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"Well in that case we would prefer to avoid any ongoing hostilities then," Match states, his eyes dimming as his mind searches for better answers.

"You offer to guide us out, but where is it you intend to bring us exactly," Match questions Green Hoof to try and see how far he can trust the supposed rebel.
"My duties required the memorization of the lands of all nations known to Equestria and I have never heard of your empire," Match responds with ponder to the stranger pony. "And yet you know of Tartarus. Perhaps you can point us in that direction and we can find out way from there," he continues, thinking aloud to a request. "But in any case I should think it appropriate to meet with your ruler, this Lord Sunset, as we do represent a foreign power."
"Sorry, I think you misunderstand my question. What country, province, and county are we in," Match rephrases with a huff as his patience dwindles from the stress of recent events.

Match fixes his posture to possess his trained front as part of Her Magesties Finest. he speaks through a toothy smile with relaxed and calm features, "While I do not know the exact means of our apperation, I can assure you that we mean you no harm. I am Match Stick of the Royal Guard, and this is Star Diver who I am escorting. Please inform us of where we are such that we may be on our way."

Match lays a hoof on Star's shoulder, looking him in the eyes as he says, "Now is not the time to panic, that last portal was a real dozy, so we both probably need some time to recover."

Leaving with a confident nod and a smirk, Match takes a few paces away from star and gazes about the horizon to see if anything stood out.

"I've been a lot of places, but no place quite like this."

Match rolls over onto his belly, his front hooves rubbing his temples in small circles. "Are you sure their was only one explosion," he winces his rhetorical question. Shaking his mind back into place before standing up.

"Are you sure you don't have any idea where me are? No memories of places you might have though of under stress to misalign the portal?"
The charcoal form of the guard lay beneath a tree not far away from Star, motionless aside the faintest of breaths, and serving as a stark contrast to the lively grasslands around him. If he were awake, he'd have appreciated the dew coated grass, cooling is body and soothing it from the trauma he had just endured.

Match concentrates on regulating the flow of magic: tensing his effect over the metaphysical energies, and leaking off what he can't stop as elemental fire. Slowly, silent flames envelop Match's horn, and then his body. Match growing warmer and brighter, but he felt colder and darker. Visions of ice as black as the scorching wood beneath his hearth fill his mind. Heat and light billowing from Match in increasing measure as he stands frozen in the corner of the shack (Though not even the driest Tinder would lite from these flames).  The flames grew brighter, his teeth grit harder, and in an instance of brilliance; Match falls unconscious, Star feels the singeing flood of mana, and the pair vanish.
Match smiles and nods, standing off to the side and keeping out of the way. He mentally goes though his past experiences with these sorts of things; what he did right, and what he did wrong. A small doubting part of him kept pace, reminding Match of previous failures and their consequences, though he was no longer so easily dissuaded anymore as to stop now, and so he waits and thinkswhile Star finishes his last preparations.

Match respectfully assists the duo, scooping several dishes onto his left hoof and walking them to the sink, as well as whatever else would assist them.

When they are done, Match compliments Weather again for her cooking and gives thanks for her hospitality as he leaves the house with Star for the shed, shaking off a feeling that he should just leave.

"Now before we begin I feel obliged to remind you of the risks involved with what I am going to be doing. I have very little control over my Mana Well, and it can fluctuate unexpectedly creating a massive overflow that will need to be vented. My Mana is naturally attuned with fire, so the results of this venting could leave us both a bit crisper than we began," he says all with a seriousness perhaps unnerving in comparison to his previous tone. However a smile comes to him as he laughs, "But that hasn't really been a problem for a long time, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about." These last words are filled with encouragement for Star.
Match raises his eyebrows in surprise and understanding as he replies, "
Hm, I guess I stand corrected then. Well no matter, if you are half as prepared for this as you sound, then we should have this experiment wrapped up before tea." He then smiles assuredly at Star, and with no small amount of self confidence, breaking eye contact only to push himself away from the table and ask, "So where are we going to start?"

Match looks a tad confused during Star's explanation. Though Star's own nervousness might as easily be the reason as once he is finished, Match grins widely and remarks, "Oh yes, the Prancing Pony Portal. I really need to keep a closer eye on my schedule." He chuckles a bit at his own expense before continuing his questions: "So why do you need all the extra magical energy? From what I read in you, and most other Mark-Based-Magics, a simple portal shouldn't be all that intensive for you." His questioning ends back onto a brighter note as he tries to break the tension between himself and the nervous Star: "Forgive me if I am mistaken in that."

Taking his mind off of the food set before him, Match quickly changing the subject from pleasantries to business. "So, what are the duties for which my services were requested," he asks Star in a gentle manner, looking him in the eyes with earnest internet. For if he had known the awnser, he would have not asked the question.
Match raises a brow slightly at Star's stare and nod in his direction. Match wasn't uses to surprising people with his presence, his years as a guardspony being a fairly formal and showy affair between the few times of need. The thought persisted, nagging at him even as Star had long abandoned the space Match was blankly staring into, but Weather's cry to "Dig in" was sufficient enough for him to shake his head back into place.

Turning to the table with a naturally friendly smile, Match replies to Wheather, "Thank you for offering, but I have already eaten."
Match sat quietly as Weather spoke of her time in Cloudsdale. Only expecting a short reply, Match was taken back by Weather's short tyraid on the subject, and for a few moments, Match fell into his own thoughts of home.

Mentally snapping back into reality, Match smells the sweet scent of the blueberries and dough being cooked at just the right temperature, their aroma filling his nostrils and overpowering his thoughts. His body had already eaten it's fill, but the smell had awoken a primal instinct by virtue of its sweetness, and Match reactively swallowed the watering of his mouth. "Now is not the time for sweets, you are on duty," Match repeats to himself in his thoughts.

Hoofsteps from upstairs distract Match from his thoughts, turning his head towards the stairwell.
"Neigh, I am quite fine," the stallion stated firmly, having already taken his fill at the mess hall, though he does sit down respectfully at the dining table. This wasn't a formal outing, at least by the standards of her Brilliancy's finest, but that was no excuse to be rude and forgo civilties.

"I hear that Cloudsdale is quite nice this time of year, ever been there," he asks the eldering mare in an attempt to keep up the conversation.
The unicorn nodded, and followed the Pegasus into Star's house. His eyes scan the rooms he is lead through,staying ever observant to his surroundings, if only to pass the time.

Just outside the house stands the charcoal figure of Match Stick, a fiery haired unicorn sent by request to assist Star with his most recent experiments. He waits patiently outside until the sound of the alarm clock catches his attention, at which point his hoof makes a few hefty thumps upon the oaken door of the house.
"There, we're in," Match says to Star as he enters the tower.

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"Well it's better than creating a fireball atop one of the highest buildings in this place, so I'll take my chances."

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