Legends of Equestria Changelog 17th December 2022 (v2022.05.01)

Started by Ellowee, 2022 Dec 17, 06:17:36

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  • Winter is here! It's snowing, a cold wind has been breezing through Equestria, and everypony's getting into the holiday spirit...
  • Enabled holiday gift collection event
  • Enabled the quest "Dashing Through The Snow"
  • Disabled the quest "Costume of the Night"


  • Added new Stamina system; sprinting will now use stamina instead of energy
  • Added 2 types of stamina displays on desktop, as video settings:
  • - A split hotbar, where stamina is displayed alongside energy in the hotbar
  • - A lightning bolt, which is displayed next to the player
  • - (Mobile will use the lightning bolt icon for screen size reasons)
  • Added Deer Tail, part of the quest reward for the quest "Dashing Through The Snow"
  • - Players that already completed said quest can claim their copy by talking to Ensemble again
  • Added 3 new clothing pieces available from the gift collection event:
  • - Holiday Earmuffs
  • - Holiday Legwarmer
  • - Holiday Poncho
  • Added Winter Wonderland Main Menu theme by RandomTeehee
  • Added Cloudopolis Cloud Hangout Main Menu theme by WishfulDorian
  • Added Snowballs that can be moved by colliding with them and kicked with Seismic Buck
  • Added VFX for Wind Rapier
  • Added Snowball Barrage skill
  • Added Supernova skill for Lantern Monsters
  • Added Gem Bomb skill for Diamond Dogs
  • Added Ice Wave skill for Frost Dragons
  • Added a hover effect over talent bars in the talent book page
  • Added icons next to most stats on the mobile character panel
  • Added a clock around the minimap
  • Added a map marker for train stations
  • Added b as boop hotkey


  • Fixed Hilly Garden's dialogs when you asked them about their flowers upon first interaction
  • Fixed being unable to equip items required mining level even when having appropriate level
  • Fixed ore scan effect no longer displaying since last update
  • Fixed geodes being displayed as colourable
  • Fixed the alicium mining area at the cockatrice nest in Evershade
  • Fixed butterfly wings not attaching on pegasi
  • Fixed books not working on mobile
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs may sometimes spawn half into the ground (not to be confused with guards sometimes walking into the ground)
  • Fixed walking animation blending issues for maxed sized earth ponies
  • Fixed Bubble Barrage getting added to the default hotbar twice, instead of Ground Pound
  • Fixed the scaling with  screen size of (most) of the interface not working anymore
  • Fixed the training point display not updating in the skill book when purchasing a skill/or upgrade
  • Potentially fixed players sometimes not being visible to each other in Bramble Woods
  • Fixed a dialogue not being accessible during the quest "Sugar".
  • Fixed Proper Procedures dialogues to properly display depending on the outcome of the quest "The Choices We Make".
  • Fixed a wonky dialogue interaction with Fair Game when having both the quests "Rehearsal Roundup" and "Paper Trail of Destruction" active.


  • The level 50 Naiad in the Crystal Kingdom now also uses the new skill behavior for that enemy type
  • Increased the respawn time of the level 65 dragon from 2-5 to 10-15 minutes
  • Updated GUI for stats display on mobile
  • Updated bank, map and hotbar GUI
  • Quest markers won't be covered by other markers on minimap
  • Blowback now blows enemies away
  • Changed Wind Rapier damage calculation
  • Target framerate is now saved on mobile
  • Shrunk the default hotbar size
  • Reworked the banking interface
  • Increased the resolution of the minimap and hotbar border circle on mobile
  • Updated a couple of item icons
  • Modified the flying drain calculation to use your flying level as its scaling

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