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Started by Silver Gust, 2017 Nov 28, 11:59:12

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Silver Gust

2017 Nov 28, 11:59:12 Last Edit: 2017 Nov 28, 20:54:05 by Silver Gust
Looking through my old DVDs I found my copy of Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony and decided to watch it again.

After watching it I got to wondering if maybe there were some members of the community here who might not have seen this documentary, or the other one I've seen titled "A Brony Tale" and decided to post about it.

So, have you seen them both?


Another little tidbit to add is that I showed some 'haters' in my life (usually called me names when they came around; I'll spare you the details) these two documentaries some time ago and after they told me that they had watched them they asked me why (some of them, others just stopped bothering me altogether) and I said "Well, maybe if you understand the culture in a way that doesn't require you to watch the series you might stop being so hateful all the time. I'm fine with us not being friends, I just want to stop the hate - for everypony out there." and that was usually the end of it.

Most of them never became bronies (but a few joined the herd!) but the overall amount of negativity in my life went down very noticeably after that.

Anypony here had a similar experience?
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Stardust Dragon

I remember that I backed the first one and got a chance to watch it.  I think I also had the second, but I never bothered popping it in for a view.  Always put it off.  Remember liking the first one though.

As for others around me, I don't talk to people often enough (about anything, but pony related even less so) to notice any brony haters.  I'm sure they exist near me, but I haven't dealt with them.

Silver Gust

I actually saw A Brony Tale first, and loved it. It has a pretty strong focus on both the bronies and also on Ashley Ball's experience with her first convention.

That alone is enough to make me recommend it, but the way the documentary progressed from one bit to the next just made it feel less like a documentary and more like a proper movie.

If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.
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I heard about those documentaries, but never made time to see them. (And frankly I never had courage to watch them lol )

As far as others go, I only knew one Brony in my RL (The one who introduced me to the fandom), but she turned to hater recently and doesn't speak to me anymore :( Other people just either have no idea what MLP or a brony is, or they just don't care. Some of them tried to mock me about it, but they stopped quickly after realizing, that they can't annoy me by doing so...
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Night Striker

I've actually only seen one of them, and it was Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony.
I was just randomly scrolling through Netflix's catalog of documentaries, and I saw this and quite enjoyed it. ^-^

As far as real life goes with revealing that I'm a brony, I never really had too much negativity whenever I mention that I was a brony. Anytime somebody tried to bother me, just because I'm a brony, I would just ignore them, and they would eventually give up and the whole topic of me being a brony just fades away. And I'm not necessarily shy about being a brony either, I would admit I'm one if anybody asks and would wear MLP-related merchandise in public, but at the same time, I wouldn't be flaunting the fact that I was a brony to everybody I met.

While I may not be part of LoE staff, I always try to help others who might have problems in LoE the best I can because I want others to share my enjoyment of the game. ^-^

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Never saw these documentaries. Although I joined the fandom and I've seen all MLP:FIM seasons and even the movie, i do not consider myself a brony to be honest... I just enjoy and like MLP:FIM show and LoE game and i'm proud of it!  ^-^ I didn't tell anyone IRL, not even the parents,that i like MLP, because others would judge me, look down upon me or even hate me. I can imagine my parents reaction, if i told them i like MLP: "how old are you? 8?" or "grow up" or they would say, that i'm childish and laugh at me lol And i'm not going to tell anyone irl, to avoid calling me names etc... I'm not talking much both irl and in games anyway  X3  I've purchased  the mug recently with my little pony theme on it. My favorite Princessess Celestia and Luna are on it  <3  When i showed it to my mom, she asked: "what are these creatures? dinosaurs?" I facepalmed and laughed so hard  lol I'm telling her over and over, that these so called "creatures" are ponies/horses, but she still think they are dinosaurs  lol
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Little Fox

Is this the one narrated by John De Lancie (voice of Discord)? If so, I remember watching it on Netflix awhile back. Very amusing.

While there are the extremist in every fandom, most bronies I meet are incredibly normal people. And just about everyone who knows me in RL knows I enjoy the show. I see it as no different than having an interest in any other show and by feinting embarrassment, I feel it would only increase the stigma that is attached to the name and potentially further distance those that might have had an interest.

No one is going to want to go out of their way to try something new if you yourself are openly embarrassed to admit your interest in it. *shrug*

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