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Former captain Angelheart is a disciplined and loyal military mare. Her attitude is always held high, and she is always ready to help and serve.

She had a shy and timid personality when she was little, but her time in the military has shaped her into a confident pony.

After school, Angelheart flourished. She escaped her broken family, as well as the bullies that had sat on her life for so long. Her suffering has given her a great empathy, that makes her friendly and understanding to her patients.

She has issues with listening to herself and noticing her own problems. While she is friendly and nice, she is always focusing her attention on helping others, rather than herself.

Angel doesn't have a family or any friends outside the corps, to spend her time with. Her social side is a bit dull, when it comes to anything outside the R.E.A.F. She can be a bit too serious at times, but Angel has become better at being a social pony, after having been a civilian for some time.

Angel is gifted in the field of medicine and health, aswell as tending to her patients.

Ever since she was a filly, her favourite subject had been health. At around the age of 8, she helped another foal on the playground with a large and unsanitary cut on his foreleg. He had gotten it while playing, and with no adults around, Angelheart went into action. She successfully cleaned, bandaged, and fixed the wound.

That day her shining reward appeared on her flank. It was her cutie mark, a white heart, with red outline and cross in the middle, aswell as two white pegasus wings spreading out of them.

Angel old workplace leader of the R.E.A.F. (Royal Equestrian Air Force) currently in the Ponyville branch.

She is a rapid response paramedic whose skills are unbeatable. Her abilities in the branch have always been unmatched by her peers. She is always on the scene when a pony is hurt, and almost always gets the job done. Even on national emergencies, like the changeling attack, or Discord, early in her career, she is ready.

Angelheart was born to do this, so you won't see her doing many other jobs then this one. With how hard she worked, it did earn her one of the highest titles after all. Having been fed up with the pay she was getting from the goverment and the princess, Angel moved on to be funded by someone else, who would pay much better for her services, and thus Valeria came into the picture.

Angel was born a first foal to her proud parents Springheart and Nightwing in Ponyville.

Throughout her young years, she was a happy foal who was playful at most moments, but yet very serious at others. She made her parents happy when she went to school and became a straight A student, due to their strict discipline.

However, in kindergarten her father had died, and she had run into bullies that would be with her a large portion of her school days. These bullies pointed out this shy and timid filly, for being the only pegasus foal in the class. She was also a easy target for bullying with her defenseless personality at this point.

Angel got through school, past their constant teasing. But the day came where they were all playing on the playground. It was a normal sunny day, and Angelheart was playing pretend with herself under a tree, when all of a sudden a young colt flew off the swing and scraped his leg. Angel went to the rescue, cleaning his large bloody wound by herself, and bandaging it with her trusty bandaging in her saddle bag. This colt was her biggest bully and this was the day Angel earned her cutie mark. She showed the bullies that she was needed and useful, and from that day on she went on with no bullies.

Of coarse her foalhood had other important memories, like the day Angel taught herself how to fly. Her strong wings easily sliced through the air, and provided the wing power for quick and prestigious rescues she does often as a adult.

But the last important aspect of her foalhood, was the day it ended. After her graduation from school, Angel wanted to put her skills to the test in the Royal Air Forces of Equestria. Her mother wanted to do something more safe, like just being a nurse, but she had other ideas. She wanted to combine her medical experience, and her tough wings, to become one of the best in the 1st airborne.

Angel went to boot camp the following week, suffering the pain needed to learn the skills that would transform her from a civilian into a solider. She had successfully did this, being the most meritorious cadet in her year of the program.

After a few years in medical school, her training ended. Angelheart went onto leading the 1st airborne after multiple sucessful missions, but settled with being the national guards leader for natural disasters. But since there isn't natural disasters every day, Angelheart lives, and protects in Ponyville while waiting for the day to come when she is needed at another tragic event. She had helped ponies when Discord, the black vines and the changelings attacked, so she is always ready for more to come around again.

To this day, Angel is seen, always on watch as a paramedic in Ponyville. If you are ever in terrible pain, you'll see her bright face there to help you. after 20 years Angel retired from the Royal equestrian Air Force trying to find some peace and build up a family Angel is married now and have a daughter call Jenny.

 Psychological and Physical
Angel has a big risk of post-traumatic stress syndrome after 20 years of field operations with R.E.A.F. However, Angel will not talk with anybody about what happened in the air force.

She has a normal daily struggle with this:
High stress and limited sleep
Talking about what happened in the air force causes panic attacks
Crippled social skills. Angel has not really been good at making friends, after getting out of the air force.
Severe coffee addiction. Drinks more than two litres of black coffee everyday.

 History of The 1st Airbourne
The beginning of the 1st Airbourne dates back around 150 years ago.

The original 1st Airbourne were pegasi nurses who quickly responded to the case of an earthquake in Manehatten. Their swift actions saved the lives of many ponies, and there it began.

Along the years, they began recruiting more nurses. Specifically pegasi nurses who could fly and react faster. They became a more extensive rapid response unit as they became larger. As they became more skilled over time, They began working alongside the royal equestrian air force.

The 1st Airbourne have been there more recently in events, such as the attacks of Queen Chrysalis and Discord. The motivation of the 1st airbourne pony is ad infinitum.

Angelheart is a softly white pegasus, with a long, light blonde, but braided mane. Her tail is a straight, decent size, and matches her mane in color. And finally, her eyes are red.

This entire appearance is wrapped up in a mare who always stands tall in her beliefs of duty, honor, respect, discipline, truth, self-sacrifice and commitment, the principles of her world.

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 Nice. :) Love the backstory.
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i think you have great creativity even more than me and i thought i had a creative OC. Celestia would agree. :celestia:
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