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Music / Re: What are you listening to?
Last post by Pumpkin Glow - Yesterday at 21:43:48
Quote from: Holiday Cheer on 2018 Jul 13, 08:48:25The Current Teams Are As Such


Captain: Holidaughter Cheer
Lemon Cloud
Random Fandom
Day Dream
Cheshire Cat
Fluffy Cloud
Stellar Eclipse
Pink Pony
Amethyst Crust
Night Shift
Why is Pink Pony in there? Are you sure it isn't Pink Horse? I don't remember signing up for this, or are there anypony else out there playing as Pink Pony?
Chrome, these are good things to know.  I'll pass them along to the event planning group.  I assume for the lap 2 question that will be left up to the discretion of the racer.  Maybe we'll have to change the finish location to a more solid platform.  ^-^

Don't forget, the Opening Ceremony will be held next Sunday, July 22.  I am looking at 9PM GMT for the starting time.  Does anypony have issues with this time?   Please speak up now.
Legends of Equestria Discussion / Re: Team Cloudsdale
Last post by SunnySkies95 - 2018 Jul 15, 13:43:34
Cloudopolis team is still searching for more ponies (Unicorn/earth) that want to join the team and participate in the Equestria Games! PM here or in Discord to SirDeadPuppy (Captain of the team) or Sunny Skies (myself) (Co-Captain of the team) :)
Thread Games / Re: Word Association Game
Last post by valex44568 - 2018 Jul 15, 02:27:58
The Hound of BaskerPonyville.

Just tried the flight race (do you go under or over the starting point for lap 2?), and I found a problem where the race finishes. If you land on the platform a certain way it launches you backwards off it. Out of the 4 times I tried it did it to me twice.
Out of Character / Re: Ponies: Lost In Space [OOC...
Last post by Julien999 - 2018 Jul 14, 13:47:16
Quote from: SparkleChord on 2018 Jul 12, 11:31:19y'all still alive? ^^;

Lots of thinks happened and got lazy. Well, guess who's back?

Spoiler: Summary of Jun/July  • show
-Exam was close, gotta work on my memory.
-Exam time for 3 days.
-Register for Car Exam things.
-Car Rules Exam time and passed.
-An accident happened and I am part of the witnesses.
-"Aller la France"!
-"La France gagne son deuxième étoile!" (15/07)
Is great to see that more ponies are joining the teams :D i think there is going to be a lot of ponies participating in the Equestria Games :)
Legends of Equestria Discussion / Re: Team Cloudsdale
Last post by SunnySkies95 - 2018 Jul 14, 11:48:34
Quote from: CMC Scootaloo on 2018 Jul 14, 10:55:53Scootaloo would like to join! There are a lot of pegasi in the team already, but participating for her hometown would mean a lot to her! <3

Hi Scootaloo! :) of course! Welcome to the team :D I will send you the invitation link via pm ;)
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