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Started by Mako Ruu, 2017 Dec 09, 01:00:24

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Mako Ruu

2017 Dec 09, 01:00:24 Last Edit: 2017 Dec 09, 01:02:02 by Mako Ruu
I am sponsored by Viasat (Formerly Wildblue, and Exede) to test the performance of online games over satellite Internet.

I've tested over 40 games so far, and my small youtube channel has almost a thousand subs. Not many, I know, but it's a small audience.

Anyways. Most of the games I've tested are action games, and a lot of MMORPGs. I'd like to test something more kid friendly, so I've selected a handful of games that I'll put together in a small playlist, and Legends of Equestria is one of them.

I'd like to put together at least five to ten players who I can run around with and get some good footage of just general gameplay so I can go over topics about the game and how it performs over satellite Internet.

But I've hardly run into anyone in Ponydale! Something like this needs to be coordinated on a grand scale, you know. Anyways, if you're willing to show up and show off for 100 views on youtube I'd be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


This sounds awesome, and I would love to help out. My schedule can be a little hectic sometimes, but as long as the time is coordinated decently in advance I should be able to make it work  :D

Thank you, and goodnight

Cloudy Skies

I'd love to help! I'm in EST time and I usually can't stay up very late, so maybe tryouts or something at 8-9pm EST?
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I could, if you're still doing it, but it deoends on what days I'm off of work.

I didn't realize how old the original message was, my bad for any confusion caused.
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