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Try uploading the image to an image website (such as imgur) and provide a direct link. The link you posted requires viewers to have a Google account which then needs permission to view your album; we have no idea what your problem is right now.
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Last post by Cowboy - Yesterday at 19:16:36
I'm glad to be back. I really am.

In terms of Thunder Jet, I was planning on him being part of the main fleet but received orders to transfer to the Solar Arrow to ensure it's safe return (seemly). He was also ordered to keep his mouth shut on current ongoing events in the main fleet due to security and protocol reasons. However, him flying alone all the way from the main fleet does seem far-fetched now that I reflect on it (am I getting a sense of deja vu?).

I can easily have him be on-board the Meadowbrook as a fighter pilot so he can be both affiliated by the main fleet and by the Meadowbrook (as a part of her crew). So let's have him be stationed on the cruiser, as long as that is alright with everyone
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Last post by ScarletInk - Yesterday at 18:51:07

So glad to see you back, Cowboy!

Nothing wrong with your application, though I would suggest you to speak with Onyx Quill about maybe being a member of his crew that still didn't get to speak: we decided that every new character getting introduced may be a member of the main fleet (though that still didn't happen) or part of the Meadowbrook's crew.

But if you'd prefer to not be "affiliated" to either of them, I'm sure we can still work around it.

Again, I'm really, really happy to hear from you again. ^-^

 ono  ono  ono

I don't know what's happening because I'm completely connected to the internet. I also have tried these things.

1. Deleting and reinstalling the game

2. Trying a different server

3. I even made a new account to see if that was the issue

Nothing works. I NEED HALPPP!!!!
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Last post by Cowboy - Yesterday at 17:30:14
((Going to introduce a new character in my attempt to rejoin the roleplay. Just let me know if there's anything wrong with the application))

Name: Thunder "Arrowhead" Jet
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Appearance: Cobalt blue coat. Black mane and tail with a yellow lighting-bolt shaped pattern going down the middle. Bright teal eyes. Wears a watch on his front-left leg and a dark grey vest holding simple necessities for spaceduty. He has abnormally over-sized wings, which allow him to achieve great speed at the cost of maneuverability during flight.
Cutie Mark: Yellow lighting emitting from a thunder cloud. He has the ability to fly even in the most dangerous kinds of weather.
Occupation: Pilot. Typically a team leader, though the current situation at hand forces him to go alone.

Recent Backstory: Thunder Jet was ordered to be sent to the Solar Arrow to provide immediate defense to the Solar Arrow and her crew and to ensure the safe return of the ship back to the main fleet. He will do whatever it takes to finish the mission successfully, although there appears to be ulterior motives behind his orders...
"yay guys its me fluttershy! and i'm with twilight too i'm glad that me and twilight won so i'm gonna yell yay for you all okay and its super loud!"- fluttershy  >.<
"she may say its loud but its always quiet so yeah ima do it to!"- twilight  ^-^
(takes big breathe in but its quiet when i say yay)"yay................................"- fluttershy  :(
"okay my turn!"- twilight  ^-^
(takes big breathe then i say yay so loud louder than fluttershy's yay)"YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!"- twilight  ^-^
"okay you both wanna race me rainbow dash cause i'm the fastest pony in all equestria!"- rainbow dash  B)
Introductions / Re: Hola
Last post by GaryHappyPony - Yesterday at 14:57:36
Hi pony, I hope you like playing for ponies, because this game is equipped with friendship magic. But remember one main thing. Try not to die often in Evershade. You will understand when pass this
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