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Guild Archive / [Herd] What Herd?
2016 Aug 07, 05:05:05
That is literally the club name. I made it that way in the hopes that everypony interested gets too confused to care about the club. I'm really quite lonely I don't need anypony. You can join if you want I will forever be the only member of this club, and I don't hope it stays that way.

Club Membership Positions (from coolest to least coolest):
1. Protectors of the Peace - these guys can do whatever they want
2. That Guy that Everybody Hates - tasked with organizing events, the club, and stuff. Seriously, who wants to do that?
    (1 obviously)

If you want to demote yourself, for whatever reason, we need a 60% vote on the next pony (make a straw poll and post it in this thread). Wait three days. If you 'win', yay for everypony else.

If ponies manage to slip into this herd for whatever reason, they are committed to a vow of Pacifism. Meaning, you can't hurt other animals, even if they are trying to hurt you. Or just don't get caught. If you do get caught, you're out of the herd. PM 'That Guy that Everybody Hates' if you got kicked, and you want to repent.

1. You cannot not join
3. Any race is fine Earth ponies only
4. Brownie points for cool Earth pony parkour
5. If you're up to no good, don't get caught. If you do get caught, we had nothing to do with it. If you get caught, and you want to blame it on us, don't get caught

Members: Me (That Guy that Everybody Hates)

P.S: Don't Ignore any and all underscores. They aren't irrelevant.