this, but if you have already created fanart that you think is perfect for this, we'd encourage you to check that it follows the guidelines here, and submit it!
  • We don't have a strict rule on the image size, but we'd recommend working in a high resolution format, preferably 2K or 4K, to ensure that the design looks its best on everyone's monitors. Please make sure that you keep the aspect ratio to 16:9, though!
  • You know the 3D effect on the current backgrounds when you move your mouse around? To achieve this, we have different elements of the image separated on different layers, which respond differently to mouse movement. To incorporate this into your own design, please think carefully about what elements of your image might be considered 'foreground' and 'background', and separate them out appropriately so that we can do the same for your design! Here's an example of what it looks like, as both a .PDN project file and as separate .PNG images. While 'foreground' elements should have transparent backgrounds, please make sure that the ultimate 'background' layer is a full and complete background, without any transparency (like the Ponydale backdrop in the example .zip provided above!)
  • We'd recommend including a watermark or signature of some kind on the design, so that people can tell who made it; alternatively, if you don't want to add a signature to the artwork but still want us to credit you, we can add it ourselves in Unity. The top-left or bottom-left corners are probably the best place to do this, as they don't currently feature any menu elements that might block it. If you include a link (e.g. to an art portfolio), please make sure that there's nothing unsuitable for minors in that location, otherwise we won't be able to include it in the game! If you want to submit it completely anonymously, without any signature or watermark, that's also fine, just make sure to let us know when you submit it!

If you'd like to submit something to us, please make sure to include all the assets in a .zip folder, similar to the example given above. You can send it to us in one of two ways:
  • We have created a channel in our Discord server, #menu-art-submissions; you can post your design there publicly, if you'd prefer, or to get feedback from both ourselves and our community.
  • Alternatively, if you'd rather submit it privately, you can send your design to [email protected]. Bear in mind that we can't promise to include every submission as a menu theme, but each one will be carefully considered; if we think that we can provide feedback to you to improve the design and re-submit, we will do so!

Please bear in mind that if you submit any design for this, you are giving us permission to use it for one of our main menu backgrounds, and to potentially alter it as necessary to fit within the template above if necessary. You still own the artwork, and can do whatever you like with it; effectively, you are providing Legends of Equestria with a license to use it! This is achieved under an Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) License, the details of which you can find here.

We'll still be working on our own designs for menu themes, of course, but we thought this might be a fun way to have our fantastically talented community's work highlighted and included in the game!

If you don't feel like a menu design is your area of expertise, but you'd still like to try and contribute to the project, please check out our recruitment post - we're always on the lookout for passionate people in all sorts of fields to join the team, and help us bring Equestria to life!

We hope to see plenty of creative ideas soon, and look forward to sharing them with everyone else as a main menu theme!

Hey again, everypony! We hope you're all doing well, wherever you are. Our team has been working to bring you yet another update, and we're ready to share some of that with you today, with version 2021.03.01 now available for download!

The first thing you might notice is that spring as, officially, sprung! The winter snow has all been cleared away thanks to the efforts of all of Check List's little helpers across Equestria, so if you missed out on chance to earn a Winter Warm-Up vest this year, you'll have to wait until next time!

This update comes with a host of bug fixes, resolving a range of issues from UI overlaps to leftover quest markers, broken teleporters to guard directions! If you've run into an issue that stopped you from going further with a quest, check our changelog to see if it's been addressed - and don't forget to report it using the system explained here if not!

That doesn't mean we haven't added any improvements, however! We've improved some of the background code that determines which room you end up in when joining a server; you should find it easier to meet up with friends now! We've also expanded our customization system for equipment, meaning it now has support for 3 color selection. You can see this in-game now with a few items, notably the Kirin costume and the Sempai Dress!

There's plenty more to boot, with a raft of new NPCs to chat with, a whole new main menu theme to enjoy, and more! Remember to check our changelog for the full details, and we hope to see you in Equestria soon!

  • An additional main menu theme including soundtrack has been added; 50/50 chance to see it instead of the classic main menu
  • Room selection logic updated; when joining a server, you will be placed in the more suitable room available
  • The teleport skill now displays whether a spot is valid for teleportation
  • Coloring system improved to support up to 3 different colors
  • Kirin Tail cosmetic item has been updated to support 3 colors
  • Sempai Dress can now be coloured
  • Chat messages now have a option to directly report the user behind it [note: still under construction, not finalized yet]
  • Cinema Camera can now be used using both turning and strafing keys
  • World state updated to transition from Winter to Spring
  • Milk no longer drops from Naiads, and has been replaced with Vapor Materia.
  • The loot drops from Rocs have been updated, and now include Energy Materia.
  • Haetea now drops Energy Materia.
  • Adjusted the drop rate on Mountain Flowers from Hornets.
  • Adjusted the drop rate on Pencils from Timberwolves.
  • Adjusted the drop rates of recipes from all mobs.
  • Added the following new interactable NPCs: Book N' Advance, Sly Shade, Ricochet, Film Reel, Fizzbang Rockets, Apple Barrel, Minor Miner, Anagnorisis, and Long Pause.
  • A lot of the UI bugs coming with the previous update have been fixed (e.g bank issues, elements being hidden behind each other, etc)
  • Fixed teleporter bug when trying to exit the Heartlands Cottage
  • Fixed an issue with the teleport skill when targeting players
  • Fixed issue with the minimap not properly displaying the compass
  • Fixed music issues in White Tail Park
  • Fixed bug with Ground Pound's sound effect playing too early
  • Fixed issues with talent mark quests "Beating Around the Bad Guys", "Nothing a Billion Bandages Can't Fix" and "One Pet in the Hoof" to properly fully resolve and warp the player to their graduation.
  • Made some fixes to the quest "Chlorophiliac".
  • Fixed some inaccessible dialogue from Mercury during the Winter Warm Up quest for the weather team.
  • Fixed some errors when speaking with Cirrus Stratos instead of Fire Opal during the "Removing Cookies and Browsing Data" quest.
  • Corrected some bucket mishaps during the "Enlightenment" quest.
  • Corrected quest markers for the "Can You Hear Me Now" quest.
  • Moved the quest marker for the Ruby Dust location in the quest "Dust and Bunnies" to be more accurate.
  • Corrected some errors and potential breaks in the "Only Shooting Stars Break the Mold" quest.
  • Pyrite no longer mysteriously disappears from the Heartlands while having the "Sandwich Stall" quest active.
  • Added option with Old Quest Marker Fix for ponies who are missing Geode and Stun Law after having completed "Nothing a Billion Bandages Can't Fix".
  • Fixed a series of issues with the available options from Old Quest Marker Fix:
    • for adult ponies who are missing Tenseven.
    • for adult ponies with the magic quest still active.
    • for pegasi with Magic talent mark quest active.
    • for adult ponies with the Werepony quest active.
    • for leftover quest markers on Nurse Coldhoof from "Supplying the Hospital".
  • Reefus Clackett's random dialogue is now accessible after completing "Beating Around the Bad Guys".
  • Midnight's random dialogue is now accessible after completing "Can You Hear Me Now".
  • Frizzy Stradlin's random dialogues are now accessible.
  • Paper Trail's random dialogues are now accessible.
  • Corrected errors with High Harvest and Windy Seeds dialogue interactions.
  • Crystal Kingdom Guards can now properly be asked where the castle is located.
  • Storm Chaser is no longer fused into a bench.
Hello again, everypony! Tired of all the snow and cold? Me too! Good thing our Spring update, Version 2021.02.01, is now available from our downloads page.

Legends of Equestria's first big update of 2021 is here! With some bug fixes, tweaking, and more exitedly, the return of our seasonal Winter Warm-up quest and a new talent for the pegasi to help with those pesky clouds! For the full update, be sure to check out our Changelog!

Pegasus ponies have found ways to use weather in combat, with the new Weather Talent! Flashy lightning, ice, and water abilities await our feathered friends, but take note- these new abilities will come at a cost! Consult your local unicorns for more information.

For foals who want to specialize in our newer talents, rest assured that the team is still hard at work looking for teachers to teach foals the arts of Mining, Farming, Science and Weather.

Check List is back in town again, looking for ponies to help clear up the snow and prepare Equestria for Spring... but it seems Winter has been unusually harder this year.

Sightings of Frost Dragons having been going around the town and Check List will need only the most trustworthy Winter Warm-up ponies to help drive them away.

And who knows, maybe she will have something nice for you afterwards!

These were our most exciting highlights for this update, we hope to see you soon in- Hey! Who turned off the lights?

As always, you can grab the latest version of the game from our downloads page. There are plenty more things planned in the future and we hope you stick around to experience it all with us.
  • Allow cinema camera speed to be adjusted using arrow keys
  • Fixed an issue where trying to whisper someone may get the name wrong
  • Fixed bug where Flying level and various equipment would boost the damage of Flying abilities twice
  • Remastered pickup sound effect
  • Added more detailed skill error messages
  • Skill error popups should no longer clog the screen
  • In-game popup messages now have different colors
  • Pet combat abilities now scale with the player's Animal talent level
  • Pets vary the use of their skills more in combat
  • Updated VFX for Seismic Buck
  • Fixed VFX orientation on the Phantom Potion
  • Fixed the description for Second Wind upgrades in the Friends Forever skill
  • Increased the pet healing effect of Second Wind upgrades
  • Optimized Dragonfire particle effect and fixed orientation
  • Projectiles automatically despawn if they have no valid target
  • Active skills now add themselves to the hotbar automatically once learned
  • Updated rock textures
  • Fixed an ice skate issue with flying after hitting the ground
  • Tweaked ambient sounds in a couple of places
  • Added indicator for taking damage
  • A few ui changes to the hotbar and mini map
  • Slight UI performance optimizations  
  • Fixed light issues with the Ponydale Library
  • Added a light switch to the Ponydale Library basement
  • Added Weather Talent
  • Frozen Essence Drops can now be mined in Cloudopolis
  • Unicorns can now create Materia from Frozen Essence Drops at certain locations through the Science talent.
  • Pegasus ponies can now water farming patches using Water Rush and Water Burst
  • Endless Pie in the Cloudopolis Weather Factory now sells Arc and Vortex Pendants through dialogue.
  • Klondike's Pickaxe can now be used in Mining
  • Updated milestones for Mining to include recent additions
  • Tweaked flying energy drain
  • Adjusted Mining ore outputs and locations
  • Added Spatial Bats
  • Enabled Winter Wrap Up quest
  • Angered mob damage is now capped
  • Soothed mob damage is now capped
  • Mob speed is now properly affected by slowing abilities

Note: Right-clicking on the bank UI does not work on 2021.02.01. Update to 2021.02.02 to resolve the issue.

Happy new year everypony! We hope you're all still doing well and are up to join us in the LoE hype train! Let's start of this new year with a bang - and a new update to our favorite Horse-based video game, now available for download!

As always, you can find the full list of everything that has been changed in our changelog: this update may be a smaller list than some of our other releases, but we can assure you we've been working on some big things for the future! For now, though, let's look at the biggest highlight of our newest update.

2021's newest update brings you not 1, not 2, but 5 new mane and tail styles to chose from!

That's everything for now; we thank you for your patience and we'll see you all again soon!
  • Fixed issues of snow applying to some unwanted objects
  • Fixed missing houses in Ponydale
  • Fixed object collision issues in Applewood
  • Added a few missing stairs to buildings in Cantermore
  • Movement tweaked to rotate characters' heads along and should generally feel smoother
  • Fixed coloring issues with gala boots
  • Fixed out of space message being falsely triggered by banks sometimes
  • Further sound fixes to objects all around
  • Fixed alignment issues of players on the ground
  • Added Golden Harvest's mane and tail
  • Added Odecom's mane and tail
  • Added Hullabaloo's mane and tail
  • Added Mercury's mane and tail
  • Added Pyrite's mane and tail
  • Fixed a rare issue with wrong geode outputs
  • Reverted the energy cost of Candy Shower to 50
  • Reduced the energy cost of Pillow Barrage from 55 to 40

Hello everypony! It's that time of year again where everypony sits around a cozy fire with hot cocoa and celebrate the holiday with a new update to their favourite horse-based video game (that's us by the way, and don't you dare suggest otherwise), now available for download!

If you want to see the full list of changes in this update, you can always check out our changelog, but here are a few highlights!

The snow is back in town, but not just in Ponydale this time. Apparently, White Tail Park and the outer Crystal Kingdom have been hit by snow as well! Let's hope they have better Winter Warm-Up policies than Ponydale...

Oh? it seems that with the snow this year, something else has arrived in Equestria. Frost Dragons have been spotted roaming around the chillier regions of the world, so be careful where you're trotting!

As always, you can grab the latest version of the game from our downloads page. There's plenty more planned for the future of Equestria, and we hope you stick around to experience it all with us. Thank you for your patience, and happy holidays from everypony on the team!