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Capt Clean Whistle
Dim Light
Empress Slashina
Flight OFancy
Lemon Cloud
Lightning Blossom
Luna Eclipsa
Mango Muffin
Marussia Kopytova
Optic Rainfall
Red Velvet
Rising Star
Rouge Hurricane
Shuffle Beat
Starfire Dream
Thunder Sky


Link doesn't work my browser keeps saying page not found... I CANNOT access the game via mobile app at all I cannot use discord ATM until September
Update: I found my way into the discord and my issue was resolved there. if anyone else gets stuck you can type /stuck into the chat as a console command.
Empress Slashina
Flame Gust
Garden Variety
Lemon Cloud
Marussia Kopytova
Red Velvet
Shuffle Beat
Smolrussia Kopytova
Starfire Dream
Vanilla Coffee
Vapor Sky
Wind Spray

Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - June 8th 2024 • show
My little foal Sylvia is stuck in the Digsite Dungeon. I was exploring and the npc told me I couldn't go in there.  :s

I didn't listen to him and paid for it dearly lol. I walked into the dirt mound and managed to clip through it. I'm putting this here because I'm now stuck. I didn't even mean to clip in here.

Here's pictures.
I don't know if someone can help me get out? Like I kinda wish you could teleport to a friend or something cause that'd help. Or a reset button like in roblox for example.
Legends of Equestria Discussion / Where can you get the kite?
Last post by Gwenna - 2024 Jun 07, 19:23:51
Sorry if an obvious question. I read that they were added to the game, and saw some players flying them. Is it purchasable? Craftable? An enemy drop?  :o
Introductions / Hi Everypony!!
Last post by DoilyStardust - 2024 Jun 06, 23:59:18
I'm randomly going through a whole brony fandom nostalgia trip and i remembered seeing the videos first introducing this to the pubic back when i was like, 12. Now, I'm a 20-year-old with too much time this summer break and a computer that can actually handle it!! 0:)  0:)
Autumn Dawn
Blazing Donutglaze
Dusk Glare
Healing Lavender
Lightning Blossom
Marussia Kopytova
Optic Rainfall
Paradise Daydream
Red Velvet
Shuffle Beat
Starfire Dream
Thunder le Mime
Windy Camo


Writing / Wouldn't Change a Thing
Last post by DawnsEmbrace - 2024 Jun 02, 23:29:07
3650 Days like sand through our hands,
521 Weeks like the breeze through our hair,
120 Months like the sun on our skin,
10 Year, like the clouds rolling in.

All that uncertain time, ten years of wanting more,
I couldn't close that door.
Now it's come and I couldn't want it less,
but I wouldn't change a thing.

All that hurt to stop regretting, or forgetting it was worth it.
And now it's dulling, healing finally,
And with it gone so goes the memory.
Still, I wouldn't change a thing.

It clung and scraped, that grief,
All just to survive ten years.
It died with hope just in reach,
but not so far as the beach.

10 Years, til the clouds rolled in.
10 Years, til the door slammed closed.
10 Years, and my tired on the road.
And I wouldn't change a thing.
I vote Luna and Cadence!

I like Luna for her character growth and the work she does behind the scenes in the dream world. We see her dreamwalk a few times in the show, and the amount of strength she shows doing it is really impressive.

Celestia is obviously loved by her people, but I don't like her as much because she never went dreamwalking, nor gave the job to anypony else (We see that she's never fought a nightmare in the cutie mark swap episode.) Equestria's citizens suffered nightmares while Luna was on the moon, and they probably blamed them on her, too; Celestia should have made Dreamwalker a station so that her ponies were safe in their own minds, and so that her sister wouldn't have to face yet another problem upon her return.

I really like Cadence for what she represents. Love is one of the most important feelings a person has, whether platonic or romantic or for a place or thing, and without it everything falls apart. The only thing I wish was that Shining got to become a Stallicorn - if there's two princesses of sisterhood, there should be two prince/sses of love!

McFlurry represents familial and platonic love rather than love in general. I like her, sort of, but I feel like they could have done a better job of portraying a baby who needs special considerations. IMO she's also the least adorable baby we really see on screen in the whole show, which is absolutely tragic.

Twilight is... uh... something? For being the main character, I really don't know how I feel about her as a princess. Her role is more like "the head of the bureau of national defense" than "princess of friendship" but she does her job really well and everypony/creature respects her for it, so I won't complain lol.
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