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Resolved Issues / "Logout" Under "Home"
2015 Jan 18, 17:57:30
I don't know if this issue has been noticed or addressed yet, but I've notice while on mobile the Logout button is under the Home button. This makes it a bit difficult to go to the board index from another page without accidentally tapping Logout, creating a situation where one might logout several times trying to access the home page.
Here is where you can talk about things Out of Character (OOC) for the roleplay "Adventures in Equestria".


You may start in any part of Equestria, but you are not guaranteed interaction at first.

Please give a brief description of where you are in your first post. This is just to clear up any confusion as to where you are starting off.

Don't just bounce into an adventure if it is not realistic or appropriate to do so (Ex. At a high point, or climax, of action; at a location that is hard to get to that you didn't work your way to yourself; etc.). If you work your way in, it's fine.

One does not simply teleport very large distances. Please be reasonable when you travel a great distance; realize that it takes time to get from one place to another, and tell us how you got there.

Please follow the forum rules!

Lastly, the Golden Rule of any roleplay: [I]Have Fun![/I]

(Rules may be subject to change as the need arises.)
Roleplay here:

Sign up here:
This is where you can sign up to be in the roleplay "Adventures in Equestria". All species are allowed, so long as they aren't overpowered. If they are, then it is your job to nerf their abilities. [I]Though Alicorns are discouraged, they are allowed.[/I]

Please do not overpopulate the roleplay with similar characters; try to make them unique. When I say this, I mean similar personalities (of course) and talents. It's not fun when you have five people that have the same talent in the same "party". It's ok to have a few with similar talents, but please don't go overboard.

[Color=red][B]CHARACTERS ARE NOT TO BE OVERPOWERED!!![/b][/color] Noone likes a character that is three times as strong as a normal character should be. As stated before, if the character is OP, it is your job to nerf their abilities.

This is the format I would like for you to make your sign up in:

Race (Ponies only):
Age (For interaction's sake):
Weaknesses (For interaction's sake):

*Even if you are not a pony, it is important to be able to differentiate you from others of your species. Try to be creative! ^-^

**Everyone of every species has to be good at something, right? This is also where you list your strengths, or what situations you're good with.

***"Other" is for anything you might want to add about your character, whether it be backstory or whatever.

Roleplay here:

OOC and Rules here:

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Here's my character's sign up for reference:

Name: Rush
Species: Pony
Race: Unicorn
Age: 16
Hometown: Everfree Forest
Appearance: Can be seen at
Talent/Ability/Etc.: Is capable of using powerful illusion magic and is adept at stealth magics. Is good at distracting things.
Personality: Can be seen on OC page. (Link under "Appearance")
Weakness: Is not good with offensive magics and does not like being underground.
Other: N/A
As we all know, Equestria is a big place, and in it is a wide variety of interesting characters, settings, and creatures. We also know that Equestria is a magical place full of wonders and things that have yet to be explored.

Sure, ponies like the Mane 6, Daring Do, and even the CMC, go on adventures through these unknown and forgotten places, discovering things beyond imagination. But what about the commoners; what about YOU? What would you do if an adventure was placed before you? Would you go discover the secrets that have yet to be found? Would you be able to face the all of the dangers along the way, or would you turn back?

Now, you may think highly of your abilities; you could go it alone, but every being in Equestria has their strengths, but they also have their weaknesses as well. What would you do if faced with a situation that you're unable to handle yourself? That's where others come in. You will probably want to gather a few others to journey with you to avoid any issues along the way. With this said, you also must remember the fact that has been proven time and time again: Friendship is Magic[/I].

Even with friends by your side, you will face many difficulties and struggles. This is why you need to know your own strengths and limits. If you push yourself too hard and end up down, you are no use to anyone. If a situation is too much for you and your group, don't hesitate to run; it's better to run and be able to learn from experience than it is to be put in harm's way because of disregarding one's boundaries.

With all of this still fresh in mind, what will you do? Will you just sit around with things out there waiting to be discovered? Or will you answer their call and venture to uncover them? [I]The choice is yours.

Sign up here:

OOC here:
Original Characters / My OC: Rush
2014 May 10, 22:24:10

(I do apologize for the relatively low-quality image; I drew this on my laptop, which I am not used to doing.)

[B]Name:[/b] Illusive "Rush" Valor

[B]Gender:[/b] Stallion

[B]Species:[/b] Unicorn

[B]Skills:[/b] Good with dangerous magical beasts; is exceptionally adept at stealth-based magics; is fairly quick when frightened or when in a hurry; inept at most attack magics

[B]Cutie Mark:[/b] Crescent moon with a light-gray four-pointed star on dark side

[B]Talent:[/b] Is capable of using extremely powerful illusion magic

[B]Hometown:[/b] Ponyville/Everfree Forest

[B]Age:[/b] 16 or so (Not known exactly)

[B]Personality:[/b] Somewhat closed about himself, making it difficult to get to know him; extremely loyal to his friends; normally kindhearted, wanting to help others, even if he is in need; doesn't like to burden others with his problems; is fairly easy to irritate when on a "sensitive" topic; he is fun-loving, but he hates crowds; playful with his talent, tending to pull pranks with it

[B]Likes:[/b] Pranks; loyal friends; honest ponies; anypony willing to give him a chance at friendship.

[B]Dislikes:[/b] Those who break their word; rude ponies; those who place themselves higher than others without proper reason; egotistical ponies

[B]Bio:[/b] When he was a young foal, Rush's parents abandoned him in the Everfree Forest. Due to this, Rush doesn't remember much, if anything, about them at all.

Until he grew older, he never really interacted with his own kind. Instead, he interacted with the creatures within the forest, creating something of a bond with them. By the time he was old enough to speak, he could effectively communicate with the creatures with a simple glance.

Due to his abandonment, he never did know his real name, and neither did the inhabitants of Ponyville, who only knew of his existence because of his infrequent ventures into town. Because of this, and his tendency to climb and travel by tree, the townsfolk saw fit to nickname him "Tree Colt". Though one day, while he was walking along the edge of Everfree, he was attacked by a group of thieves. Both surprised and fearful of the bandits, he took off running towards Ponyville at a speed that should not have been possible for one of his size. This incident earned him a new nickname: "Rush".

A few years later, Rush was collecting berries when a rogue pack of Timberwolves surrounded him. With nowhere to run, his "fight or flight" mechanism set itself to "fight". Even knowing that he had virtually no skill in offensive magics, Rush prepared to defend, charging his horn, and releasing the energy. The spell seemed to have no effect at first, until, to his surprise, the Timberwolves began whimpering and started running away. Confused, Rush looked around, spotting a much larger beast. Before he could react, the creature disappeared, causing him to realize that his spell summoned an illusion. He then saw a light eminating from his flank, but when he turned to examine it, the light faded, revealing his cutie mark.

Since he received his cutie mark, he has developed a strange urge to make friends with other ponies. His visits to Ponyville grew more frequent over time in hopes of befriending somepony therein, but, due to his quiet nature, he has found that friendship is more difficult to find than he originally anticipated.

Hi there everyone... everypony... Meh :P ... I found this game over the web a while ago, and I miss the servers being open last month. :c

Anywho, on a lighter note, I am Rush of MLP (or Rush for short). I am sixteen and am particularly good at announcing/reading things, going through hypothetical situations, as well as counter-trolling. Well, that first thing is reserved for when the listeners can get past my accent. :]

I have been in this fandom for around nine months. ^-^ This being so, I have still been able to see every episode.
My favorite characters= Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Ditzy (Derpy), the CMC, Princess Luna, and Discord
Favorite OC pony= Fluffle Puff

I came here to the forums to see how other bronies would react to me, so I hope all of you are prepared! (or not)