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Started by Garrystan, 2017 Nov 19, 15:26:21

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The places you go throughout Equestria is beautiful, however feels a little empty on the roads. Can it be possible to add misc NPCs such as non essential characters or citizens roam around town or travel through the Heartlands just like those guards? You can be able to speak to them if used for quest or not. I thought it would be a great add on to make the game feel more alive.  :D


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Cool suggestion. But i think, that the game just need more players honestly. I've no idea how many players are playing the game right now. But looking at users online on forums, you can see that the activity dropped here. Most online ever 792, which was 2 years ago. Most online Today is 242. It's 540 less... But how to attract more players? I do not know. But i suspect, that there are MLP fans, that do not know that LoE exist at all :P I was one of such people.  I'm not much of a help here with attracting new people into LoE forum/game, because i do not have many friends irl and i do not know any MLP fans irl sadly... Perhaps somepony else can help out with that  ^-^
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I don't know, but I think that adding more NPCs wouldn't make the game any better, because then it would be a pain to just go looking for the quests randomly. (Without the use of wiki) I think number of NPCs should somehow be related to the overall number of quests ;-)
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The amount of NPC's to be roaming around would probably be distracting.

However, that isn't a bad idea and should be tossed out the window. The idea can be played with, but there's also issues I see such as

FPS issue
Server Stability
Memory leaks
Bigger Game Files


I think that having a good server stability and a stable player base growth should be the most important thing, including fixing those pesky bugs before playing around with ideas outside of bug fixing in OAR.
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