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You know... It would be really interesting if you guys could put a radiostation on when someone equips the headphones on of all original pony music. I know the guy that did the coding for everfree radio... It was the best station because it was 100% original pony music, no instrumentals and you could vote up or down the best songs. If a song wasnt that good, it wouldnt get played as often, and if it was requested a lot, it would get played a lot. You guys could have like a LOE top 10 billboard chart...

Let me know and I can talk to the coder...

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That would be a very fun and interesting feature. May a little bit difficult to actually implement but would be rewarding none the less. Would definitely add another layer of immersion for the players.

Also, for clarification, is this for in game or in forum?
Old time player of LOE, just have not been active on the forums... till now.

Glad to help in anyway possible and just trying to enjoy the game over all.
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I would love something like this! Maybe just use the pre existing radio station though.

Cloudy Skies

Would be cool, but it might take too much work. You might have to pay for it if they ever do it.
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