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Update I guess..

Been playing a good bit of the Kingdom series and some of the older Nintendo console emulators on the Switch.
Quote from: LunarDusk on 2023 Apr 19, 02:07:29Hallo veterans of LOE this is your chaotic nuetral Archmage...Lunar Dusk!  :]

Though the last thing I have been playing these days is a mmo called Elsword

Elsword's still alive? Haven't touched that game in years.
Quote from: ymirtm3r on 2023 Mar 30, 16:07:59Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I saw that some of you were talking about the games you're currently playing, and I couldn't resist chiming in.Personally, I love playing mini-games - they're a great way to pass the time and have some fun without necessarily committing to a full-length game.

Nothing wrong with reviving old threads, they're here for a reason, so don't be sorry.
Mini games are good, yeah, I see what you mean with that.
Small update to mine.

I'm playing the absolute hay out of A Hat In Time.
Introductions / Re: new player, hello all!
2023 Feb 07, 12:32:31
Well hello to you too!
I could, if you're still doing it, but it deoends on what days I'm off of work.

I didn't realize how old the original message was, my bad for any confusion caused.
Introductions / Re: Hi
2022 Dec 10, 16:31:19
You're welcome.
Introductions / Re: Hi
2022 Dec 10, 07:49:34
Always good to meet new people, welcome aboard!
Introductions / Re: Hi there <3
2022 Dec 07, 17:18:43
Greets, the forums are extremely dead, but it's good to see people still doing stuff on here every once in a while, even if it's just popping in and saying hi lol
Mainly Portal 2, Portal 2 mods(Stories: Mel and Reloaded), and Besiege.

With a handful of other smaller titles.

Throw rocks.

Study rocks.

Think about rocks.


I'd say Pegasus.

Because planes, idk.

I just think it's cool to see a wing horse fly and pull maneuvers a plane would do. Would also be neat to see a Pegasus and a plane flying in formation, mostly WWII planes because personal bias lol
Pretty good.

That second one is a big oof moment, ow
I gotta be honest with you here, It's a tough decision between Fluttershy, Derpy, and Marble Pie.
Quote from: Mufiso on 2022 Aug 23, 11:02:27Hello, how to get those vanity items? Like this years ghostlight?

There's a pony in the Crystal Empire Kingdom that sells some vanity items.
I can't remember their name, but look for 'Fashionista' under said NPC's name.
I gotta be honest here, my favorite used to be Fluttershy until Derpy showed up. Since then they've been about the same.
I started watching FiM some years ago before I was even 10, but I don't think I'd consider that me a brony, since I stopped for who knows how many years after a week or two(I think).

Cut forward to mid 2022 when I'm 20 and my sister starts watching FiM again and a guy I play War Thunder with is playing the Equestria At War mod for Hearts of Iron IV.
After a few weeks of this I think to myself: Y'know what.. The world needs a little more friendship. Let's go." And I start watching from Season 1. That's when I officially became a Brony. To an extent. I wasn't actively browsing MLP content until midway through the series, I believe.

And now here I am finished with Season 9, slowly making my way through the Equestria Girls movies, and making a virtual pony in LoE stand sideways on the side of a tree for whatever reasons.
Original Characters / Aeriel Blitz
2022 Aug 15, 00:58:44
I apologize if anyone happens to have a character with this name.

I may not RP in the forums since everything seems kinda dead, but I can RP on Discord if anyone's willing to have another character join. I can be found on the official LoE Discord Server.

Ariel Blitz

Age:5(Horse/Pony age), 17(Human age for comparison)
Gender: Female
Species, Race: Pony, Pegasus
Power(s): N/A
Weapon(s): N/A
Abilities: Fighter Maneuver

Personality: Helpful and excitable. Easily distracted by things that grab her interest. Adventurous. Can and will defend herself and others if necessary.

Appearance: Steel blue coat, yellow eyes, oval lensed rimless glasses, white and blue mane & tail w/ thin red highlights in white parts.
[The image below was made with the character creator provided in Pony Town.]

Second pony character, elder sister of Steel Blitz(May or may not be present, depending on how active I am).

She's often seen with saddlebags. The left bag holds empty scrolls, quills, and a closed inkwell, the right holds Bits and other small things she collects. The empty scrolls are used to write down descriptions or draw pictures of interesting places she visits.

Her Cutie/Talent Mark is a coat of arms. Inside the 'shield' is a flag on a hill. The print on the flag is a crossed wing and sword. Her Cutie Mark's color scheme has color placements somewhat similar to the 1947 USAAF roundel, with greens and a lighter blue included.
See image below

Fighter Maneuver: Has better maneuverability in the air compared to the average town or city dwelling pegasi due to flight training sessions in various areas, especially in dense woods and forests. Can easily avoid enemy projectiles or fly in narrow spaces, to an extent.

Decided to try and make her Cutie Mark in MS Paint because that's the best thing I have. Yes, I know, low quality stuff.
Used the curve line to trace over a resized wing.
-throws Derpy mannequin-