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Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Aug 11, 00:31:09
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2016 Aug 10, 18:10:23
The dude makes millions of dollars a year and he still rents? I don't even...

He said there's nowhere that he can buy in the town he lives in. Only rent. He looked.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Jun 08, 20:30:52
Quote from: LostSanity on 2016 Jun 08, 17:58:57
4 words.




I'm taking a break while I try to get help from other forums on how you're suppose to handle this CLEARLY IMPOSSIBLE GAME.


The only thing you can do to beat that game is stock up on reviving items, level up as much as possible, keep a healthy supply of wands and seeds, and see to it that you find good emeras for your loopet in whatever dungeon you're in. That's how I beat it, at least.

Speaking of beating that game, I disliked the ending. A lot. I won't spoil it, but it made me mad, and the scene that played for the end credits made me so mad I nearly threw a fit.

I have played almost every Mystery Dungeon that has been released, so I know what happens at the end of most, but this broke what I thought was going to happen into a million pieces, then danced on it and laughed at me while it did.

It shattered a strong emotional attachment that I had developed with a character, and it shattered it out of the blue. It gave no reason to believe that what happened did happen beforehand. It gave a good post-explanation, but nothing that would have braced me for the blow that it was about to deal.

Upon beating it, I was livid. And it still annoys me a good bit.
Perhaps you could do something with a pure gemstone shape, doing it multicolored with the various colors of gems associated with healing, then place a heart in the middle of the shape to indicate the healing properties.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 May 23, 15:01:40
[Spoiler=Rant]When someone wants to argue with me, being a cashier, about how they think a price is "wrong". I only tell them what the computer tells me, and when it tells me "this is the price of these items together after applying tax and the discount(if applicable) to the subtotal" I like to think that it is correct, and I also like to think that I have been a cashier at my workplace for long enough that I am able to spot a discrepancy in the price and correct the ticket to fix it.

I don't mind explaining the price when people are confused and tell me "I don't understand how that is my total," but when people just blatantly call me a liar and won't listen when I'm trying to explain to them the separate prices of all of the items they are purchasing, that gets on my nerves big time.

I am aware the customer us always right, but when there wrong about something like that they just need to listen to reason and not argue when the cashier is only trying to help. And I know, customer service is a contradiction.

[End Rant][/spoiler]
Rush and Spook emerged from the sandstone rune fort, trotting quickly to the others, whom they could see in the distance.

[Color=magenta]"Do you really think it's ok for me to come, Rush?"[/color] Spook asked in a low voice, matching Rush's quick pace.

[Color=gray]"I don't see why not; it's not like you aren't welcome,"[/color] Rush said, smiling to his companion.
At the edge of the destruction, Chrome sat, panting, and covered in burns, ash, and sweat. Within about an hour, he had managed to bring the wall of flame to a halt with the help of many runes and a few forest creatures that were already trying to smother the fire. Tired and injured, he laid down on the forest floor, accepting both that he was too weak to return to the camp and that he was wide open to attack where he was. While the forest creatures around him seemed either docile or grateful for his help, he was sure that something would come along and at least try to harm him while he rested, but he didn't care. He had still helped to prevent the camp from being destroyed, as well as preventing the whole forest from burning down. His only regret in this entire situation was that he was unable to get there sooner. He could only imagine all if the animals that had been trapped by the blaze before they were lost to it.

With a sad sigh, Chrome put his head onto his hooves and allowed his body to shut down as he drifted to sleep.
I'm here, and I agree. I think with Chrome being out all night it might fuel the fire of whatever may happen next.
As the others were either sleeping or talking, Chrome was roaming the outskirts of the camp, trying to determine if the rune he had made and activated was doing its job properly.

[Color=silver]"If it worked, anything with malicious intent that comes within twenty-five paces of the campsite should be deterred."[/color] He told himself quietly. [Color=silver]"I just hope that nothing truly evil lives here. That would not bode well, even if the rune were to work on it."[/color]

As he wandered, he glanced back at the shed. He saw the batpony and the unicorn that sat just outside. He could see they were talking, but he couldn't quite make out what they were saying. Not curious enough to move into earshot, Chrome continued to walk.

When he reached the edge of the protected area, Chrome took a deep breath, and immediately wished he hadn't; the air tasted faintly of burning vegetation. He flinched as he coughed in surprise.

[Color=silver][I]'What the...? Is there a fire nearby?'[/color] He thought as the tried to look ahead, only succeeding in seeing more of the brush in front of him. He glanced back in the direction of the camp and frowned. [Color=silver][I]'If there is one, I need to know how close it is so I can let the others know if we need to move the camp.'[/color]

He sat for a moment before deciding to go alone. He couldn't risk it being a lure of some kind and leading one of the others to be trapped along with him. Silently, he took off into the forest and towards the smell of fire.
Rush nodded to Joy, but looked back to the forest.

[Color=gray]"I think you should take him, unless you feel like it is absolutely necessary for me to come with you."[/color] He said, glancing back at his friend and the unconscious colt. [Color=gray]"I have to make sure this guy doesn't cause damage to the forest, and, as much as I hate to leave you two alone after what has happened, it is my duty to protect the forest."[/color]

Rush hated himself for pulling the duty card on his friend, but he hoped that Joy would understand. He had to remove Rand from the forest somehow before the forest got tired of his games and removed him itself.
Chrome moved about quietly near the others, tracing shapes into a rather large area as he listened to all of their ideas.

[Color=silver][I]'Better the shelter be made out of logs and vines, and maybe upgrade the structure with metal nails if we can find and mine a deposit of some sort of ore. If we could find metal, and have somepony here that's good with metalworking, we may just be able to make a small, sturdy boat that could hold a few of us while we go to the mainland to get some help, and then we could...'[/color] He stopped his work for a moment and sighed. [Color=silver][I]'But that's all wishful thinking. That could take months to do, and there are more pressing matters to handle.'[/color]

Chrome continued his work, paying the others slightly less attention than before.
Chrome walked quietly beside Msr. Smile as they approached the old playground. As they entered, he began to feel a little uneasy, but he didn't let it show. Quickly he found a seat on an old and broken seesaw, and turned to his companion.

He smiled as he thought of a good story to tell the mare. None of his tales were particularly exciting, but he finally settled on one.

[Color=silver]"Alright. This story didn't happen that long ago."[/color] He said, shifting to make himself more comfortable. He cleared his throat after a few moments, then began to tell his tale.

[Color=silver]"A couple days ago, on my way here from the east, I decided to travel through the Everfree Forest. I went about a half a day in before I found myself hopelessly lost in a very dark and sinister part of the woods, deciding to settled down for a rest. About two hours after setting up camp, I began to feel as though I was being watched. Knowing I had set a spell on the ground that was to deter any evil that might sneak up on me while I was there, I became uneasy, almost paranoid. I called out to the unseen being and got no answer, so I shrugged the feeling off as me just being in an unfamiliar place."[/color] He paused, smiling slightly. [Color=silver]"After about another hour of resting, I began to hear noises from just outside of my camp. Scared and confused, I stood up and made my way to the edge of my camp, carefully looking into the bushes. And what do I see? A tiny Timberwolf with glowing purple eyes. It took me by such a surprise I let out a cry. I think it got startled, that or i had just imagined it, because when I got over the initial panic, it was gone. More than a little unnerved, I made my way away from that spot and traveled the rest of the way through. By the time I had gotten out, it was the night of the next day and I just slept at the edge of the forest. When I woke up, I made my way into town."[/color]

His smile broadened as he finished his story and awaited a response from Msr. Smile.
Chrome had not moved since he had used the rune on the new pony. He had felt as though something was off since he had woken up, but he couldn't quite put his hoof on it.

Finally turning his gaze from the injured pony in front of him, he raised an eyebrow at the "bubbles" Cheveyo had said he had seen, but shook his head.

[Color=silver][I]'Either Cheveyo is very weak of mind and he has already snapped, or something else is among us.'[/color] He thought grimly. [Color=silver][I]'If this place is as dangerous and left alone as Everfree is in Equestria, there are bound to be at least a handful of things lurking about in the shadows, invisible to the naked eye.'[/color]

Quietly, he scanned the area around him, but saw nothing other than the ponies that belonged. A little more nervously, he turned to Cheveyo.

[Color=silver]"Maybe it was just a trick of the light?"[/color] He said in a tone that made him sound more upbeat than he felt. [Color=silver]"And besides, none of us have anything to blow bubbles with, unless somepony knows how to with magic."[/color]

Chrome smiled as he continued. [Color=silver]"On another note, shouldn't we fortify our camp against wild animals and the other things that will, no doubt, come out at night? If so, I have a particular rune that may be of use."[/color]
Rush glanced back at Joystick to make sure that he was still within his field of vision. Several times he had sped off to one side, exiting the path to Pascalo, only to return moments later, his horn still blazing with magic as he held back or scared off the horrors of the forest. Eventually, however, his horn would fade, and he would speed up slightly to make sure they would reach the beach posthaste.

[Color=gray][I]'I'm glad I followed them all the way out here; the forest seems to be getting restless because of this "Rand" character. It doesn't like him, and the creatures feel it too. If something isn't done about him soon, the forest might just end him before he can get out.'[/I][/color] He thought uneasily. The Everfree Forest, no matter how many stories said otherwise, valued balance among those living in it. Rush had seen firsthand what the forest could do to restore the balance, and he did not want to see it again. Nothing deserved a fate like that, not even a being as twisted in the head as Rand.

After one last time of deterring the forest creatures, Rush broke through the treelike of the beach. He turned around and sat as he waited for Joy to push through the brush. When he finally came into sight, Rush simply said, "We're out."
Startled from someone suddenly calling his name, Chrome flinched, but moved swiftly when he realized what was going on. He dashed over to Cheveyo and the fading pony, assessing the situation.

After he was fully aware of the stallion's condition, he thought quickly. [Color=silver][I]'He's too far gone for Heal Pulse, but maybe the next one up...?'[/I][/color]

Pressing his hoof down onto the ground and began drawing a rune. This one was a bit more intricate than the last, but it had roughly the same base shape. As he finished, he stepped away from the freshly drawn rune and the same streams of energy as before emanated from him, filling the rune with white light.

As the rune became fully charged, a large torrent of light shot from the drawing straight into the injured stallion. The light slowly faded after a few moments and the rune stopped glowing.

Chrome stared quietly, waiting to see if the rune had been enough.
Chrome shivered and opened his eyes slightly. He sat up slowly and looked around.

Seeing nothing, he tilted his head. [Color=silver]"That's weird, I could've sworn there was somepony there."[/color] He said aloud as he tried to blink himself the rest of the way awake.

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he stood up and looked around more thoroughly. Seeing noone, he sighed and muttered. [Color=silver]"That railing must've knocked more than just a little sense out of me, but that's what I get for standing near the edge of the deck during a storm."[/color]
Chrome shook his head, doing his best to keep up without running over any of the couples that were roaming the streets. "Sorry, but like I said, I have never been here; I don't know any places."
Rush nodded and moved quickly towards the edge of the clearing. He looked back to make sure Joystick was following, then began to make his way through the forest. He went a bit ahead of his friend to make sure that there were no creatures that would attack them, but he didn't move out of Joystick's line of sight the whole way.
Rush hopped from his perch into the clearing and hurried to Joystick and Maple.

[Color=gray]"I saw the whole thing."[/color] He said, stopping in front of them, his worry bleeding into his words. [Color=gray]"I'll lead you out if you carry him."[/color]