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Art / Scribble Stitch Draws Ponies Too Much
2017 Dec 16, 14:02:11
I felt like dumping these somewhere, so here you go  :P

Spoiler: Requests • show

Spoiler: My Next Gen • show

Meadow Lark; Fluttershy and Discord
Crystal Clarity; Spike and Rarity
?; Flash Sentry and Twilight
?; Quibble Pants and Rainbow
Cheesypie; Cheesy Sandwich and Pinkie
Flame Feather; Aj and ?

Lunette: Luna and Bat Gaurd

Amara: Celestia and Mirror World Sombra
(Cutie Mark pending)

Spoiler: Random Ponies • show

got the idea while listening to This Awesome Fan-made Song

Me and my little sisters

Nyx from the most amazing Fanfic Past Sins

you can also PM me if you want me to draw your oc ^-^
Introductions Archive / Hello!^-^
2016 Nov 24, 21:02:14
Hey everypony! :P I'm not exactly "new" here (I've been on for a few months) but I thought I would introduce myself

I'm Cyree or my ponysona is ScribbleStitch. I love drawing, sewing, ponies, and (most of all) How to Train Your Dragon. I have an art request post if anypony wants show-style oc art. This is also my first forum experience.

I hope to have a lot of fun on this forum and to make some new friends ^-^
i was doing my chores while thinking about the whole nightmare moon/luna thing, and was talking to myself about the comics` (which i don't consider canon) view on it. The creatures/force that turned her evil got power from her jealousy and resentment towards Celestia. Magnifying it, and getting even more powerful. That`s when it hit me. those qualities are exactly the same as...

[move] O: THE SIRENS O:[/move]

let me know what you thing of this idea. I`ve never had a headcanon like this before so i need to lie down before my head explodes X3
Pony Off-Topic / What pony race are you?
2016 Sep 22, 16:15:08
I'm a unicorn ^-^