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Whats up ponies? Welcome to Team Nuisance the crew where pegasus ponies who love going fast and tricking get together, hit the skies, and go wild! Think the wonderbolts just a lot bigger with a bunch of different flying styles and a cooler atmosphere.


So If you want in comment below on how to join
A few months ago I got a copy of reason 5 a music making program and made my first songs dedicated to my favorite pony twilight. I recently redid the song and named it ladveder. Dont know why I posted this just felt like sharing it i guess

The terrible version

The not so terrible version

I plan on remaking the song again once I get some experience with reason. Until the peace
Music Archive / The noisebomb music crew
2012 Mar 25, 23:02:33
[move]We Baaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkkk![/move]

Noisebomb members gather around and state your genre and producing name

Midnight Muzic Aka Dj konklusion "The master of jazz hop"