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Introductions / GlassMirror has returned----
Last post by GlassMirror - Today at 16:02:39
No I haven't lol, just checking back in to see what's happening lol. I got all the alerts and mentions from people lol. I'm not on here as much anymore lol. I come back on from time to time, like now.  X3
Next Sweet and Elite: Meet and Greet

Date: Friday October 19th, 2018
Time: 4:00 PM EST / 20:00 GMT
Server: Amareicas
Location: Cantermore, Train Station
Style: Adventure
Host: Toot Sweet

All ponies, old and new, welcome.

We have a group Discord. 
You can find it at
General News / Re: New Game Update (V.2018.03...
Last post by -Woona- - Today at 01:18:51
we are currently at 2018.08.01 you can check the more recent update here:
General News / Re: New Game Update (V.2018.03...
Last post by YellowPeach2005 - Yesterday at 22:32:12
I hope this update would be amazing!!!!!
Introductions / Re: a intro that i forgot to d...
Last post by Noodle Script - Yesterday at 16:15:37
Hello again. Sorry for replying so late.

I guess I first need a character for roleplaying. I could make an OC from the one, I'm playing in the MMORPG, but I guess I need more "background information", such as when my character was born, by whom, where, what he likes and dislikes and his personality.

So far, I have just played Scatty Clockwork in the MMORPG and done some quests, most of which involved running errands/fetch quests. So, long story short, I need to develop my character more, so that he is a round character rather than a flat one.

Also, I should probably read some forum roleplays to see which behavior is expected among them.

But thanks for the invitation anyway. I guess, in my spare time I will do some character development and see how far I can get.

Yours sincerely,

Noodle Script
Legends of Equestria Discussion / Re: Halloween Questions
Last post by Cuppycakes - 2018 Oct 14, 13:52:12
@CMC Scootaloo
 This all sounds very very fun!
Looking forward to it!
Our participants from this week:

Amethyst Feather
Cogsworth Wingthrop
Cotton Wave
Countress Coloratura
Gray Haze
Ice Vindo
Lemon Cloud
Luna Eclipsa
Midnight Hush
Pink Horse
Snowflake Wings
Tiz Arrior
Wind Spray

Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - October 13th 2018 • show
Ponies had a lot of fun at the MLP anniversary celebration.  ^-^

There was a parade through Ponydale (I got no pics of it sadly).

A party in SCC with the mane six.

The princesses also honored the party with their presence after a while. (Incl. grumpy Twili, lol)

There was a quiz.

And a talent show in the ruins.  ^-^

THE MONTH OF FRIGHTS: Scootaloo's Nightmare Night Events!

Hey guys, it's me, Scootaloo! As you can see up there, this year, I will be hosting some events for Nightmare Night! And I guess you wonder why I am doing this, right? Well, there's a little story about this.....
So, a while ago, Apple Bloom and me were sitting in the clubhouse and we talked about Nightmare Night. You know, what costumes we're going to wear, where to get the best candies and all that. Then Apple Bloom suddenly remembered how we went into the Everfree Forest and encountered a cockatrice in the night Fluttershy was foalsitting us for the first time. And when she called me a chicken..... You know, the word that 's following me since then and that ponies have chosen as a nickname for me after Apple Bloom told a few ponies about it? Yeah, that night.....
So, she laughed and began to tease me, asking if I'm still a chicken..... Of course I (after making her face kiss a pillow) reminded her on it that I wasn't scared of the spooky story she told when we met up with Lilymoon in her home right before the whole mess with the Olden Pony started, because bringing a bogle back into the Everfree Forest and facing off against a timberwolf let me see the real horrors and made me become more brave!
But she didn't listen, kept teasing me and said I have to really prove that I finally stopped being scared of spooky stories, with a really smug face..... Which was just some teasing among friends, of course, we do that all the time, Sweetie Belle too. So, don't worry!
But, it gave me an idea..... Even though Apple Bloom was just joking, there are still a lot of ponies calling me a chicken, because not many heard about what we did with the bogle and the timberwolf and the Olden Pony and because we have to keep the events surrounding Auntie Eclipse a secret. And, you know, being called that always stings a bit, because..... *looks at her wings*
A-Anyway, it's time to get rid of this nickname! And to do that, I have decided to do what Apple Bloom suggested, by hosting some awesome and really scary events for this year's Nightmare Night!
And here, I'm going to tell you all about these events! Just look below to find all the information you need!

And what's better to prove to be a brave filly than.....

Horror Campouts on the Heartlands Graveyard and on Pumpkin Pie's Pumpkin Patch

For this, we are going to set up camp in the middle of the graveyard in the Heartlands and on Pumpkin Pie's pumpkin farm! All ponies who attend need to bring their own sleeping bags and snacks (I might have a few to spare for ponies who forgot theirs, but don't count on it!) and you have to stay there for the entire night..... If you are brave enough.

The first campout will happen on the pumpkin farm, where we will gather between the pumpkins right on the field, with generous permission by Pumpkin Pie! The pumpkin field has a dark and scary history, if certain stories told by other ponies are believed, and not all pumpkins might really be pumpkins..... So watch out and don't turn around if something's whispering to you.

The second campout will happen on the graveyard in the Heartlands and there, we will gather directly between the graves in the pavillon in the middle of the graveyard!
The graveyard is said to be haunted by the ghosts of restless pets whose owners did not care about them well enough..... In dark, foggy nights, you can hear the sounds of these animals when they wail about their misery..... And do not try to fly there, there is something dark on the graveyard that does not like this.

At both campouts, we will tell each other the scariest stories we know and to make things extra spooky, we are going to play a Nightmare Night edition of "Truth or Dare".
Think of horrifying dares that make everypony's blood freeze in their veins and of questions that bring out the most gruesome truths and darkest secrets about your fellow ponies before you come!
Choose wisely, because ponies who refuse to tell the truth or are too scared to go through with their dares, there will be met with even scarier punishments.....
If you are brave enough to come, here are the dates and times of the campouts:

Pumpkin Patch Horror Campout: October 19th, at 8 PM EDT

Heartlands Graveyard Horror Campout: October 26th, at 8 PM EDT

And after these campouts, we're getting closer to Nightmare Night, which we will celebrate with

Trick or Treat in Ponyville

For all foals who are too afraid to camp at some of Equestria's spookiest places and want to have something less scary (and for the real chickens), I have organized a "Trick or Treat" event in Ponyville!
Dress up scary for Nightmare Night, go from house to house in Ponyville, yell "Nightmare Night, what a fright, give us something sweet to bite!" and collect treats from your neighbors! All of Ponyville is fair game for this event, so roam free wherever you want..... But watch out, because there will still be some spooky surprises! It's Nightmare Night, you can't escape the frights!
Only foals are allowed for this event! If you are an adult pony and still want to participate, ask Princess Twilight for an age spell or get a youth potion from Zecora to make yourself young again!

But this only goes for the ponies who collect candies. If you are an adult and want to help with giving out candies or scaring the attending foals, I still search for volunteers who help making it the sweetest and spookiest night ever! Just leave a comment here or send me a letter if you want to help, so we can discuss all the details!
The "Trick or Treat" event will happen on October 31st, at 6 PM EDT. Bring your spookiest costumes and make it a night nopony will ever forget!

And this, fillies and gentlecolts, is all. If you want to have a good, spooky time or just want to see that this filly can handle the frights, come to the event of your choice. It's Nightmare Night and the shadows wait for you!
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