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One day in a small town in a remote part of Equestria called Etria, an underground forest was discovered. The Rahda, governors of Etria issued a proclamation throughout the continent...
Eventually, the royals of the neighboring regions heard this call and dispatched a handful of their guards and troops yet have been forced to withdraw back due to the lack of resources to go on and/or came back empty handed. Because of this the maze was left shrouded in mystery. Despite this, any able-bodied adventurer's curiosity compelled them to investigate this mysterious forest and tackle its depths...
But no matter how many came to investigate the dungeon, none gained the renown they sought...
As more adventurers, vagabonds, and even a handful of the diverse race of soldiers from each kingdoms throughout Equestria tried and failed to conquer it, it came to be known by a new name...

[glow=black,2,300]The Yggdrasil Labyrinth[/glow]

You are the latest adventurer to journey to Etria in response to the Radha's proclamation. You have but one goal: Explore the forest to win fame and fortune. Etria is at hand...
Original Characters / My OCs
2014 May 08, 05:05:44
Decided to post my OCs since I haven't yet...

Edit: I've added limit breaks to the characters.

When in battle they are only triggered when the pony is on the verge of fainting and are used as a last resort or desperation attack. They can only use them once during a fight for balance issues to avoid being permanently OP.

The power scale goes off of PeaceKeepers Tier Scale
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2017 Feb 02, 04:55:48
Spoiler: F-tier (Broken tier) • show

The lowest tier on the list. At this tier, the character basically has no fight ability whatsoever, and if the character did, it is so terrible that anything can beat the character. It is considered broken in this tier because the character has NO fight potential, basically a liability to anyone who ventures in combat as a pair. ALWAYS avoid fights at all costs, even if it is against the next tier on the list.

Spoiler: E-Tier • show

Terrible terrible TERRIBLE fighter. Not as bad as F-tier, E tiers somehow has some fight, even if it is a pathetic display. They would be brave, but lack fight knowledge, if any is learned.

This tier also applies to those who have no need to fight, but will put up one if the situation calls for it when absolutely necessary. But you won't be seeing some oh-so superpower ability, its not at all, just a fight-of-flight situation that goes naturally, and pretty much wouldn't be bothered much for such need to fight.

Spoiler: D-Tier • show

NOW we are getting to those who are willing to fight. At D-tier, they plenty like to fight, or are just big and strong and would stand up to anyone who opposes. However... they seem tough, but that sometimes goes over their head. May just be strong, but lacks proper fighting skills. Its like the big bully in school, just big, but no skill. relies only in brawn skill. Not to say the character would be like a bully, but would lack the skill like one. Let's say they try going karate and epic fails.

Also this tier can be for a beginner training fighter. Those who just started. Of course they don't have any good knowledge, but that is where they start. Though they are better focused than the school bullies with no skill, they are not ready to take on just anyone yet.

Spoiler: C-Tier • show

This tier is where we now having fight potential. In the C-tier, the character has learned a decent skill of fight. This is the minimum potential for royal guards to be at. Capable of subduing most common characters, can stand up against griffons or equivalence. High C-tiers would tend to be the best fighter of their hometown or of any town.

Spoiler: B-Tier • show

B Tiers have great skill in fight. Nearing the sight of championship potential, these fighters are capable of facing decent offenders such as timberwolves and bears. They have skills and strengths to throw and submit such animals. Magic at this level is well-known in combat. They tend to have good skill in spells, and power output of the magic are able to lift timberwolves and toss them. The B-Tiers tend to be champions of their hometown, county, or even their state.

Spoiler: A-Tier • show

A-Tiers are the go-to fighters that are incredibly skilled and trained. These fighters are in championship condition and may be masters of fighting at this level. Such great skill makes them fearsome, capable of fighting off a group of about 3-5 D-Tier ponies at once. Magic is also astounding, capable of a good number of combat spells, and telekinesis able to lift a cart. The A-Tiers tend to be state champions, or even country champions.

Characters notable at this tier level are Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Daring Do

Spoiler: S-Tier • show

This is where masters will be. S-Tiers are masters of fighting. This is the maximum acceptable tier list. The characters would be masters of fighting capabilities, learning every technique in their arts. At this fighting potential, the character is capable of fighting 5-7 C-Tier ponies at once. They are near-unrivaled potential in their capabilities and commonly championship material. Magic is also extraordinary, with many spells learned, and high magical output that can carry an Ursa Minor. At this tier the character is a champion of the country or even continent.

Character notable at this tier: Twilight Sparkle (pre-alicorn), Shining Armor.

Spoiler: SS-Tier (OP Tier) • show

This is where we stop. Here is where things are not commonly acceptable. This is known as the SS-Tier., or the OP tier. Characters at this tier are beyond good, masters of many arts, and are super strong. This tiers will have no issue taking on A-Tiers and would give S-Tiers a run for their money. These characters practically have a lot of their flaws covered, almost no weakness. Some would have flaws, but their fight and magic potential more than make up for it. Magical capabilities are unrivaled, capable of spells, in which they are incredibly difficult to execute, with ease, and telekinesis to lift a house. May not be very strong, but perhaps fight with such skill and evasiveness they seem almost untouchable. AT this tier they easily become master of the continent in combat.

Notable characters: Trixie (Alicorn Amulet), Twilight Sparkle (Alicorn)

Spoiler: BRO-Ken Tier • show

NO, just NO! Here is where cheap is taken to the extreme. At this tier, its basically a cheat code in combat. Characters in this tier tend to be God-like, or Mary Sues. Characters with such potential in fighting they tend to always hit, sometimes 1-hit-KOs or they always seem to dodge all attacks without breaking a sweat. These characters also would be, in some cases, change the universe, change time and space, can break anything, become invincible, overpower everything, well... you get the point.

So NO PLEASE don't be this tier. Its cheap, its broken, its not even funny, and ruins everything.
However he hasn't included the SS's tiear thats beyond that but lower than BRO-Ken

SSS- This would be the strength that would possibly be around where the Ursa Majors are at

SSSS-This is where we go into the territory where you we go for gods like the princesses not much to say

SSSSS- this is where we go into the levels of gods reflecting that or DBZ that could wipe out the planet if they wanted to or if left on checked...or possibly even blow it up if taken further than that.

SSSSSS- This is where it goes to universal influence...Think Hyper God of Death Asriel, or Shin Megami Tenseis major antagonist YHVH but none on this roster goes beyond the former tier level. Beyond that is where Bro-ken lies.

Lunar Dusk

Spoiler: show

New Look (Post Prison Escape Age 14-15)
Spoiler: show

Old Look (Pre Prison Escape Age 13)

Name: Lunar Dusk
Strength Level: A
Fury Form: S
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Cutie Mark: Crescent Moon with a black circle within it, in other words an eclipsed moon which is to reflect that of the incident from burning the school down and his realization during prison of his non-deserving title of archmage prodigy he would've had is somewhat intact but having no interest in retaining it and at this point if he were to apply for a profession, his record would be tainted.
Height: 2'7 ft (this goes off the head canon that the average mare size is bout 3'0-3'5 while stallion 3'5-4'0)
Born: Ponyville
Morality Range: Gray-Black  Chaotic Evil(Age 13) Chaotic Neutral(After Prison Break)
Personality: greedy, sadistic(former), calm(former), narcissistic, hyper active, can be a bit childish at times
Strength: Moves and attacks very fast although this would only count if he is up close to someone as he prefers to fight from a distance yet using punches and kicks in order to fire those projectiles.(like the benders in avatar the last airbender) When attacking upclose he would freeze his hooves solid or sometimes form ice claws to hit harder he repeated attacking speed would be 186,000 mph per punch or kick. If his first 3-5 warning shots are done he will take bait and prediction tactic when going on the offensive. IF he's going on the defensive he will attempt a stealth or counter tactic by either freezing the entire ground to sink under and eventually ambush the opponent and strike them from under or behind. In order to deal with fire based opponents some of his ice attacks involve the use of liquid nitrogen to prevent them from completely making him helpless. Due to his primary element and magic he focuses on, he will get stronger and even faster  in colder or wet areas. Just because he focuses on ice magic doesnt mean that he's only restricted to it, as a unicorn and archmage like his mother he still has access to other magic spells specifically elemental ones to prevent being to predictable. Like the beartrap like bracelets on his hooves, they can be opened and thrown at the opponent and when they are opened, it produces a cage like electrical current that will severely injure the pony if they made direct and full contact with it. Although for the most part he uses it as a fake out to punish whoever focuses on it due to its lack of range
Weakness: As he attacks fast and could hit hard and lay a smack down on even stronger foes if they are too complacent, he really isnt built to take a beating in return  more specifically physical ones despite being more of a physically active unicorn but not as much as earth ponies. Due to this he has to rely on evading attacks and ending his opponents as quick as possible. Like the opposite of cold or wet environments, he will gradually be at a disadvantage and be weakened when the temperature has risen and is in a heted environment and if he's hit by a fire attack it will drastically hurt him and possibly make him go down in 1-2 shots depending on its strength putting him into glass cannon range.
Limit Break: SpiritBomb-leaps into the air and charges up a giant sphere of frigid air in the shape of a crescent moon and hurls it towards the ground
Limit break 2: Freezing Dusk-transforms into a semi alicorn for limited period of time
Likes:  causing mischief, reading, studying about the world, trying to perfect his magic
Dislikes: Anyone that tries to stop him(former slightly as he is starting to know when things have been taken too far and setting standards for himself), younger foals(infant aged), being pursued by the police. Due to his experience he really doesn't tolerate being bullied or belittled in a way at the point of it being like his berserk button.
bio:  Lunar is a young pony who was a prodigy in performing magic, especially elemental magic, taking the title Archmage. Despite this he had a intense liking to Ice magic that he'd have it as a primary element. Over the course of years he sometimes would find a tablet that can give him access to a new spell to learn and eventually use whether it is weak or strong. Ever since his mother's death from sickness, he became an outlaw due to griefing other individuals around Canterlot, even resulting into brutally attacking anyone that show resistance. He is currently being hunted by a pony hired by the police, who was once his childhood friend and rival, Solar Flare. If too much stress goes to his head he undergoes a transformation losing his mind in the process.
Backstory: Lunar was born in an environment the was barely on the edge of the EverFree forest. At an early age he was a foal blessed with incredible magic, but despite this he would sometimes strike himself by mistake in the middle of playing with his magic outside. His mother Night Star, watching her child would giggle at the staggering foal while helping him back onto his feet. At age 8 his mother moved to Canterlot for the purpose of enrolling Lunar in a school. Little did Night Star know that Lunar would  be bullied for his appearance or just out of jealousy from the other students being overlooked by the authorities as obvious and more noticeable it got. Each day Lunar would burst through the door, with sadness in his eye then criying in his mothers arms who was comforting the young foal.
2 weeks after the first day Lunar met an older pyrokinectic pony by the name of Solar Flare. Seeing how evenly matched they were while in training they became friendly rivals supporting each other. With a 4 year period of bullying, the personality of Lunar began to grow sour while showing disgust over almost everyone in the school. At age 12 Night Star had fallen ill with Lunar devastated in the process. Night Star smiled at Lunar. " matter what everyone else are your own pony...and don't change y-yourself just for their" were her last words before she shut her eyes passing away. With his mother gone Lunar dropped out of school becoming a wanderer wearing his mother's rings to remember her by. For 3 months Lunar stormed inside the Everfree forest training nonstop vowing revenge on the students that loathed and shunned him from the impression of him being a bad guy with a hint of jealousy.
After 3 months of nonstop training, thirsty for vengeance Lunar snuck to the top of the school during nightfall while the students were asleep in their dorms. "You wanted a monster?..Well you've got a monster." was what the archmage said before he set the school on fire by striking it with lightning and fleeing in the process. "Hehe that actually felt....good". He started to enjoy the fact that he was causing misfortune to others for a change. Ever since the incident Lunar started causing chaos around Canterlot  for pleasure, making a bounty for himself. But the other side of his nature of being competetive and wanting to be the best like when he was still a prodigy if he even deserves to be called one rose so not only he'd grief just for the heck of it but also viewed it as a form of training provoking and taking any retaliation as a challenge especially to a brown zebra named Oil Slick. Seeing the archmage as a threat the guards moved up his bounty as one of the highest ranked outlaws. After 2 months of intense struggles Lunar was captured after he was severely wounded by a pony by the name of Shadow Dagger that ambushed him erasing all evidence of his involvement and tied up while near in a volcano crater weakening the helpless archmage. Being sentenced life in prison, Lunar was in isolation, even from other prisoners, he was, alone, with no one to see. While in this situation he began to ponder over what has happend. What was the point of maiming others, he's already carried out his vengeance on the students. What will he do with himself now that his mother is gone and no contact with his friend Solar.  He considered going for parol but that would be pointless. "Heh, cant change someones personality, I'm already am too far to 360 it, but you can only change your actions, Im enjoying it too much. Still though I see no point in maiming them if they cant defend." Through the cell bars he see a tablet far away with unusual language. He didnt know what it did but with the patterns of it, from what he remembered while training in magic he's seen a pattern like that before signaling a spell of some sort. Taking the chance whether it could've been dangerous or no effect he repeatedly muttered the language on the far away tablet over and over to get it right. Soon after his hooves began to glow shooting a large sphere at the wall as if it was a mini spirit bomb. Obviously at this point he had gained a new power. This was his chance to escape, he ceased this opportunity before anyone noticed until it was too late that he was already long gone. Sometime within the 2 year time span he makes two friends that become close with him and form a trio with each other. Azure, nicknamed Azure Doom, a blue colt who with a broken horn and mechanical wings created for him, having a thing for engineering who was found in Everfree Forest injured by a mysterious "bat pony" and is taken care of as if he was a sibling. IronBlade a former member of the Royal Guard who had volunteerism joined with the duo after acknowledging the archmages skills in battle, whose a very formidable fighter who could take on an entire fleet of opponents almost at the point of holding his own with someone at Celestia's level of power. He makes sure to keep the two hooligans in check from doing anything too drastic and preventing Lunar from losing his resolve to continue on independently. Also with his mind set, a cutie mark in the shape of a crescent moon with a dark new moon within it appeared on his flank. No doubt that with this, and the combination of the thoughts of the comments , slander he'd taken would cause him to turn into what seemed to be a winged pony with stripes emulating an alicorn if he had underwent amounts of pressure and finally snapping. Lucky this has not happend.....yet, but such a transformation will be imminent when he'd have to engage his rival SolarFlare, who is out for his blood, which he doesn't know yet. Currently he wanders around Equestria doing his own thing minimizing his mischief to thievery while constantly stopping in the northeastern part of the Everfree Forest, his new home to rest. Little did he know that his mother really was alive and out there somewhere due to not dying but was put in a coma from an attempted assassination by Shadow Dagger who poisoned her drink.
Extra Info/Fun Fact: Despite wearing goggles, he is wearing red contact lenses underneath that reflect light giving the illusion of them glowing. He uses those for as an intimidation factor.

Spoiler: show

While in Limit Break 2 Aka Fury Form

Battle Theme
Spoiler: show

Battle Theme2
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Solar Flare

Spoiler: show


Spoiler: show

Without suit

Spoiler: show

Old look

Spoiler: show

Doing 2nd Limit Break

Name: Solar Flare
Strength Level: A
Fury Form: S
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Cutie Mark: An Eclipsed Sun (unable to be seen due to suit)
Height: 3'2 97cm
Born: Canterlot
Morality Range: Grey-Gray Lawful Good(former) Lawful Nuetral(current)
Personality:  short tempered, high spirited, energetic
Element: Fire
Strength: Hits hard and is skilled in pyrokinetics, is stronger when it is hot and sunny
Weakness: water, lacks 100% self control and could go berserk if provoked
Likes:  helping others in need, training to perfect his magic, competing with others that match his strength or is better than him
Dislikes: being called hero, seeing others down, swimming, cold areas
Limit Break: Flame Tornado-focuses his energy to summon a fire tornado for limited time
Limit Break 2: Blazing Flare- Transforms into a semi alicorn for limited period of time
bio: Solar Flare is a pyrokinectic pony who is a childhood friend and rival of Lunar.Due to an incident where he almost burned other ponies and even himself by accident, he wears a fireproof suit and is constantly training nonstop trying to perfect his pyrokinesis so he can control his powers. At age 8 Solar was known for being a big helper who was earning respect from the staff members around the school. Determined to learn about pyrokinesis, each day he would go into the library reading about the ways of controlling fire without burning himself along with the support of his older cousin PavisFlare. At age 10, while in training, he meets a younger Lunar Dusk who caught his attention who seemed to be evenly matched with him. Ever since the encounter they would be rivals yet friends trying to support each other. However Little did Solar Flare know that the 4 year friendship would soon end when he spots Lunar striking the school with lightning, causing it catch on fire at night. After seeing the archmage escape prison and eluding capture, along with being tasked by the police forces Solar Flare hunts him down to bring him back dead or alive. He knows that he wouldn't do so without a fight which would give him the perfect opportunity to settle the dispute on whose the stronger fighter. Bearing the task of stopping a chaotic pony and saving lives, automatically being in the "white" and bearing the burden of those that would be harmed was something he chose. "True Justice for All" was the words he kept in mind. It wasn't as much easy helping others in their time of need, especially when he himself still has an the inability of controlling his powers and his short temper. In the middle of his travels he meets a bat like pony that he asks to alert of him of the archmage's whereabouts and a kid changeling whom forms a small bond with. Somewhere over the course of 3 years both his physical appearance and personality drastically change. At first he was a a hot head but caring enough to make sure that the those with malicious intent are kept in check to a remorseless pony who is stoic or almost as if he was stone having absolutely low chance of care in the world not being afraid to release his full power vs holding back completely clouding his judgement and thought of "justice". It could possibly due to the fact that the bittersweet successes and/or failures, and betrayals have caught up to him. 1 example could be a moment in Manehatten when 5 bandits  were robbing a beggar. Solar being caught in the crossfire decided to route them as in his mind, heart and instinct told him to. Within 8 seconds he let lose a wave  of fire engulfing the area in a sea of fire which eventually expanded. This was an outcome he had not anticipated happening, another result of him slipping up. Within the flames no one except Solar was in sight. The bandits....and most likely the beggar was turned into ashes at the hands of the "hero". In a combination of fear and guilt after other ponies approached the scene but avoiding him, Solar left Manehatten gaining an imfamous reputation that would lead to shunning, being fired from the police, unintentionally burning property of those that do take him in as the guilt and paranoia messed with his concentration which made it even worse in terms of control, leaving the poor pony with no one to turn to except his siblings and parents which he cant even contact. "I do what is right, I fight for others that can't help their selves in their moment of weakness, My mindset is pure but tainted by this fiery curse and misfortune that is ingrained into my life...Is there nothing a fool like me can do right...Is there no one I can protect in this world?" he thought as tears streamed down his face when he looked down. Soon after He clenched his hooves before rising up "In comparison to the monsters, perhaps I'm no different, but worse...maybe even worse that him? No...we're similar but our motives are vastly different." Within a few seconds a cutiemark started to appear on his flank in  2 years after this realization he hardened his heart to everyone, refusing to make friends or even acquaintances, along with changing the style of his fire suit, shades and even his mane which seemed to now have streaks of red running along the edges. This could possibly be a result from him finally having full control of his powers...or perhaps from getting even stronger than ever. Regardless, with every setback and distraction aside his reason for Lunar's demise was personal and instead of trying to save everyone, he'd have to reduce the amount of casualties than there needs to be.
Extra Info/Fun Fact: His favorite food is stir fry. As stoic as he is he's really ticklish and tries hard to avert that.
Battle Theme

Battle Theme2
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Night Star
Spoiler: show

Name: Night Star
Strength Level: S 1/2
Fury Form: SSS
Age: 38 (21 in rps)
Gender: female
Cutie Mark: Blue Star
Height: 4'0 120cm
Born: Cloudsdale
Morality range: White-Gray
Personality:  level headed, perky, caring, somewhat devious
Element: Wind
Strength: Is skilled in magic and is best at countering other magic attacks except certain spells but can take a beating
Weakness: gets tired easily
Limit break: Elementum-Fires a laser beam thats combined with Fire, Water, Air, Electricity and Earth towards the foe
Limit Break 2: Pollux- Engulfs herself in a sphere of fire to enable her to flyfreely and ram the foe (similar to sonic or pikachus final smash)
Likes:  helping others, reading,drawing
Dislikes:  seeing others sad, arrogance, hot weather
bio:  Night Star is a level headed unicorn who is Lunar Dusk's mother.  At an early age Night Star was raised in Cloudsdale with a group full of mage unicorns.  Curious and determined to go further, she would research in a library to find each and every one of elemental spells to count. After several years of nonstop training, at age 22 her incredible talents were getting recognized by the group of unicorns and even other residents.  Hearing about this, Night Star tried to perfect the highest levels of spells until later on, on her 23th birthday the leader of the group of mage unicorns summoned her to promote her to archmage. Grateful for the respect she was getting, she was wondering whether she was going to attract some jealousy. 3 months later, she began to give birth to a colt who would yet end up as the infamous Lunar Dusk. Seeing how she wanted to live a normal life with the newborn colt, Night said her goodbyes then moved to ponyville just by the edge of the Everfree Forest. After 15 years of raising Lunar, Night Star ended up falling ill and passed away smiling with a devastated Lunar watching her.
Extra Info/Fun Fact: Has a phobia of snakes due to a moment she had with them during her training.
Fury Form/Doing Pollux
Spoiler: show

Appearance before her coma and during her training period
Spoiler: show

Battle Theme
Spoiler: show

Battle Theme 2
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show