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Introductions / Re: Returning player!
Last post by ClarkTurner - 2023 Dec 21, 11:21:49
Explore new updates, upgrade your gear, and join the community for the latest news and tips. Good luck!

another one
so I always try picked/harvested my crops before this incident, helped me level up a lot,but today I tried planting a topaz acorn and went to try pick my still growing orange tree, to open space for the other acorn I had in my inventory,but only now the system says that my seedlings are still growing,when I've been doing this for 1 month since I joined the game,also if I were never supposed to try harvest normal crops before,why does it still shows "try harvest" anyway, instead of just showing the harvest button when the crop is already grown up ,do I really have to wait for the Topaz acorn tree to be gone so I can go back to my try harvest usual day,or am I never going to be able to use the try harvest button again?
Autumn Dawn
Blazing Donutglaze
Cheryl Alves
Fair Mail
Flying Apple
Healing Lavender
Lemon Cloud
Lightning Blossom
Marvelous Mane
Melodic Wind
Murrr Death
Optic Rainfall
Rainbow Dashflash
Shuffle Beat
Starfire Dream
Thunder Sky
Windy Camo
Zebrussia Kopytova


Congratulations on yet another impressive feat! I was there when you demonstrated how you could leap from cloud to cloud to get to the top of the rainbow falls. ^_^ It was unbelievable.
Introductions / Re: Returning player!
Last post by StarFrith - 2023 Dec 17, 18:03:59
Welcome back! A few tips: try to find all the foal-only quests before "graduating", including the aviator glasses quest given by the pony outside of the library in the Crystal Kingdom, it's the second quest she will give you. Otherwise, it takes three ponies or maybe still two ponies and a well placed pet to trigger the teleport into the Crystal Library labyrinth. Stuff worth trading for are the teleport crystals that unicorns can make. The banks serve to store stuff and the more quests you do, the more room you have in the bank. If you have a Discord account, I believe the discussion is a bit more lively there.
Introductions / Can't log in
Last post by sunnyy_278 - 2023 Dec 17, 17:43:50
hi, im new, and earlier today i was fine, i could play, but now that im trying to log in again (with the correct username and password) it says error, incorrect username or password, i even tried resetting my password but nothing is working  DD:

edit: i logged in! :D
Game Updates / Re: Legends of Equestria Chang...
Last post by Neex - 2023 Dec 15, 23:15:05
Yay! I can't wait to play and see new features in game
General News / Cozy up with Legends of Equest...
Last post by Ellowee - 2023 Dec 15, 16:57:58
Hey there, everypony!

Hope you're all staying warm and cozy as winter has officially arrived in Equestria! The snow is falling, and festive vibes are spreading across the land. And what better way to celebrate the season than with the latest Winter 2023 update for Legends of Equestria - now available for download on our website!
As always, you can find the full list of changes on our changelog!. But let's get to some highlights!

Starting with the most obvious; Winter has descended upon Equestria, covering its land in snow once more!
And not only that - but so has the festive spirit - so if you haven't already, you can now earn the seasonal costume for this time of year through Ensemble's usual quest!

Not only that, but our ponies have found themselves experimenting with new styles - as such, not only have certain crystal eyes be catching the eyes of every pony, several new mane and tail styles are now available to be seen across Equestria!

But fashion doesn't stop at just the manes, now does it? Embrace the chill with the all-new Winterzilla costume! Hidden within presents scattered across Equestria, this frosty ensemble is sure to make you the talk of the winter carnival. Complete with an icy flair and a touch of whimsy, Winterzilla is the perfect way to showcase your seasonal spirit!

That's not everything, of course! There's plenty of other changes listed on our changelog post, ranging from further quality-of-life improvements to new cosmetic items to general bug fixes. We hope that all of them make your time in Equestria more enjoyable, and we hope to see you there soon! Bye for now!
Game Updates / Legends of Equestria Changelog...
Last post by Ellowee - 2023 Dec 15, 16:55:31
Seasonal quests:

  • Disabled the Hallowtide quests
  • Disabled the Hallowtide candy event
  • Enabled the seasonal Winter quest "Dashing Through The Snow"
  • Enabled the seasonal Winter gift collection event


  • Added several new mane styles:
    - Chammy
    - Dandaru
    - Green Adventure
    - iiTabiMooni
    - Ikarooz
    - Silverblur
    - Dandaru
  • Added several new tail styles:
    - Chammy
    - Dandaru
    - Green Adventure
    - iiTabiMoonii
    - Ikarooz
    - Silverblur
  • Added a new character character customization option for the iris, separating into:
    - Standard eyes
    - Crystal eyes
  • Added Winterzilla costume, available to find in presents
  • Added Puffer Coat and Bombar Jacket, available to find in presents
  • Added 3 new talent marks:
    - A smiling pony face
    - A pink cow
    - A blue moon on a cloud

  • Added a new dragon variant called Elder Dragon
  • Added a new Lantern Monster variant called Blighted Lantern Monster
  • Updated the level 65 Dragon in Castle Grounds to be of type Elder
  • Updated the level 50 Lantern Monster in Evershade to be of type Blighted

  • Fixed mobile auto targeting
  • Fixed some friendly AoEs hitting you
  • Fixed mounting issues of the Nirik costume
  • Fixed mounting issues with the Kelpie tail
  • Fixed an issue where another player's damage source appeared to inflict damage on oneself
  • Fixed targeting issues on the mobile platform Renamed "Dowsing crystal" to "Dowsing Crystal"
  • Slightly reduced the stamina drain for Pegasi and Unicorns while sprinting
  • Updated the Resuscitation skill to no longer require a full reload of your character
  • Updated the skill descriptions to be more meaningful Improved the snowballs to use better physics and be liftable using the Telekinesis skill
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