strange door and keypad in cantermore library

Started by Static Mental State, 2024 Jul 05, 20:13:57

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Static Mental State

2024 Jul 05, 20:13:57 Last Edit: 2024 Jul 05, 20:16:41 by Static Mental State Reason: images not showing up
so i recently found a hallway in cantermore library, so i went inside and found this strange door at the end of the hallway

and one of the notes has a combination, and that the keypad was behind the i went to black ink's desk and i found this keypad

however when i clicked on the keypad, nothing happened, i tried over and over, but still nothing. anyone know what this is? i wanna know!

edit: i don't know how to add images, i tried but it didn't work...
please don't ask why i'm here

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