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10/22/2021 Cantermore Sleeps
Players: Nightstalker, Rosie Sunshine, Strawberry Milk, Toot Sweet

  • More ponies have been affected by the sleeping curse, but somepony who names himself "Giddy Gimble" claims to have found a cure and asks the group to come to the University.
  • Nightstalker is early and already waits on the other end of the fountain plaza. Strawberry, Toot and Rosie come later and now find the plaza blocked by sleeping ponies. They go around them, meet up with Night and go to the  University campus.
  • At the University campus, they find more sleeping ponies, strangely lined up neatly.
  • A sleeping pegasus lands in front of Night and introduces himself as Giddy Gimble. Night questions this, but he doesn't answer her question.
  • The sleeping ponies rise up into the air and whirl around the group. After having trapped the group together, they drive them back to back and try to pull Toot out, but Toot can be saved.
  • Night takes the others with them and they flee to Eq.U.I.S. headquarters, the sleeping mob on their tails.
  • The mob tries to enter the building while Strawberry frantically orders them around to improve the shield.
  • The mob pulls out Toot again. Damaged from the first time, she turns into a  sleeper, too. She then hugs Rosie and Rosie also turns into a sleeper.
  • Strawberry casts a strong spell to improve the shields, but it turns out to be a very bright light instead, which wakes up all the sleepers. Most of them are confused and disperse.
  • At the other end of the street, they see a well-dressed cat applauding their  efforts. When Strawberry threatens him with a sword and Night angrily asks him who he is, he says he's "just the host of the World of Dreams".
The Sleeping (ongoing)
10/1/2021 Towers of Junk and Sleeping Ponies
Players: cira, Farsight, Lemon Grass, Nightstalker, Rocky Slides, Rusty Pipe Organ

  • In the last three days, random items have been disappearing. There is no connection between the items and they seem to be of varying value. Since this morning, ponies have been missing, too.
  • They are six ponies from various backgrounds, again with no obvious connection. The only clue is a wagon trail leading to the Evershade Forest.
  • Both volunteers and guards have been recruited to search for the missing ponies.
  • The group finds the missing cart. A giant tree creature, a shambler, is
  • currently eating it, but leaves the metal parts alone.
  • They find a broken box and a claw marks.
  • In a clearing, they find diamond dogs barking at large piles of random items. On closer inspection, the missing ponies are sleeping on top of the piles.
  • Upon being asked, the dogs tell them that the ponies brought the stuff, piled it up and slept on it and forest creatures are getting sleepy, too. They also told the ponies to go away and take the piles and sleeping ponies with them.
  • The piles are sturdy and can easily be climbed. As they carry the ponies away from the piles, they wake up. But they cannot remember anything, especially not bringing the items there.
  • Farsight finds that the items are slightly enchanted, but together, the magic amplifies. It seems to have controlled the ponies bringing all the stuff there, but it is yet unknown who would need it. The aura of the piles seems to have pointy ears.

10/15/2021 Go To Sleep, Miao!
Players: Farsight, Nightstalker, Rusty Pipe Organ, Strawberry Milk, Toot Sweet

  • Ponies all around Ponydale start falling asleep where they are standing.
  • Coffee seems to stave off the sleepiness.
  • The sleepiness seems to be connected to proximity to the first pony who fell asleep.
  • Farsight and Rusty hear a voice that tells them to go to sleep... and meows.
  • Strawberry asks Farsight if he saw anything unusual about the piles they found in Evershade. It takes her a lot of time to get Farsight to mention that the piles had a magical aura with pointy ears.
  • Night hires Strawberry, because Far doesn't have a high enough caffeine level to function yet.
  • Far tells that the voice knew he was getting coffee, Night concludes that the  owner of the voice must see everything that is going on.
  • Strawberry fires off a strong magic scanning spell.
  • She finds that the sleeping spell is the strongest in the middle of the crowd.
  • Strawberry suggests that they follow the first pony who fell asleep to get a better reading on the spell.
  • Farsight announces that everypony should brew coffee and give it to anypony they find sleeping.
  • Strawberry goes to the center of the crowd, where the spell is the strongest and notices that the sleeping ponies also have an aura with cat ears and that they are connected.
  • Strawberry assumes that the spell can spread easier when the affected ponies
  • are close to each other.
  • The protection spell Strawberry has cast on them, seems to slowly break in  proximity of the crowd.
  • Strawberry tells Night to get an investigation squad outfitted to resist  mind-affecting magic.
9/3/2021 Summer River Race
Players: cira, Nightstalker, Rayla Drash, Rocky Slides, Rusty Pipe Organ, Sky Phoenix, Toot Sweet, Wind Spray

  • It's the Summer River Race, a boat race set up for two rowers in each boat.
  • Wind pretends that she believes that Toot works at a bank now and shocks Toot.
  • Rocky and Rusty meet Rayla, who seems to be surprisingly insecure for a knight.
  • Several ponies try to get a word out of Night. Wind actually succeeds.
  • cira listens to Night and Wind talking. Night, among other things, mentions that the ponies in Manehattan have very expensive boat races with prizes of up to 100,000 bits. Wind seems interested in such pomp and extravagance.

The Rankings
  • Rayla
  • Rocky and Rusty
  • Pegasus NPCs

9/17/2021 Pumpkin Spice Season
Players: cira, Farsight, Rosie Sunshine, Strawberry Milk, Toot Sweet

  • It is autumn. Time for pumpkin spice. And that's why everything in Paso Fino is flavored with it.
  • Strawberry's coat color has changed and she reads a demonic book.
  • The demonic book spits pages at cira.
  • cira tries to write mathematical formulas on them or fold them into pegasus origami, but they combust.
  • Farsight asks if Strawberry has mistaken dye for bath additive. cira asks if unicorns don't have glamour spells if they want to change their appearance. Farsight explains to him that not all unicorns use all spells or are good at all spells.
  • Strawberry asks if Toot has already had success with her business idea, but she says she's still pushing clouds.
  • In the end, cira makes pegasus origami out of non-demonic paper, Strawberry brings it to life and it flies away.

9/24/2021 Slice of Life (Crystal Kingdom)
Players: cira, Nightstalker, Rosie Sunshine, Strawberry Milk

  • Strawberry makes a joke about getting Night's strongest potion.
  • cira acts as if eating pumpkin muffins solves all problems in the world.
  • Strawberry tells Night that her business is doing well and she enjoys it.
  • Night tells Strawberry that one of the babies in her family said her first word.
  • Night complains that she cannot stay in one place for more than 30 years.
  • Strawberry tells her that she better makes a lot of "falconry potions" for Farsight before she leaves.
  • cira talks about Night Blaze's mishaps. His crystal exploded and everypony swapped mares/stallions and Aqua drank his potion, turning into a foal.
  • Strawberry shows Night a trading card game with cute little creatures that she never plays but likes to collect.
  • Strawberry asks Night to meet sometime.
  • Strawberry reads the book again and her eyes glow red.
8/13/2021 Picnic with "Plants"
Players: Farsight, Nightstalker, Princess Luna, Rosie Sunshine, Strawberry Milk, Tale Spinner, Toot Sweet

  • It is a wonderful day in Ponydale Park. There might be some overgrowth, but the gardeners are already cutting it back and it's a nice day for a picnic.
  • Toot enthusiastically greets Tale after not having seen her in a long time, Strawberry offers her a drink.
  • Tale says that she'll write all about her adventures in the Far North.
  • Tale announces that she left guard school, to Far's annoyance.
  • Nightstalker reads a book and doesn't want to be bothered. Strawberry tries to talk to her anyway.
  • Farsight gives Tale emergency rations that "help you find your way to civilization quickly".
  • The plants start getting really annoying. According to Rosie's book, they are path-blocking plants usually found in Evershade.
  • Farsight says he MIGHT have eaten a cactus once.
  • The plants seem way too lively for plants. Also, they aren't attached to the ground and flail when you grab them.
  • Tale finds a ruby under one of the "plants"
  • She gives Softie the ruby to bite it, but Softie has it firmly in his cheek.
  • Tale tickles him behind the ears and Strawberry levitates the gem out before

8/20/2021 Lightning strikes the library
Players: Emerald Rain, Mint Medley, Nightstalker, Rainbow Demonic, Rusty Pipe Organ

  • The weather ponies have hastily rescheduled a thunderstorm. Nopony was expecting that, so they flee into the library.
  • Nightstalker brings Bloom's books back to the library. She wanted to leave, but since the weather becomes worse, she decides to look through the True Crime section.
  • Emerald doesn't mind being trapped in the library, since she loves reading.
  • Emerald reads a book about cryptids. When Mint sees that, he starts a conversation about a chupacabra who seems to roam around the ruins and asks Emerald if she wants to help him investigate.
  • Lightning strikes into the library, causing a power outage. This brings Emerald and Mint closer together. Emerald asks if Mint doesn't have enough skilled ponies on his team, but is excited to hear that he still wants her to help. Mint gives her a communication orb and tells her to ignore calls other
  • than from him.
  • The lanterns on the street are also out and the windows in the street stay dark.

8/27/2021 "Falconry"
Players: cira, Farsight, Nightstalker, Rosie Sunshine, Strawberry Milk, Toot Sweet

  • Toot and Strawberry talk about how Toot's business goes. Toot tells Strawberry that she got some business advice by experts. Strawberry says they better be experts, or... and gives Toot some advice as well. Toot wonders if she should open her own bakery or teach baking instead.
  • Cira says that he wanted to play at the farm with his friends, but they got attacked by rabbits. He wonders if the guards can make the lake on the farm safer, but sadly finds out that the guard is understaffed. Night says that he shouldn't play on private property anyway, or should at least ask the owner first.
  • Far and Night lament that many ponies don't want to join the guard or pull out as soon as things get rough and also mention that Sergeant Pecking Order doesn't  seem to age.
  • Nightstalker makes an anti-sweating potion for Farsight to help him with his "falconry".
8/6/2021 Light Frog Terrorizes Cantermore
Players: Azure Gloom, Mint Medley, Rusty Pipe Organ, Strawberry Milk, Tale Spinner

  • Light has disappeared from Cantermore. The ponies who remember the Shadow army get in mild panic.
  • The group finds that the lanterns are destroyed. They have large claw marks on it and the group finds footprints of matching size. They are very far apart.
  • Mint finds that the grass between the toes is also pressed down, so he assumes it is an aquatic or amphibious creature. Azure agrees.
  • The group follows the trail of destruction. Luckily, because this creature breaks lanterns and other sources of light, it leaves behind a trail that gives them a general idea of their whereabouts. The crashing noises also help.
  • After the creature destroyed a lantern mounted to a house in an alley, Azure conjures a light ball, which the creature also steals, as well as his ability to cast light spells.
  • The creature is a giant frog that makes loud crashes as it jumps over the rooftops and gives off flashes of its stolen light.
  • The group thinks the giant frog is attracted to light, so they set up a trap to catch it. Strawberry finds a back alley that has only one exit, so she thinks if they can lure the frog there, it would be easy to catch.
  • They prepare a bonfire and Strawberry goes into the corner as a lure.
  • She lights the bonfire and makes some light orbs to go around it. She makes herself glow, too.
  • Azure assumes that this is a mating ritual.
  • Strawberry jokes that she's not really into frogs.
  • The frog continues to jump over the roofs and give off flashes of light.
  • Azure and Mint encourage Strawberry to make the light brighter.
  • It works and attracts the frog.
  • Strawberry flirts with the frog in a light-flashing language and croaks, too.
  • The frog follows Strawberry's flirtation and jumps into the trap. Tale and Mint pull the ropes to catch the frog.
  • Rusty, not having understood the plan, jumps on the frog and it burps out the light balls it has collected. The magic returns to Azure.
  • Azure puts a sleeping spell on the frog and Strawberry helps him. The frog eventually falls asleep and Strawberry heaves it on her back.
  • Tale comments on how odd it is that nopony has ever discovered the frog before, given how bright and flashy it is.
  • After Tale admits that she hasn't taken a shower and eaten properly for the last 9 months, Strawberry offers her to live at her house for a while.
  • Mint offers to buy food for all of them.
7/2/2021 Quest for the Missing Art Supplies
Players: Emerald Rain, Princess Heart Spring, Nightstalker, Rosie Sunshine

  • Night leads Emerald, Princess Heart and Rosie to the employee area.
  • There are a supply closet, some offices and a locker room.
  • Emerald checks the the supply closet.
  • Rosie looks around in the changing room.
  • Emerald finds a recently used toolbox.
  • Rosie finds blue hair in the employees' locker room.
  • There is a trail of blue hair that leads to a locker.
  • Emerald finds a feather of the missing griffon and old oil paint.
  • Emerald puts a cupboard in front of the exit of an office room.
  • Emerald enters the office and makes a big racket, Rosie opens the locker.
  • A blue earth pony escapes the locker and a griffon escapes from a closet in the office. They run right into Night's trap, she pushes them down and ties them up.
  • Emerald finds the brush.
  • Rosie finds other painting supplies.
  • Emerald finds the paint tubes.
  • Night asks the culprits if they are hiding anything else.
  • Rosie carries the earth pony, Night drags the griffon behind her and Emerald takes the painting supplies.
  • Night throws the culprits at the guards and barks orders at them.
  • Emerald expresses concern that the items might get lost again and that the paintings are moving.
  • When the painting items are back, the pictures start moving again, more pronounced, though.

7/9/2021 Game Fair at the Gala Hall
Players: Farsight, Marshmallow Cactus, Nightstalker, Strawberry Milk, Toot Sweet, Rosie Sunshine

  • The Gala Hall has turned into a game fair. There are many popular games like, checkers, mahjong, shogi, Yakhammer 40k, Ogres and Oubliettes and Settlers of Catland.
  • Goji and Nightstalker are playing Duel Monsters against each other. Even though he is good, Night knows him too well and always wins, much to his frustration.
  • Farsight gushes about Yakhammer with another stallion. The other stallion is very engaged and laments that the original board game doesn't get as much attention as it used to. Far says that the video games and books also get players into the game.
  • With much mystery about it, the newest game is uncovered: Grand Stampede, a game where you try to build a deck of racing ponies with values. The player  who has the highest sum after 10 rounds wins.
  • Rosie tries her first game of Cards Against Creatures together with Marshmallow and three other ponies. Being unfamiliar with it, she is a bit confused.
  • Toot and Farsight play a game of Yakhammer. Toot being new to the rules, Far explains them to her.
  • The second promo game is Daring Do: Into the Jungle. It's a board game where you roll the dice and try to get treasures before the other players do. You can play trap cards to slow the other players down.

7/30/2021 Angry Bunnies
Players: Blank Canvas, Nightstalker, Rosie Sunshine, Strawberry Milk, Toot Sweet

  • It's very hot and therefore ponies go for a swim in Sweet Apple Orchard's pond.
  • Nightstalker sleeps in a tree.
  • Strawberry tells Toot about her breakup with Sunlight.
  • Blank Canvas chases bunnies for hours, eventually making them angry at her. The commotion wakes up Night.
  • Toot and Strawberry talk about they got their talent marks and also about how Blank may get her talent mark.
  • Blank Canvas has already tried swimming. Strawberry has suggested painting.
6/11/2021 Meteor Shower
Players: Heart Spring, Marshmallow Cactus, Night Bloom, Nightstalker, Scatty Clockwork, Strawberry Milk, Sun Bubbles, Sunlight Fireblossom, Toot Sweet

  • The Cantermore astronomers are here for a regularly occurring meteor shower. Everycreature is invited to watch, too. The Astrology Club of the University has also attended, due to a "shift in magical lines". This has increased the number of spectators, but the astronomers say there is no such thing.
  • Night Bloom complains about having to do school work about observing the meteor shower.
  • The astronomy and astrology department of the university argue about the meaning of the meteor shower. The astronomers insist that it's purely natural, the astrologists insist on "magical line shifts".
  • Straw, Sun and Toot talk about what they have been doing lately.
  • Sun tells about her travels and how they always inspire new illusions for her show.
  • Night promises Bloom to go to the arcade after he has finished, so that motivates him a lot.
  • Toot gives Straw and Sun a shake she has tried. She made it from an unlabeled  cookbook.
  • Night and Bloom discuss whether meteors contain magic and can be used in alchemy.
  • Sunlight says that one of the meteors will hit the planet, CERTAINLY very far from the shore.
  • Night and Bloom argue about Night getting drunk on dragonapple cider. Night is surprised that Bloom suddenly plays the parent role and Bloom says that he has  to make sure she doesn't get drunk, because Magenta won't. Night plays to annoy him.
  • Strawberry insists that she can navigate Toot in case she would have to carry her home drunk.
  • Night teases and tickles Bloom.
  • Sun and Strawberry discuss what Toot might have put in the drink.
  • Night tells Sunlight to stop worrying and being miserable and that it is surprising that even she is livelier than him.
  • Sunlight rambles on about aliens.

6/18/2021 Moving Pictures
Players: Nightstalker, Gabbro Ilmenite, Heart Spring, Rosie Sunshine, Emerald Rain

  • It is a bright day, ponies congregate outside the Cantermore Art Museum, waiting to view the works of Vincent Van Pone. Security guards keep careful watch over the pieces. Including Gabbro
  • After stopping his 7th foal (and also Rosie) from eating a painting of a Cherry, Gabbro follows the docent(tour guide) to the "Special Exhibit": Vincent Van Pone's art supplies.
  • Shortly after, Gabbro spots a male pony who is a little TOO interested in the security. He also spots a female griffon who lingers a little long on a painting of sunflowers
  • Weird things start happening. Gabbro feels watched, Rosie sees day turn to night in the sunflower painting, and Heart sees a spaceship painting sparkle
  • Glass shatters and the exhibit is gone.
5/28/2021 Guard Appreciation Day, Part 2
Players: Farsight, Heart Spring, Milana, Nightstalker, Rosie Sunshine, Strawberry Milk, Sunlight Fireblossom, Toot Sweet

  • The second half of the Guard Appreciation Day. There are archery demonstrations and visitors can try hitting straw puppets with blunted weapons.
  • Strawberry offers cake to Night and asks her who forced her to come. She says that she doesn't want to leave Goji and Colonel Silver alone on the ceremony.
  • Toot asks Far if he will get to leave early as he checkst the equipment, but he says he can't leave early because the Princess herself will be there.
  • Farsight complains about the Navy and that something always goes wrong around  them, even if it's not always their fault.
  • Night gets out of the way of the generals.
  • Toot is impressed by a sword longer than her wingspan.
  • Farsight makes a joke that the giant sword is a bad choice indoors or in caves.
  • Heart arrives late with scratched armor and tells Rosie that there was an invasion at home.
  • Toot gets confident she can wield the giant sword, but actually struggles and has trouble controlling it. After Strawberry helps her, she gets better at it.
  • Night and Sunlight discuss the state of technology and the army in Equestria.
  • Toot asks Strawberry where she learned how to wield weapons and Night advises Sunlight to not trail off. Sunlight tells her that Strawberry and he are going to get married and Night asks him to invite her.
  • Toot mentions she got a loan for her business, but it hasn't started yet.
  • Sunlight admits that he is a bit annoyed about the Princess Celestia cult and doesn't find her that great.

6/4/2021 Bread Pirate Berry Beard
Players: Toot Sweet, Gabbro Ilmenite, Nightstalker, Rosie Sunshine, Caramella von Cane, Farsight

  • The group wakes up at...Cantermore's Airship dock? A colorful ship floats there? Turns out they're still asleep.
  • Radiant has recruited them to take on the Bread Pirate Berry Beard, who steals candy and baked goods.
  • Night takes the role of Captain, with Gabbro as the First Mate. Far is Lookout, Radiant is Navigator, Cara is Swabby, Strawberry is Cannoneer, and Rosie is engineer
  • The crew take out some Gargoyles wielding Kitchen appliances. Cara falls off the ship and wakes up. Having NEVER introduced themselves.
  • Night duels Berry Beard while Far attacks their ship. Upon winning, Radiant congratulates Berry and asks to do it again next week
  • The crew celebrates with Rum/Root beer. Far is stuck in the mast
4/30/2021 Digging Up Dirt
Players: Toot Sweet, Gabbro Ilmenite, Strawberry Milk, Rusty Pipe Organ, Azure Gloom, Thunder Shooter, Farsight

  • With the help of Thunder's ghost dog, the surface cultists are put to sleep and, with Far's disguises, get in.
  • Azure is taken to the science area while everyone else is sent to dig
  • Far learns that there are explosives set to help excavate, and that there are spies amongst the generals and chancellors.
  • Toot and Strawberry take a look at some tablets and see sword And a feather, surmising that these might be what the cult is digging for.
  • Toot feigns sickness and ends up in the medical area, picking up the book "The Rise and Fall of King Azra"
  • The explosives are set off

5/7/2021 Scales of Justice
Players: Toot Sweet, Gabbro Ilmenite, Strawberry Milk, Azure Gloom, Rusty Pipe Organ, Farsight

  • The explosion goes off and the rest of the rubble blocking the entrance to the main doors.
  • The overseer leads the group inside, and they reach scales. One by one, the scales judge the group(hesitating for Farsight and Strawberry)
  • When a cultist tries, the Scale sends them (and all the cultists) to the abyss
  • They manage to retrieve the artifact, and it teleports them(and Azure thankfully) back outside the Ruins to the cliff

5/14/2021 The Five Champions
Players: Azure Gloom, Gabbro Ilmenite, Rusty Pipe Organ, Strawberry Milk, Farsight, Marshmallow Cactus

  • After the events at the Ruins. The group reconvenes at the University, in one of the basement labs, waiting for Azure and Silent
  • Gabbro drops the bombshell that the Royal Guard is compromised, and discusses everything that is known:the five Champions' weapons and Azra's Amulet being needed to revive Azra, the dream, the possible Azra-Azrael connection
  • Far arrives and Gabbro asks them who knows about the location of the Amulet. Far hasn't filed the report yet and for once Gabbro is glad for his laziness
  • Marshmallow Cactus shows up but the group is able to convince them it's just a private meeting, though Strawberry straight up threatens them
  • They discover the Skye Boat was reportedly manned by six pones including the captain. It is surmised by the group that it is Azrael and the Champions.
  • Several mentions of the Champions throughout history were found, but quite scattered.
  • The other three artifacts were discovered to be an hourglass, brush, and a circlet. The Champions' names were Coronas, Valorheart, Flora, Asumas, and Gusty

5/21/2021 Guard Appreciation Day, Part 1
Players: Toot Sweet, Gabbro Ilmenite, Farsight, Sunlight, Strawberry Milk, Rosie Sunshine

  • Royal Guard Appreciation day is held at the Castle. Many activities are held and a speech from Celestia promised by the end
  • Gabbro cannot be happy knowing what he does.
  • Strawberry gives both Far and Gabbro cake
  • Toot asks Far how the Guard fits helmets on, and Sunlight criticizes their armor, inadvertently letting slip that they may have illegal weapons
  • Cipher shows up with a stack of papers and Strawberry helps
  • Gabbro fills Sunlight in on everything that was going on, and learns from him that there have been signs of the dimensional invaders again
4/9/2021 Disaster Mitigation
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Rosie Sunshine, Heart Spring, Azure Gloom, Farsight, Rocky Slides, Sun Bubbles

  • The day after the storm, Ponydale is still heavily damaged and cleanup has begun
  • Spring gives free food to those that need it.
  • Heart Spring and Rosie help those that were injured at the hospital
  • Azure and Rocky helped move supplies around and repair pipes.
  • Toot cleared the skies of remaining clouds, while Sun retiled roofs. Unfortunately, the tiles they used were enchanted to project illusions of cupcakes into the sky, which Farsight took issue with and threatened fines if Sun did not remove them. Sun removes the tiles and takes off, leaving Far to add new, non-magic tiles
  • Spring mentions that the authorities will likely be questioning everyone at the Weather Factory for a week. Though Toot knows the cause of the storm, it is suggested that the authorities wouldn't really believe it
  • Heart struggles to maintain their secret when offered hay to eat, only for the day to be saved by Gummy Bears

4/16/2021 The Giant Rare Flower From Griffon Rock
Players: Lemon Grass, Spring Strudel, Rosie Sunshine, Nightstalker, Strawberry Milk

  • The arrival of Spring has brought about the Ponydale Flower and Garden Show, where specialists have brought many things. Held inside a magical greenhouse, there are many displays, including ones by a trio of Griffons from Griffon Rock, their exhibit kept secret to most
  • Spring, Night, and Strawberry talk about previous incidents, and Spring reveals she's still scared of the dark after the Shadow Invasion(and learning how her dad died).
  • Strawberry say something about Rosie and Marshmallow to mass confusion, then makes a few KFC jokes about the griffons
  • The Griffons' secret exhibit is an extremely rare flower, which one of the three is especially boastful about. The ponies are impressed

4/23/2021 The Azra Cult
Players: Toot Sweet, Gabbro Ilmenite, Rusty Pipe Organ, Azure Gloom, Thunder Shooter, Strawberry Milk, Farsight

  • There has been suspicious activity in the mountains. Cloaked figures have been sighted wearing the symbol of the Azra cult. Sounds of digging have been heard.  Arriving in Applewood the group is greeted by a stern-looking sheriff
  • Gabbro learns that the mountain is called the Howlin' Mountain, and that a strange monument had been spotted. Gabbro laments that his allies had no briefing at all, no other guards, and once he hears of the monument, no Sunlight
  • Gabbro tells the Sheriff how dangerous the cult is, and to go into high alert if they were not back by morning
  • They find tracks and end up in the Mountains. Farsight sneaks his way through and finds a disguise.
  • Meanwhile, Gabbro realizes the Cult's last base was at a digsite, and Azure mentions Coronas, to which Gabbro begins to formulate a theory. The cultists keep talking about the return of Azra. Perhaps he was never killed? Merely sealed? And perhaps this Coronas was one of the Champions, he artifacts one of the keys to that seal
3/19/2021 That's My Cherry Pie!
Players: Farsight, Mystic Novel, Rocky Slides, Rosie Sunshine, Snowy CloudDancer, Toot Sweet

  • They all meet and greet each other. Farsight is on patrol.
  • Mystic Novel seeks her step-sister Cipher Decode. Rocky knows about her, since she works at the University as a translator for ancient texts.
  • Snowy offers to pay for the other ponies' food. They take the offer.
  • A less fearful waiter serves Mystic (she's a batpony). She also tells Rocky that she is a romance novel writer.
  • Rocky offers Mystic to show her the university. On second thought, he offers to get her in contact with Emerald and Professor Gloom. Mystic gets a little more confident and cheeky.
  • Rosie eats Mystic's cherry pie.
  • Mystic gets really scary.
  • Toot tells Rocky that she wants to open a bakery.
  • After threatening to eat Rosie, Mystic continues to listen to Rocky.
  • After Farsight reads all the cherry entries in the menu and shows her pictures of it, Rosie gets a nervous breakdown and eats the menu.

3/26/2021 Radiant Shine's Apology
Players: Radiant Shine, Glimmer Star, Spring Strudel, Sun Bubbles, Rosie Sunshine, Jacky Diamonds, Strawberry Milk, Farsight

  • The group finds themselves at the University courtyard. They don't remember how they got there, but the feeling isn't sinister. Then they see strange things.
  • Before long, Radiant Shine appears. They wanted to apologize for the things they did in the past, but unfortunately wasn't able to find all the right people.
  • Strawberry is suspicious at first, but Spring vouches for Shine, having heard all about her. Spring also promises to tell Gabbro and Tale about the apology
  • Spring juggles desserts and makes a boat appear, Rosie digs through a giant cherry pie, and Far...interrogat ball.
  • Shine takes the group to meet her friend, Glimmer Star, a Crystal Pony. To which Jacky pounces screaming "SHINY!"
  • Strawberry voices some concerns to Shine, but them mentions it might be possible to bring her into the real world...
  • Spring plays the macarena for the Dancing Fountain. Far starts dancing as well, but isn't happy about it for some reason. Everyone dances to the macarena and then the Electric Slide.
  • The group decides to visit the Sky Pirates their next visit, and then wake up, Spring giving Shine a strudel before disappearing.

4/2/2021 Storm in a Teacup
Players: Toot Sweet, Gabbro Ilmenite, Strawberry Milk, Azure Gloom, Rosie Sunshine, Sunlight

  • An unscheduled storm approaches Ponydale from the southeast. Attempts have been made to redirect it, with little progress
  • Gabbro directs ponies towards the Town Hall and rescues anyone stuck, Toot tries with her team to slow and weaken the storm in any way they can, and the rest of the group builds sandbag walls by the riversides to try and mitigate flooding
  • Gabbro, Sunlight, and Rosie save some elderly under a tree while Toot and Strawberry start catching falling weather ponies
  • "Emergency Storm Projection" arrives. Gabbro tasks Sunlight with watching them while he leads(well, more works alongside, but he was taking initiative) the Ponydale Guard to rescue the remaining civilians.
  • Blue Moon has Azure blast the center of the storm, which causes a...teacup? fall. ESP secures and and Gabbro makes sure Ms. Moon knows how thin of ice ESP is on with him, even if this case wasn't their fault.
  • with the storm quelled, damages are assessed
3/5/2021 Trials of the Tomb
Players: Azure Gloom, Cipher Decode, Emerald Rain, Heart Spring, Mint Medley, Rusty Pipe Organ, Sun Bubbles, Sunlight Fireblossom

  • After they have escaped the trap, there is finally light. Pathways to the left and right open, but the door in front of them won't budge. They decide  to go right.
  • In the room past the right passageway, there is a room with lots of doors. Azure opens one of them and there is literally nothing behind it.
  • Sunlight and Mint enter the void first. Some ponies follow them. When more ponies go in, in the end all except Cipher are convinced to go in.
  • Though first the place seemed to be completely dark, so dark that the darkness touched them like a blanket, a light appeared, that grew larger and brighter. They arrive at a bright wall.
  • Cipher slowly goes down using a rope.
  • Azure touches the wall and disappears.
  • Cipher hits the void like a wall.
  • Horrified about the disappearence of her teacher, Emerald also rushes through the wall.
  • Then the void throws Cipher out.
  • The group (except Cipher) goes through the wall.
  • Behind the wall is a well lit room with an altar.
  • There is a tablet showing an ancient ship on the altar. When Sunlight touches it, everything except the exit passage disappears. They can see Cipher, but Cipher can't see them.
  • Mint exits and appears next to Cipher.
  • Sunlight aksks if he can have the tablet for further studies.
  • The inscription over the door of the left passage reads "Courage to face all  things".
  • Cipher meanwhile plays Solitaire and waits for the return of the others.
  • The second room has a pit between the group and the exit. There are platforms over the abyss and traps on them.

3/12/2021 The Mechanical Minotaur
Players: Azure Gloom, Cipher Decode, Emerald Rain, Farsight, Mint Medley Rusty Pipe Organ

  • The group discusses how to get through the traps, but Rusty doesn't listen and nearly gets shoved down into the lava by a big hammer and is rescued by Emerald.
  • Mint runs through the traps and reaches the other side and finds the tablet. Farsight also gets to the other side.
  • Meanwhile, Rusty unsuccessfully tries to drag Cipher back to the group.
  • Mint hooves the tablet to Azure. It shows a bow and arrow.
  • Cipher reveals that she was sent by the University to watch Azure.
  • Sunlight and Azure insert their tablets to both sides of the big entrance door and it slowly opens.
  • They reach an arena, where a giant minotaurus with an axe awaits them. The door behind them is sealed shut.
  • With a plant-growing potion and a stab of a sword in the minotaur's knee gears make them useless, causing the minotaur to be immobile. Another stab in the minotaur's gears block them, make the creature stutter and jerk and then the red glowing eyes fade and the creature falls.
  • After they have defeated the minotaur, they meet the final room of choices. The inscription above the doors simply says "valor".
  • The room is a burial chamber. It has a radiant bow and a giant ship. Sunlight examines the bow. Emerald excitedly claps her hooves. Azure explains that the pony lying in the sarcophagus must be a big hero for the Pre-Equestrians.
  • Emerald is clearly not amused when Sunlight plays with the bow like that.
  • The hero(ine)'s name is Coronas the Bold, "who gave everything so that we could have something."
  • Farsight and Azure convince Sunlight to give the bow over to the University.
  • Azure promises him that Emerald will take extensive notes for him.
  • Cipher will give the University a report, which will probably not be shining.
2/26/2021 Tomb of Traps
Players: Azure Gloom, Emerald Rain, Farsight, Mint Medley, Rusty P. Organ, Sunlight Fireblossom, Sunny Sparks

  • Azure and Emerald, acting for the University, instruct the volunteers (the player group) that they have been chosen to explore the ruins and defuse any traps, so the students who want to do the excavation can get through safely.
  • They find a circular room with a pedestal in the center. There are passageways in all directions and two rivers. There are runes on the pedestal. Azure finds out that the runes look like a dial and are individual letters of a writing system. Mint Medley looks into the water.
  • Sunny Sparks accidentally steps on a button that activates a trap.  Farsight chastises her.
  • While the trap is triggered, Sunlight and Farsight scare Emerald and Sunny with scary stories of what kinds of traps the ancient loved.
  • Sunlight tells Sunny to stop running around carelessly.
  • The room they have been in turns out to be a platform, which now rises and the water and other passageways descend. The group is now trapped in a cage on the floating platform.
  • Sunny Sparks beats herself up about having triggered the trap and being too excitable.
  • Farsight notices that the runes no longer glow and can now be moved around. Sunlight thinks it's a riddle.
  • Emerald goes to console Sunny.
  • Mint finds some symbols in the water which were covered before the platform was raised.
  • Azure looks at the runes Mint has found and agrees that it probably is indeed a riddle. He tells Mint, Rusty and Emerald to move around the tiles in the order and position he reads.
  • Sunlight and Farsight set up a shield in case they get the combination wrong.
  • Azure reads the combination. Mint sets the symbols.
  • When Mint inputs the correct combination, the platform descends and the doors open.
2/19/2021 Hearts and Hooves Day
Players: Blitz Striker, Dawn Valor, Farsight, Marshmallow Cactus, Midnight Dogma, Nightstalker, Rosie Sunshine, Sun Bubbles, Toot Sweet

  • Couples around Equestria celebrate Hearts and Hooves day. For those who can't find a point in this day, Sugarcane Corner has a discount on drinks and snacks and is playing non-romantic music.
  • Farsight waits for an "old friend".
  • Knick Knack comes along with a big box of donuts.
  • Midnight gives Sun the book about familiars she asked for. She tries to find out the species of Mr. Safety, so she can teach him to say more than one sentence.
  • Farsight explains that he wants to catch up on the situation in Broken Hills  and that's why he wants to meet her.
  • Knick Knack explains that Toot doesn't like Hearts and Hooves day and has shut herself off in her home.
  • Nightstalker tells Farsight that she and Midnight know each other by Strawberry. Nightstalker has met Strawberry, because Strawberry was there to rescue Nightstalker from the cult who controlled her with the bell. She apologizes for attacking the group on that day.
  • Nightstalker offers Farsight coffee and he is sceptical, because she mentioned something about revenge.
  • Midnight groans about being turned into a cherry and almost being eaten.
  • Sun turns cherry-filled donuts into giant cherries, but they're weird to bite into, because it's just a visual illusion.
  • Nightstalker kicks Blitz out of the tree. Dawn tries to catch him, but Nightstalker catches him instead and throws him away.
  • Midnight knows about the Fire Brigade, but doesn't know who they are.
  • Nightstalker rants to Midnight about the Fire Brigade.
  • Farsight leaves with a gryphon who arrived. The others assume she's his "friend".
  • Marshmallow arrives and he and Rosie cuddle. When somepony mentions they don't like romance, they leave.
  • Midnight asks Nightstalker why she is even there when she sent him to "enjoy yourself" here, as she was obviously trying to get rid of him.
  • Nightstalker tells Midnight that she wants to make sure everything goes fine on the festival and complains about ponies being too sweet.
  • Sun thinks about opening a restaurant selling food that feels different than expected with her illusion magic.
  • Nightstalker tells Midnight that Magenta has produced her "best wine yet" and says he better likes it.
  • Nightstalker and Midnight leave to a haunted house.
2/12/2021 Meteor Shower
Players: Blitz Striker, Cipher Decode, Scatty Clockwork, Silent Shade, Strawberry Milk, Sunlight Fireblossom, Toot Sweet

  • The University holds a meteor shower viewing event.
  • Cipher gets memories of her earlier days in Cantermore, when she was more reserved.
  • Strawberry greets Cipher, who awkwardly greets back.
  • Cipher tells Strawberry that she lives here and Strawberry tells her that she runs a milkshake bar.
  • Blitz talks to Cipher about Fire's disappearance.
  • Silent says that he put a memory crystal in the telescope to later draw the meteor shower with acrylics.
  • When Cipher learns that Fire is gone, she gets anxious and scolds herself, because she has never been nice to him. Blitz and Strawberry try to calm her down. Blitz says that Fire isn't dead and Strawberry offers a shoulder to cry on. Cipher wants to help finding Fire and asks if there is any text she can decode that might have hints about his location.
  • Sunlight talks to Silent about having met an old acquaintance. Strawberry tells Toot that she is going to be away for a while soon and that Toot should ask her for advice soon if she wants help from her.
  • Silent tells Sunlight that Nightstalker had recently started dating an "annoying red pony".
  • When Toot doesn't answer, Strawberry leaves her some notes on how to start a business.
  • It becomes too much for Cipher and she asks Blitz to meet her later to tell her everything he knows about what happened to Fire, because she can no longer hold her composure now.
  • Silent leaves, stating he still has papers to grade.
  • Cipher has too much, thanks Strawberry and leaves.
  • Sunlight says that he wants to tease Night about her new lover. Strawberry says she wants him in one piece, not in many.
  • Sunlight says that he wants to see Toot's place. Toot says that there's no place yet, but that she hopes the book will help her.
The Five Champions
1/29/2021 Containment Breach
Players: Azure Gloom, Blitz Striker, Emerald Rain, Farsight, Mint Medley, Rusty P. Organ, Sunlight Blossom

  • It is a cold day. Outside Cantermore University, artists have set up a tent  to sell their paintings and sculptures. Inside the tent, it's cozy due to  warmth spells.
  • Emerald reports to Professor Gloom about a cave-in. Lightswitch has hurt his hindleg, but not badly.
  • Azure has an awkward conversation with Emerald about the art, even though the art is not what Emerald came for.
  • The communication stops working and ponies disappear.
  • A pegasus comes in to urgently tell Mint that something is wrong.
  • It turns out she is from the E.S.P. And Azra's amulet, the one who the player party took away from a mare who was bent on destroy the world, was stolen from them.
  • Also, one of the ESPs is running free, 4516, a reality altering device.
  • It also turns out, Mint is (or was) a member of E.S.P., too, or at least knows procedure and ponies from there.
  • Mint and Powder Snow (the pegasus) agree to go to the E.S.P. headquarters to save Azra's artifact. Farsight and Sunlight insist on coming.
  • Mint opens a portal that will bring everypony to the E.S.P.

2/5/2021 E.S.P. [insert-number-here]
Players: Azure Gloom, Blitz Striker, Emerald Rain, Farsight, Rusty P. Organ, Toot Sweet

  • First, they meet 956. Mint knows how to deal with it, so the group gets past it safely. When it sees the group, it looks suspicious and approaches them with raised axe, but since everypony stays out of its territory, it doesn't attack.
  • The ponies feel a tickle in the back of their mind.
  • They meet a yellow stallion who talks to himself. Upon further inspection, it's an E.S.P. agent gone mad.
  • Farsight tries to shield his mind from the influence by humming an annoying song. Rusty loses her temper and unwisely hits Farsight.
  • The further they approach the maximum security area, the worse the itching gets and is now accompanied with nausea.
  • Mint distracts the slime with Emerald's perfume.
  • Mint explains that the effect comes from a mix of whatever affected this agent and the after-effect of the teleporting and the effect of 4516.
  • More agents gone mad appear. They all seem to feel guilty and apoligize, but their babble is so incoherent, that the group cannot figure out what they are sorry of or what they experienced. An agent is distraught when Azure touches him.
  • Azure puts a mind-blocking spell on them, which lessens the effects.
  • Azure meets a semi-sentient slime.
  • The group gets a demonstration of the slime's acidity, as it shambles over a used bag which dissolves.
  • Mint distracts the slime with Emerald's perfume.
  • Blitz seems to be unable to move very quickly.
  • As they approach the high security vault, they experience vertigo in addition to the nausea.
  • When they enter the chamber where the amulet is stored, it sends big mental  pulses out that mess with the ponies' minds.
  • Farsight puts the amulet in a box and Azure puts multiple sealing spells on it.
  • Everypony immediately feels better after the amulet is sealed.
  • Mint activates his amulet (not Azra's) to create a portal back to the place they came from. The communications work again. Farsight uses his crystal to give the artist tent case to somepony else.
1/8/2021 Library Day
Players: Toot Sweet, Midnight Dogma, Sun Bubbles, Nightstalker, Night Bloom, Sunlight Fireblossom, Rosie Sunshine

  • Sun tries to find a book on non-biological life forms. It turns out she means Mr Safety specifically.
  • Toot finds a book without back cover text titled "Heath's Cliff". It turns out to be a play about miserable ponies living in a moor.
  • The heater breaks and it gets uncomfortably hot. Midnight fixes it and the temperature goes back to normal.
  • Night reads mysteries, horror novels and brain teasers.
  • Night challenges Midnight about being around, because she knows him.
  • Midnight asks Sunlight about Strawberry.
  • Bloom's crow Kuro plays with the heater. Trying to catch Kuro, Bloom accidentally breaks the heater by climbing on it. He puts the pieces back in place, but the heater doesn't work again.
  • Toot realizes that she knows the book, it is just usually known by a different title: "Withersring Heights". She headdesks.
  • Sunlight goes back to reading his book after the awkward conversation with  Midnight.
  • Night orders Bloom to fix the heater.
  • A small creature squeaks and hurries around, carrying a glinting object. Night stomps in front of it. It drops the metal piece and runs away.
  • The metal part turned out to be the missing part of the heater. Bloom fixes it. When the heater works again, Night picks him up by the neck and carries him upstairs.
  • Before she takes Bloom and Kuro home, she quickly borrows a book and Midnight unexpectedly gives her a notebook with information on difficult cases and an  enchanted bracelet.
  • Midnight says he wants to talk about something with Night. Night says she will contact him after she has brought Bloom home and picks him up rather roughly.
  • Sun tells Midnight about Mr Safety.
  • Sun and Midnight tease Rosie about her cherry obsession and bribe her into  calming down by offering her cherry cookies.

1/22/2021 Train Ride
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Blitz Striker, Strawberry Milk, Jacky Diamonds, Azure Gloom

  • On the train to Cantermore, the snow is coming down harder than forecasted. There are few ponies aboard outside the group itself.
  • Azure tries to solve a magic Rubix Cube of some sort
  • Spring, Strawberry and Toot decided to go see a movie that is conspicuously similar to Blitz(that totally isn't just the Sonic movie),  while Blitz themselves listens in.
  • Jacky hugs Strawberry out of the blue
  • Toot mentions wanting to open a shop, but that things keep happening.
  • Spring and Strawberry resolve to help as best she can, Strawberry even offering a job which Toot declines due to not wanting to move from Ponydale
  • The train arrives at Cantermore and everyone disembarks
12/25/2020 Hearth's Warming Eve
Players: Toot Sweet, Strawberry Milk, Firewing, Windy Draft, Nightstalker, Sunlight Fireblossom, Rosie Sunshine

  • It's a Hearth's Warming event near Town Hall.
  • Toot buys a cup of hot cocoa and hides from a pony she knows.
  • Strawberry and Sunlight meet Night who is okay again. She apologizes for attacking them. Sunlight says it's okay, because she didn't have control over herself.
  • Windy Draft seems bored, so Firewing and Rosie play a ball game with him.
  • It turns out the pony Toot is hiding from is an ex. Strawberry listens to her. Toot thinks she is unlucky in relationships.
  • Firewing, Windy and Rosie miss the ball and it crashes into Sunlight. This is how they meet them.
  • Night orders a whole keg of cider.
  • Then she asks Sunlight awkward questions about his relationship with Strawberry. She seems to enjoy it a little.

1/1/2021 Silver Bell's Winter Spelltacular
Players: Blitz Striker, Nightstalker, Sunken Depths, Strawberry Milk, Sunlight Fireblossom, Farsight, Mint Medley, Rosie Sunshine

  • It is Silver Bell's Winter Spelltacular.
  • Mint Medley is a great fan of it and visits it every year. But he tells Strawberry that he doesn't want everypony to know.
  • Strawberry and Sunlight are there on a date.
  • Sunken Depths, a foal friend of Night who has romantic interest in her for a long time, takes her to the Spelltacular, supposedly to get her away from the stress of work. He doesn't seem to get the hint when Night says "No" to a lot of his advances and says she doesn't even know why she came with him.
  • Farsight is hired to replace Silver Bell should she not arrive.
  • She does arrive, but Farsight is roped into doing "special effects".
  • Blitz also arrives, but stays away from Night.
  • When Silver Bell needs an "audience volunteer" to participate in her show, Farsight produces not very subtle "pick me" effects around Night. Silver Bell does pick Night, much to her dismay and everypony else's entertainment.
  • Blitz invites more of his Fire Brigade to the show, because he thinks it's very entertaining.
  • Farsight creates a phoenix that is blue instead of the usual red and, due to misreading the stage directions, lets it behave a little differently than intended. While the director is irritated, Silver Bell is confused, but can hide her anger.
  • Mint Medley concludes that this Spelltacular was different than those of the last years, but still good.
  • After the show, some ponies tease Night about going to the Spelltacular with Sunken, especially since she has fallen asleep in his hooves.
  • Night swears revenge for Farsight having picked her as a "volunteer" for the show and says Farsight might want to watch his coffee in the future.
  • Strawberry is a bit worried about Sunlight's teasing going to far. She tells him she wants to carry HIM home and not his remains.
  • When the topic changes to the Fire Brigade and Strawberry asks Night about them, they retreat as quietly as possible.
12/4/2020 Going Batty
Players: Mint Medley, Gabbro Ilmenite, Azure Gloom, Nightstalker, Soaring Tinker, Strawberry Milk, Farsight, Rusty Pipe Organ, Sunlight

  • The group faces down Night, but every time she goes down, a ring of the bell brings her back up again.
  • She bites Azure, becoming more powerful. Tinker crafts a Stun Bomb, only for Night to pull a Galeem and raise a barrier.
  • Strawberry and Sunlight scream at eachother a lot
  • All was not lost. While taunting Night, Far finds a pony cloaked in invisibility. He tackles them and wrests the bell away, throwing it to Sunlight.
  • Sunlight seemingly pacifies Night with the bell and tells her to take him to Silent Shade.
  • Gabbro ties the cult member up(after Tinker's Stun Bomb knocks them out) and takes everyone else out through the ceiling gap. With the two prisoners(the bell one and one Strawberry chained up in the main room) in tow, with Strawberry staying behind to heal Azure, Gabbro sets off to meet the member(s?) of EQUIS, whom he had called.

12/11/2020 Snow Day (Ponydale)
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Rosie Sunshine, Night Bloom, Magenta Vineyard, Firewing, Blitz Striker, Strawberry Milk, Tale Spinner, Sunlight, Morning Petal, Farsight

  • It is the first big snow in Ponydale, and ponies are enjoying the winter weather.
  • Sunlight and Strawberry talk about a photo and tell Magenta to warn Silent asap.
  • Spring, Tale, and Bloom end up in a multi-pronged snowball war, eventually roping in Rosie, Blitz, and Firewing. Far dumps snow on everyone involved, leading everyone to team up and utterly bury him in snow

12/18/2020 Cookie Wars (Ponydale)
Players: Toot Sweet, Strawberry Milk, Sunlight Fireblossom, Magenta Vineyard, Blitz Striker, Rosie Sunshine, Sun Bubbles, Tale Spinner, Marshmallow Cactus

  • The Colt and Filly scouts host a cookie decorating event at Ponydale School.
  • Blitz, Rosie, Sun, and Tale decorate cookies in the first room.
  • Toot, Strawberry, Sunlight, and Magenta make gingerbread houses in the second room.
  • Toot makes a cottage, Strawberry Milk makes a spooky Ponycula castle with trebuchets (with Sunlight begrudgingly helping her) and Magenta makes her vineyard, including a miniature version of herself.
  • Tale makes monster cookies: A manticore, a timberwolf and a bugbear.
  • Sun Bubbles makes cookie copies of everypony and then copies of the copies.
  • Blitz thinks about Fire while making cookies with his talent mark.
  • Tale wants to make a gingerbread fort so she demands supplies from the other room.
  • Sun tests out cookie doppelganger illusions on the other room.
  • While Tale makes a fort from the stolen gingerbread, Toot, Magenta, Strawberry and Sunlight make photos and Magenta brings the copies Sun made to life.
  • Strawberry catches wind of Tale's plans of conquest. She makes a protection spell for their houses. Strawberry, Magenta and Sunlight prepare for a pre-emptive attack, Magenta and Sunlight leading the cookie soldiers that Magenta brought to life to attack Tale's fortress.
  • Soon there is chaos, new cookie soldiers are made and brought to life until they fill the entire room. Tale shoots cookie-balls with a trumpet but they backfire. Sunlight re-animates cookies into undead and Tale eats them but gets a stomach ache.
  • Rosie makes cookie medical supplies like bandages.
  • Magenta and Sunlight stop the cookie soldiers, but leave Tale's fortress damaged.
  • Tale tries to attack the other houses but fails because of the protection spell.
  • Tale does not want to admit defeat and tells them next time she will defeat them.
Its the fourth anniversary of the Sweet and Elite roleplay!

Thanks to Toot Sweet and Nightstalker for once again having hosted the majority of sessions, providing us with plot, fun and the opportunity to regularly meet every Friday for this event! Thank you for taking time and effort to think up scenarios that would be fun to play for us.

Also a shoutout to Fancy Frosting who started both the Meet and Greet and Hide and Seek, but who unfortunately doesn't take part in it anymore. After this, Toot has taken care to continue the roleplaying event and Optic Rainfall has taken care of the Hide and Seek.

This year I would like to thank Strawberry Milk for having hosted the session on July 9.

And now, without further ado, the summaries of our sessions since the 3rd anniversary:

11/13/2020 Running of the Leaves, Part 1
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Night Bloom, Blitz Striker, Rosie Sunshine, Strawberry Milk, Farsight, Sunlight

  • It is the Running of the Leaves
  • Sunlight is worried about Night, and Spring tries to give him a pep talk, but fails(Far wasn't really helping)
  • Night Bloom tries to make friends but momentarily forgets to breathe. He asks Spring to make something for Night's birthday
  • The race eventually starts

11/20/2020 Running of the Leaves, Part 2
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Blitz Striker, Strawberry Milk, Sunlight, Rosie Sunshine, random fandom, Azure Gloom
  • The Running of the Leaves is about to start
  • Spring paces herself, Azure calmly explores, and the rest run
  • Sunlight pretends to watch but is more interested in their notes and existential quandaries.
  • Blitz wins, but only by a nose, against Potato
  • Medals and participation ribbons are given out
11/27/2020 Digsite Dangers
Players: Mint Medley, Gabbro Ilmenite, Azure Gloom, Blitz Striker, Rusty Pipe Organ, Strawberry Milk, Sunlight, Farsight

  • Late afternoon on a chilly autumn day. The group arrives at an excavation site that had requested volunteers and protection. It is located at the very edge of the Heartlands. Makeshift fences and tents dot the area.
  • Azure explains that somepony has been sneaking into his office.
  • Gabbro and Sunlight try to hide the truth of Blitz' bite mark from Strawberry.
  • A student, Spider Lily, goes missing. The group tracks them, finding signs of a struggle and Spider's camera
  • After finding a cave with a symbol both Gabbro and Tinker recognize, Gabbro calls for backup, they enter and find a cult. Spider Lily is revealed to be a member and they escape using smoke bombs.
  • The group gives chase, and reaches a cold room, only to hear the tinkling of a bell, and see the yellow eyes of Nightstalker. Gabbro radios to the hopefully coming backup with a Code Dusk.