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Title: why we only fight?
Post by: Marsjan on 2020 May 31, 10:33:02
I think good idea would be if there are stas and needs are like in the sims. making this game more about normal life not only fight make them need to eat sleep, ability to buy a place for building home. in place of quest to gain cute mark make stats like in the sims for example if you make them speak to mirror they will gain talent for diplomacy (negociator, mayor or lord), if he would paint then he would gain cute mark for painting. I wanted to create a pony with talent for fire spells but there weren't any fire spells avalible even tough there are 3/4 fire themed cute mark, next wanted make a musician but ther are no posibility for this even tough there are a music themed cute mark. this is my problem with this game this is to much battle oriented.
Title: Re: why we only fight?
Post by: WZNGT on 2020 Jun 01, 07:54:53
Somehow LOE feels slower than Pony Town in terms of progress (PT is still a walking simulator thought). If new updates is not easy to come true, just some random daily tasks would do for a while IMO, and maybe the option to replay some old tasks since I forgot about their contents already.
Title: Re: why we only fight?
Post by: Even Tide on 2020 Jun 01, 15:01:59
Updates for the game are slow, but we are seeing additions such as the cooking and artisan talent which can craft you exclusive items to the talent.

According to LOE's twitter, mining will likely be coming out soon and I have a strong reason to believe farming will come out likewise. These will balance some of the grinding mobs aspect at least, but until all the talents and the rest of the game gets fleshed out some more, I think the game'll be stuck in a combat grind for maybe a year or few to come.