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Downloading the game to play! Stealing Wi-Fi is not good, but really I wanna play. :c
Waiting for playing it. And Ellowee's voice is so awesome!
Quote from: Ellowee on 2015 Feb 19, 21:02:55
The Open Server Event is almost upon us! Servers open up at 12:01 AM EST on Friday January 20th (i.e. tomorrow, in roughly three hours).

January 20th? :o  (I know that is tomorrow, February 20th.)
Fine, downloading it to play it tomorrow! :D
Welcome to Legends of Equestria, Nahyo!
Yo también hablo español. ^-^
Quote from: Natfoth on 2015 Feb 16, 19:56:33
It will be a different build with new fixes and systems in place. The quest related systems will be the same though.

The Legends of Equestria launcher will work?
Oh, crap. About 2 GB (maybe a bit more) of inbound traffic. It's so much. O:

But anyways, still I had fun. I'll participate in this weekend. ^-^
It was awesome, I enjoyed most of the Open Server Weekend, even with the DDoS, connection timed out, the lot of lag and room change, and the Fluffle Puff rage quit; but I enjoyed it so much, really. ^-^

I played all the 3 days, made new friends and added in Skype (greetings!) and earned a lot of items and bits (even I dunno why I had a lot of lanterns. O:).

I loved so much the Crystal Kingdom, even the map and the daytime song. Also I was impressed by the Ponydale redesign. You guys are incredible! :D

Just waiting the seventh Open Server Weekend, just try to improve the server security system. I'm uploading a 2 hours and half video of the first day in LoE (I didn't recorded most of the second and third day, about 45 minutes). See ya' in the next OSW! <3
Quote from: Ellowee on 2015 Jan 24, 04:13:53
Hey everyone, we're happy to see the huge response to our Open Server Weekend! We even managed to break some records for the number of people logged in at once! Unfortunately, there are a few bad eggs that are spoiling the batch. As such, our servers are under a DDoS Attack. We would like to apologize if you are unable to access the server at this time or are experiencing issues playing the game. Our team is working now to rectify this issue and we hope to keep you updated on any resolutions as they come up.

Once again, thanks for your tremendous support! We hope to see you around during the Open Server Weekend.

Apologize always accepted, Ellowee. Don't worry about us, we can wait. ^-^

But the servers will be opened again once this issue is fixed, right?
Quote from: Griffinpeps on 2015 Jan 24, 04:10:50
Yeah, found the announcement in Facebook and tumblr. It's so sad that people want to hurt such a delightful project, I mean how is it hurting anyone?

As for improving security it doesn't seem like it was a problem of not having enough but that the attack was too unexpected, maybe.

Well, yeah. The attack was too unexpected, but they'll have to strengthen the security system to prevent any DDoS (100% protection is not guaranteed).

Quote from: Tiger on 2015 Jan 24, 04:12:32
The servers have been DDoS'd before prior to this OSW. Gotta deal with them haters, I guess.

I know, but as I said before, they'll need to strengthen the security system (I know it isn't easy).

Quote from: PunkOfSteam on 2015 Jan 24, 04:13:50
We're having trouble because of a DDoS? Sad. It's really sad that people will go to so much effort to hurt others. :c

Yeah, the servers were DDoS'd.

Quote from: Trappy Tickles on 2015 Jan 24, 04:15:39
You sure it's actually a DDoS and not just very numerous people trying to just login? -_-

Maybe the Legends of Equestria's official Facebook page automatically answers you:
Quote from: Fmafanclub on 2015 Jan 24, 04:08:17
I'm laughing but it's a nervous laugh.
Servers full.
Too many ponies.
Yet all I can do is sit down.
Cry.  DD:

>tfw the servers were been attacked :c
Quote from: Griffinpeps on 2015 Jan 24, 04:05:15
The forum is back, but the servers for the game are still down? I can't get in the game :I

They were attacked by a DDoS. Maybe they are restoring the servers.

Please, LoE team, improve your server security system.
23 minutes remaining, my little ponies. :D
Quote from: Rapid Comet on 2015 Jan 23, 22:20:32
It's not open?  :I oh well, thanks :D

Nope. :c  The servers will be opened in 1 hour and 38 minutes, according to LoE's wikia. ^-^
Spoiler: show
Quote from: Rapid Comet on 2015 Jan 23, 22:16:51  DD: what i need to do?  :c

Just wait until the servers are opened. ^-^
Quote from: Morphius on 2015 Jan 23, 21:41:34
Well, the thing was, I did do some thorough scanning with Trend Micro (before getting started), & it was safe (for the most part), however in preparations with configuring the controls to my appeals, Trend Micro automatically detected viral activity & I had no choice but to delete my first attempt.

How were you albe to not get assaulted for the 64x bit? You didn't follow the "Authorize Download" steps with the type-in-these-words procedure, did you...? o.O

It's safe, I don't think there are problems. I always download all the builds of the game and I haven't had any problems.
Quote from: Tiger on 2015 Jan 23, 21:12:55
I'm not sure if it does, but 32 bit programs will still work on 64 bit systems so it doesn't make much of a difference.

Talking in general, yeah, it doesn't make difference.

Oddly, when I play 32-bit LoE, I have some inconsistent framerates and long loading times than 64-bit LoE.

Quote from: Morphius on 2015 Jan 23, 21:15:51

I dunno, I haven't had problems.
Quote from: NatShadow on 2015 Jan 23, 20:43:48
The update isnt finishing. Getting an error xc.

Download them from the Ellowee's post, she put all the links of the game (Windows x64, x86, Mac OS X and Linux). ^-^
Quote from: Zsteube on 2015 Jan 23, 20:35:36
Anyone know if you need to download this client if you have downloaded one previously from another open server weekend? If it's the same client I wouldn't think so, but I guess I'm not sure if there were any updates.

Download the most recent client and erase the former client.
Quote from: Akilas on 2015 Jan 23, 20:15:54
Indead i have dowload two times the 32 bit version, thats the one for my laptop, i hope a can play with out any problem for that, your welcome

Now just have to wait until the servers are open

It's your first time playing the game? O: