king of the hill

Started by nyghtlyterror, 2017 Oct 25, 19:47:31

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theres a hill.and you want the hill.but so does everyone ,must capture the hill in any way possible.*walks to top of hill*i'm king of the hill till someone takes it from me.


 I trot around the hill, doing my best to sneak up behind you. I drop my bucket from my mouth, onto your head to cover your eyes. While you're blind I say, "I'm King of the Hill. I sell hill and hill accessories." I take the bucket off your head, and push you down the hill.


I come to the hill, showing you a court sentence, stating that the top twenty meters of the hill must be mined and taken away as a hill-and-accessories-selling tax. Once you stand aside for the mining operations to begin, I take your place. I plant a flag on the top, stating: "The sovereign Empire of the Hill declares independence from the rest of the land! Long live the Queen!" :celestia:
Since the Empire of the Hill doesn't tolerate any former structures, you are forced into exile.
Excuse my English, it tends to misbehave...


At night, while you are asleep, I lift you up and carry you to the bottom of the hill.  I then replace your flag with my own.  I put your flag over you like a blanket.

Nightshade Star

I cast a spell that makes you think that you have to leave right this second, and once you're gone, I replace your flag with mine. I ditch the flag and throw it somewhere.


i toss you into lava. MINE.

Nightshade Star

I throw u off the hill into some deep abyss. IT MINE.


Burrows under, pulling you down from beneath and leaving you in a hollowed out earthen cell.

Then sits and enjoys his sovereignty.

Thank you, and goodnight

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