Open Server Weekend August 8th-10th!

Started by Ellowee, 2014 Jun 13, 09:53:42

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We at Legends of Equestria are excited to announce another Open Server Weekend for August 8th-10th! This is your opportunity to play Legends of Equestria for a whole weekend, whether you're playing for the first time or checking in to see how things have changed since the last open server.

The servers will open to the public at 12:01am EST on August 8th and close at 11:59pm on the 10th. The game will be available through the downloads page and playable for that whole weekend.

Please note that you must have a forum account before you can log in to the game. It is highly suggested that you register before the 8th, as the servers will be very busy once the weekend starts!
If you don't have an account already, you can register here:

You can see the system requirements for Legends of Equestria here:

Hope you're as excited as we are!


Awesome, always get in on open server days. anything new we can look forward too?


NOOOOOOO! Please, I'm at scout camp then, please push it two days! (well, I can the last day, but still)
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Nice news! Count with my earth pony.

There will be any changelogs about the updates?

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Awesome! I'm really looking forward to it.
Hopefully I can balance playing the game with visiting the Crystal Mountain Pony Convention - it's six blocks from my apartment on the same weekend - and doing homework.
Balancing is hard.

I hope there'll be some new things to look forward to after four months!


OmgOmgOmgOmg YESH!! Finally! Last time I only got to play on the last day, I kinda missed a few spots to visit. This time. THIS TIME. OH YESH.  :D

Can't wait  :3
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Yes, another Open Server! Can't wait to play once more. Had much fun the last time.

Lots of fun.


Oh for Celestia's sake guys, I'm at a convention that weekend!

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Gotta move that 4th test for me up!
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Everypony asked for it and now it's back! We'll also be showing features of the game at Bronycon this year


C'mon, who else think we can break the server with more than 634 people online?
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Just created an account! Can't wait  :3


Alright Fifth time, LET'S DO THIS!


 o.O   why am i JUST now hearing this lol

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Oh how I've anticipated the return of Open Server LoE! *-* I've been looking forward to this for months! And now it's finally here. It'll be very refreshing to hear that Cloudopolis Day-time music again ^-^ And this time, I'll finally visit the Evershade forest!

So very excited!! :3
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 O: Wow! ... I'll finally play LoE!, I'm so excited!
But the open server weekend can't be ... i don't know ... now? (?
Just kidding  lol see you all in LoE!
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Thank you Ellowee for the heads-up... with plenty of warning ahead of time.  I've already passed on the news to some of my other pony friends.  I have it marked on my calendar.  Hope to see every pony there.   ;)


AHHHH!!! finally...  :D
i hope i can play then...
i can´t wait to play it...
the last times the servers were open i was busy and can´t play  D:
but now... i will play it no matter what comes there.... i... will.. play ovO


This is most wonderful news! :D

Welp, time to gather up the dragon hunters I guess!

(when it comes...)


I'll do everything within my ability to livestream myself playing it this time. Hopefully. Maybe.

Even though no one will come to the stream and want to play with me/find me because everyone is bashing me for my opinions on here (which I thought wouldn't happen on here but I guess I was wrong) for whatever ridiculous reasons they have.

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